OLTL Update Friday 6/15/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/15/07


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Cole and Starr are continuing their talk from yesterday, still in the auditorium.  She asks why he doesn’t want her to go to the prom with Markko. 

John is at Statesville talking with David (this may be the first genuine smile I’ve seen on John’s face in months – the last time I recall seeing a big happy smile on his face was when he’d just returned to Llanview from California, and was about to make love to Natalie!).  He asks David what he’ll do first when he gets out of prison, manicure or pedicure?  David corrects his “when” with an “if.”  John explains that no, David is going to be released!  David protests, but John responds with the fact that David did not kill his brother. 

Blair is at Dorian’s, listening to the message Starr left on her phone, and starts freaking out!  Dorian asks what’s up and Blair frantically explains that a boy just asked Starr to the prom!  Dorian raises a puzzled eyebrow and asks if that is a bad thing, to which Blair replies that it’s good, but the prom is in just 2 hours!!  Dorian starts in on the audacity of this boy to wait until the last minute to ask Starr, but Blair interrupts and tells her to forego the dating etiquette speech, because they are running out of time!  She declares that this is the most important night of Starr’s life (um, excuse me?  A high school prom??  And Starr’s a freshman??  Exaggerate much, Blair? J ) and that they must get the most gorgeous dress!  Blair says only the best will do because she is Starr Manning!   

Langston is at her locker when she notices Markko walk up to his locker.  She calls over to him, snarkily asking him why he took so long to ask Starr to the prom.  He demands to know what her problem is and she gives him the same excuse given to him by Cole earlier – Starr’s her best friend and she’s gone through a really rough time lately.   Langston warns him that he’d better treat Starr right.  He comes over to her and says he will treat Starr fine, and then tells Langston that if she would lose the attitude, maybe she’d have a date to the prom too (wow, he has the condescending tone down to a tee, doesn’t he?!).  Langston lashes out, “There aren’t any of you losers I would even consider going with!”  He angrily retorts that he wouldn’t have asked her if she were the last girl on earth and stomps off.  Langston leans back against her locker door, looking as if she may cry at any minute.   

Cole tells Starr that it’s not just Markko; he doesn’t want her to go to the prom with anyone but him.  She asks the obvious, so why is he going with Britney?  He says because Starr won’t go with him!  They exchange looks dripping with angst.  Meanwhile, across the auditorium, as Britney and her groupies are congregating, one of them pipes up that she hopes Britney has a back up date, pointing to Starr and Cole.  Britney’s eyes widen in surprise and she jumps up.  As she takes in the situation, Starr reminds Cole that it’s best for everyone if they’re not together, and as usual, he argues with her.  He then tells her that she wasn’t like this when he first met her – back then, she wasn’t afraid of anything, and goes on to say that it was one of the reasons he fell in love with her.  She argues that her dad almost killed him, and starts to say something else about her dad, when Cole stupidly jumps in with, “Your dad is gone, and he may never come back!”  (Way to go, DuhBoy!  That’ll win her over for sure!) 

Speaking of Todd, the scene switches to him, still sleeping in some strange bed.  The blonde girl is standing there freaking out over him, and then sees that he’s bleeding!  She runs to the phone and dials, but as she starts to talk, Mr. Black T-Shirt comes running in, grabs the phone, and hangs it up, asking her what she’s doing!  She replies that she’s calling 911 – there’s an injured man in her bed!  (It would be a nice touch of realism if the 911 dispatcher called back, or if in someway the police came to investigate – you don’t just get away with calling 911 and then hanging up!)  He tells her that the guy was stabbed, but to let him handle it.  She can’t believe that something like this has happened while she was away, and asks if he stabbed the guy! 

David’s yelling at John, saying he must stay in prison so his money can continue to accrue interest in some undisclosed location (LOL, it’s so great to have David back!).  John tells him to shut up, that the only this plan will work if David doesn’t go around blabbing to everybody.  David is like, “Plan?!  There’s a plan? I didn’t know there was a plan!  You never said there was a plan!”  John replies, “There is always a plan!” John walks over to the warden’s office with David on his heels.  The door opens for John and he walks in, and David attempts to follow, but the door slams in his face!  He gives the door an annoyed look and turns to the guard, asking, “Did he tell you there was a plan?”  The guard just stands there and smirks at him.   

Starr thanks Cole for that nice little reminder regarding her dad and his disappearance.  She’s obviously very hurt and can’t believe he said that to her (neither can I), and so he apologizes and says he’s just upset because he wants to be with her.  She points out that even though her dad isn’t around, both of their mothers are, and they just happen to be mortal enemies!  Cole thinks they can win Blair and Marty over.  Starr asks incredulously if he’s proposing they dump their dates and go to the prom together – she then states that not even Britney deserves that!  Cole says he’s talking about life after the prom.  Starr shakes her head, and sadly tells him he’ll find someone else to love, but he vehemently responds that he doesn’t want anyone else, just as Britney walks up! (oops!)  Britney rather nervously asks if everything is ok, and they respond that it is.  Britney tells Cole that her dad wants him to be at her house for pictures by 7 pm that evening, and he agrees.  Marcie comes bouncing in (she’s totally jazzed! She looks really pretty too – love her hair like this) and announces that they need to run through the opening number again.  Markko whines, “Do we have to?”  Marcie responds that they do, and then they can go home and get ready for prom.  Amber, one of Britney’s groupies, complains that she won’t have time to get her toenails done at this rate!  Langston walks up just then, and reassures Amber that the vet will be open late that night (LOL)!  Markko is close behind Langston (for someone who can’t stand her, he certainly does hang around her a lot), and backs up her comment with a little doggie howl, leaving Amber and the others glaring at him as he runs to catch up with Langston.  Marcie yells for the music and lights, and adds, “Harry?  Hit ‘em with something pink!”  (At first, I thought she was asking for a song from one of Pink’s albums, but no, she was referring to the light…)

