OLTL Update Thursday 6/14/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/14/07


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Cole ask Langston about his part in the musical, who promptly shushes him as she tries to focus in on what Markko and Starr are discussing across the room.

Across the room, Markko asks Starr to go to the prom with him, unless she is waiting for some other boy to ask her (sexist little jerk – why would she need to wait on someone to ask her???).  She agrees to be his prom date.  

Cristian is taking pictures of Talia at Lindsay’s gallery, until Talia, looking extremely uncomfortable, asks him to stop, saying she’s not ready yet.  Lindsay tells her he’s a pro, that she’ll look great, and Cris tells her that this is just practice for now. 

Bo checks again to make sure Lindsay really is ok with having the Real Americans broadcast at her gallery.  She reassures him that she definitely wants to do this, that she wants to catch this guy too. 


Marty is in the Llanview PD interrogation room – er, I mean, John’s office, for yet another round of 20 Questions.  John continually hounds her to tell him the real reason she married Miles (Marty, *sigh*, just tell him, he’s like a dog with a bone), but she’s not complying. 

Miles, holding a bouquet of red roses, is attempting to unlock Marty’s apartment door when Blair walks up.  She takes the key, unlocks the door, and strolls on into the apartment! 

Nora and Matthew arrive at Lindsay’s gallery.  Bo and Lindsay greet them, and Matthew pulls Bo off to the side.  He’s so excited and has to share some news with his dad – he told a girl at school that he was going to do a photo shoot, and she told him that she thought it was sexy!  (Sexy? How old is he again?  *whatever*)  Matthew asks his dad if a girl ever said anything like that to him, to which Bo stammers that he can’t remember, he’ll have to think about it and get back to Matthew on it later (LOL).  They return to Nora and Lindsay who are awkwardly standing where they left them.  Nora reminds Bo that they had discussed keeping Lindsay out of this for her own safety, but Lindsay speaks up and explains that it makes more sense and will draw less suspicion for her to be the one to be in charge of the broadcast, since she is the owner of the gallery.  She then goes on to urge Nora and Matthew to have fun!  Nora looks at her as if she’s really lost her marbles this time, and questions, “Fun???!!!”  Matthew jumps in and agrees, saying that it would be nice to get some pictures of his mother and him since they don’t have many left (due to the fire). 

Tate and his father, Kirk, are at the diner.  Kirk is worried that the cops are on to Tate, and tells Tate that they know about Wyoming.  Tate just shrugs and says it’s not his problem, and Kirk responds that the cops might make it his problem.   

Miles is standing in the living room, looking slightly taken aback as Blair suggestively removes her jacket.  Since he and Marty just married, she starts reminiscing about the days when she was first married, how happy she was, and how she would rush home to be with her husband – she then provocatively offers, “I hope it’s as good for you as it was for me…”  (LOL, leave it to Blair!)  She goes on to say she’s over Todd, now. 

Todd is still in that bed!  He appears to be seriously hurt and maybe unconscious.   

John asks Marty why she went to see David Vickers at Statesville, and Marty says she didn’t (she’s about as bright as her son, I swear!).  He grabs the prison visitor log and points out her signature.  She tries to act like the visit was no big deal, but of course he doesn’t buy it.  He tells her that David told him everything, so she tries to smear David by acting as if he’s the one who lied!  John points out that she came to him and told him that she did something that she needed to confess, but they were interrupted repeatedly and never completed the conversation.  She said that she was just nervous about telling him that she was going to marry Miles.  He turns with an incredulous look and asks, “So you’re telling me that you had a panic attack about telling an acquaintance that you’re getting married?”  John reminds her that he can’t help her unless she tells him what happened. 

Cristian notices Talia looking slightly on edge, and tells her to relax.  She snaps at him and he teases her a bit – kind of a cute little scene between the two…  Vincent, Layla, and Shaun walk up and greet Cristian and Talia.  Cris and Shaun joke around a little, then Shaun’s grandfather comes over, and Shaun introduces him.  Vincent comments that he didn’t know Cris was involved with the broadcast, and Cris replies that he was glad to help when Bo asked, particularly to catch the creep who was responsible for the bomb that injured Antonio while he was recovering from surgery!  Lindsay comes over and welcomes everyone. 

Britney and two of her groupies, deeply engrossed in intellectual conversation (*cough*) walk up to Cole and Langston in the auditorium. Britney brags that her parents insisted on a stretch limo for prom, to which Langston pipes up with, “Ever heard of global warming???!!!”  (LOL I love Langston, she has the best lines and delivers them so well!)  One of Britney’s puppets … er … I mean… sidekicks sneers, “My dad says it doesn’t exist!”  Langston rolls her eyes and asks, “Yeah, well, doesn’t he own a car dealership” to which the girl (obviously a Mensa candidate) replies, “No, he owns an OIL company!  Duh!”  Meanwhile Markko asks Starr again if she is going to the prom with him and she again says yes (is it just me, or is this kid obnoxious?) as they walk over to the other kids.  Markko drapes his arm around Starr’s shoulder and announces that he was just making plans with his prom date.  Langston looks at Starr with such a wounded glare, like how could her best friend betray her like this!  Cole stands there, blinking in confusion. 