The kids go to their spots on the stage, and Langston asks if she really has to be a part of this song (as Markko elbows her) to which Marcie replies that she does.  Langston begins the song (with attitude dripping from her face and voice, LOL), and after a few other solos, everyone joins in (Starr and Langston both have really nice voices!!  In fact, it’s kind of a neat song, in spite of its hokeyness…).  After the song ends, Marcie tells them that she’ll see them later tonight, and a girl named Heather asks why she’s going to the prom.  Marcie responds so that she can make sure they don’t party too hard and mess up their voices!  Heather testily asks if she is allowed to do that, and Marcie reassures her that she’s just a chaperone, not the prom police!  Britney turns to Cole and asks him to walk her home, and he agrees.  They leave, as Starr gazes sadly after them.  Markko comes over to Starr and asks for her address so he can pick her up later, and since he doesn’t have paper, she writes it on his hand.  Langston sees this, and looks again like she could just cry.  She turns, and dejectedly walks out of the auditorium.   

Back at Statesville, John is telling the warden that, while David is guilty of many things, he did not actually kill Spencer.  The warden wonders why someone would confess to a murder he didn’t commit, to which John responds, “Well, he’s a weird dude, as I’m sure you’re aware by now…” (LOL)  The warden wants to know about the evidence proving David’s innocence, but of course, John doesn’t have any hard evidence that would actually stand up in court.  He explains that’s why he needs David released, as part of a trap to catch the real killer.  Meanwhile, David is trying to listen through the steel door, until the guard reprimands him.  David protests, “Hey, this is my life they’re talkin’ about in there!”  The guard points out that it could be something good, that David might just walk out of there a free man!  David frowns and asks what would be so good about that?! 

Inside the office, the warden isn’t too excited at the prospect of releasing David without evidence, so John turns up the pressure, indicating that if the warden refuses to let David out, John might just have to share with the press that the warden is holding an innocent man! 

Blair is saddened as she thinks of Todd missing Starr’s prom.  Dorian, attempting to cheer up Blair in her usual thoughtful manner, says it’s likely that Todd will never return, that the odds are against him.  Blair stops her and declares that the odds don’t apply to Todd!   Besides, she shares with Dorian, he called her!  The phone number that he called from wasn’t accessible, but she knows it was Todd.  Dorian urges her to focus on Starr and the prom to make sure Starr has a good time tonight. 

Starr is sitting alone in the darkened auditorium, lost in her thoughts, with a very sad look on her face.  Marcie comes in to check on her, but Starr replies that she’s not quite ready to leave.  Marcie gently comments that it would be nice if life were like a musical and everything worked out as it was supposed to.  Starr quietly agrees.  Marcie tells her not to stay too long, and then leaves.  Starr sings. 

Dorian and Blair are sorting through a ton of dresses that they just pulled out of storage when Dorian spots a sequined number that she grabs, crowing excitedly that it would be perfect!  Blair points out that teenagers are not exactly into sequins, and requests that Dorian try to think like a teenager!  Dorian is less than thrilled at the prospect, but drops the sequined dress.  Starr comes in and eyes the mound of dresses, commenting that they obviously received her message!  They start holding up dresses to her, and disqualifying one after another.  Blair asks for details about her date, and Starr replies that his name is Markko.  Dorian wants to know why the boy asked her at the last minute, but Blair stops her.  Dorian says she just wants Starr to feel special, and Starr replies dryly (and rather wearily) not to worry, she feels special.  They decide that none of the dresses will do, and then suddenly, Dorian has something she must do right then (yah, not obvious at all, Dorian…) and leaves.  Blair wants details about Markko, and Starr just says he’s someone who didn’t have a date who asked her, also someone without a date, to the prom.  Blair tries to get Starr excited about the prom, but Starr says she’s too depressed to be excited.  

Cole walks Britney home, and says he’ll be back that evening.  Britney is excited, and kisses Cole on the cheek before going inside.  Cole just pulls away slightly and looks at her like, “Why did ya do that?”  

John apologizes to the warden that he can’t share more details right now, but he’s not at liberty to do so.  He adds that sometimes, you must break the rules.  Outside the door, David is still trying to listen, and just about falls into the room when John opens the door! 

The blonde girl and Hunter (boy in the black t-shirt) are arguing about Todd.  She wants to know what he did to this guy, and if he even knows who he is.  He’s not talking, so she decides she’ll figure it out herself.  She goes over to Todd and peers closely at his face, and then jumps back in surprise, exclaiming, “It’s Todd Manning!!!” 

John tells David he’s coming with him, and the warden straps an ankle monitor on David’s leg.  David looks at it in disgust and mutters that it’s quite a fashion statement.  Then he looks at John indignantly, and points out that John had said he’d be free!  John replies that’s what they want the real killer to think, and David realizes he’s going to be a sitting duck for the murderer!  John mentions that it’s not going to be fun for him either, as he has promised to keep tabs on David the entire time he’s out, which will be for 30 days while trying to flush out the real killer.  David asks, “And if you don’t catch this person?” and is dismayed to learn that he’ll return to prison if that is the case!  The warden, clearly relishing the moment, assures David that his cell will be waiting, and they’ll even leave a light on for him!  David gets more upset with John as it occurs to him that he has been in this hellhole (although he turns to the warden and guard and says it really was quite nice – LOL, David is always thinking ahead!) for the past few months, thinking that he had a nice little nest egg waiting on him, but now it will have all been for nothing!   

Cole arrives at home to find Marty and Miles there, and Miles excitedly says that he picked up a gift for Cole, and runs into the other room to get it!  Cole looks questioningly at Marty as she, looking rather irritated, grimly tells Miles that he really did not need to do that.  Miles replies that he wanted to do it, no strings attached.  He returns to the living room with a gift – a new tux!  Cole points out that he already rented a tux, but Miles says he bought this for Cole – it’s his!   

Blair and Starr talk about how Starr wishes she were going to the prom with someone else.  Blair says she’s proud that Starr is going through with it, though, because it shows that Starr is willing to throw herself back into living.  Starr mentions that if Todd was there, he’d probably grill Markko and make them come home by 10:00 – Blair agrees, and then says 10:00 would be a good curfew!  Starr is upset, but Blair reassures her that she’s just joking, she doesn’t have to be in that early.  Starr reminds her mom that she is growing up, and Blair agrees, but says she’ll always be her little Starr.  As they hug, Blair sings to her.   

David is still complaining about losing his money.  John asks the guard if they can get some other clothes for David, and David quickly adds, “Natural fibers only!!!” 

Miles keeps urging Cole to accept the tux.  Marty’s phone rings, she looks at it, and lies, saying it’s the hospital.  She steps into the next room and answers the phone.  John’s calling to prepare her for a press release that will reveal that David did not kill Spencer and that the police are following up on some recently discovered leads.  She asks why he believes in her and he just states that she’s not a killer, but the hard part will be in proving it. 

Starr and Blair are working on Starr’s makeup when Dorian bursts into the room with a beautiful peach gown!  Starr and Blair are quite impressed.  Starr thanks Dorian and goes to try it on while Blair and Dorian talk some more about Todd.  Blair says he needs her, she can feel it!   

Hunter demands to know how the blonde girl knows who Todd is.  She snaps, “Everyone knows Todd Manning!”  She tells him that Todd’s family must be worried sick, and says she’ll have to call them!  Hunter asks why she cares about Todd’s family and she retorts that it’s because she’s not an ass like him!  He makes some comment about her outstanding arrest warrant and then tells her that they can’t afford to tell Todd’s family where he is, that she has to wait on that for now.  He mentions that it was bad enough that Todd almost got a call through to someone earlier on his (Hunter’s) cell phone.  The girl asks about the cell phone, and he says he took it away from Todd and put it in a box across the room. 

Starr comes out to model her dress as Dorian and Blair ooh and ah.  Blair gives her the watch that Todd gave to Blair on the first Mother’s Day that all four of them were together as a family (Starr remarks that it was probably the only Mother’s Day that they were all together as a family).  As Blair looks at her, she gets choked up for a moment, and tells Starr that Todd would be so proud of her.   

Marty walks into Cole’s room as he’s getting ready and tells him he looks handsome.  She gives him a watch that she gave to Patrick long ago, adding that she had told Patrick at the time that it represented that they would be together for the rest of time.  She thought that as long as the watch was running, she’d still be connected to Patrick.  Now she realizes how silly that was, because Cole is her connection to Patrick.   

Starr is in her room alone, looking at her reflection in the mirror as she begins to sing.  Across town, Cole sits it his room alone and begins to sing as well.  The screen splits to reveal Starr on one side and Cole on the other, singing as they face each other.  Then Britney is shown in her room at home, getting ready to go, and yes, she’s singing too – ditto for Markko and Langston, although Langston isn’t at home, she’s already at the school, setting up the ticket table for the prom.  Suddenly they are all holding hands and singing together – then just Starr and Cole sing to each other while standing on either side of a mirror, each with a hand on the mirror, touching the other’s hand.  “To Be Continued” scrawls across the screen. 

Next time on One Life to Live: 

David is on Dorian’s doorstep, angrily demanding the $10 million she owes him! 

Talia prepares for OPP to step into their trap. 

Starr opens the front door to find Cole standing there!  She cries, “Cole, are you really here?”

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