Blair is still working Miles, telling him that she was wrong to accuse him of being involved in Todd’s disappearance.  Miles asks why she tried so hard to find Todd if she’s over him, and she replied that her kids need their dad, and she’d do anything for her kids.   

Again, Todd is shown lying in the bed, but this time the camera zooms in on what appears to be a gunshot wound! 

Marty finally admits to John that she killed Truman!  He just turns and stares at her. 

A reporter is interviewing Lindsay back at the gallery.  Standing in front a large American flag, Lindsay explains that, in light of the recent hate crimes in Llanview, she and Cris had decided to collaborate on a project that would celebrate the differences of various citizens while also pointing out their shared common bond of being American.  Cris (Hispanic-American) then takes pictures of Talia (Arab-American), Layla with a picture of Evangeline (African-American), Vincent, Shaun, and Shaun’s grandfather (Black-American), and Nora and Matthew (Jewish-American). 

Tate starts grumbling about how his dad wasn’t there for him when he was a kid and how much he hates his dad and isn’t going to listen to him now.  Kirk admits that he wasn’t much of a father, that he should’ve been more involved in Tate’s life, and blames his absence on pride.  He then tells Tate that he was always on his mind, though, and that he loves him.  Tate responds that he thought about his dad, as well, to which Kirk leans forward eagerly, thinking they were finally going to connect.  Tate quickly disabuses him of that notion, however, by sneering, “I couldn’t believe I had your blood running through my veins!” 

Britney, giddy with the news of Starr and Markko, cries that they’ll just have to find a date for Langston!  Langston gives her a stony look and turns down her so-called help.  Cole is upset about Starr going to the prom with Markko, and the two boys start to pick at each other.  Marcie breaks it up and calls everyone to order.  When Marcie finishes talking with the group, Langston turns to Starr and snarks, “So when were you going to tell me about Markko?”  Starr looks surprised and replies, “He just now asked me like 5 minutes ago!”  Langston shrugs and says something about Markko being a jerk, but Starr thinks he’s ok.  Besides, they’re just going together so they won’t miss prom, to which Langston brightens and asks, “So you’re going as just friends?” 

John presses Marty for all the details of the murder, but she says she doesn’t remember all of the details.  She feels certain she did it, and remembers seeing Spencer attacking Blair, and then looking down at the scissors lying there on the tray, but that’s about it. She finally also admits that she married Miles because of the murder. 

Blair tells Miles she has to hand it to him; a wife and teenage son in one fell swoop!  She thinks he’s great for doing that – he’s like the “Anti-Todd.”  She “admits” that she was interested in Miles when she first met him, now it’s too late, because he’s married to Marty.  Miles responds with, “If I had said I was interested in you too, what would you have done?”  She just turns and looks at him as if she’s trying to figure him out. 

Starr tries to convince Langston to ask someone to the prom, but Langston isn’t interested.  She grumbles that if she can’t go with the one she wants, then she won’t go at all.  Starr wants to know whom Langston has in mind, while Langston glances longingly over at Markko…  Across the auditorium, Markko asks Cole why he cares if Starr goes to the prom with him.  Cole tells him that Starr has had a rough time lately and he doesn’t want to see her get hurt.  Markko says they’re just friends, which seems to help Cole chill out a bit. 

The tables have turned with Blair and Miles – now he’s the one coming on to her…  He reaches for her and pulls her into his arms (as if they’re dancing), challenging her to prove that she’s on his side by kissing him! 

Poor Todd is still lying in bed in that strange place, when a girl throws the door open, yelling, “HUNTER!!!  Get UP!!!!”  She stops short when she sees Todd and cries, “Omigod!” 

John asks Marty if Miles blackmailed her into marrying him, while she flashes back to Miles threatening John’s life if she didn’t marry him.  So she denies blackmail and starts rambling on about her son, and how Miles is wealthy and could protect her son if she does end up going to jail.  She points out that John needs to arrest her now that she has confessed, and he responds that no, he isn’t going to arrest her.  

After the Real Americans broadcast ends, Layla and Cristian talk briefly about Evangeline.  Layla is on her way to see her sister and Cris says he wishes he could go too (why can’t you?), to which Layla replies that Evangeline knows how he feels about her.

Bo and Talia discuss what’s next: Bo hopes their arsonist watches the news. 

Tate tells Kirk that he doesn’t want to be associated with the garbage that his dad stands for.  He tells his father to leave him the hell alone and stomps out of the diner. 

Langston and Starr sit down on the bleachers, while discussing Langston’s prom date dilemma.  Langston tells Starr to forget about it, there’s no one she wants to go to prom with.  She says she has some script revisions for Mrs. McBain and gets up to take them to her.  Starr knows that Langston is upset with her, but can’t figure out why!  As Langston heads toward Marcie, Britney stops her and whines, “Lang, I hope you didn’t take what I said the wrong way (no, Britt, I’m pretty sure Lang took it exactly the way you meant it), I just thought it would be fun if the whole cast went to prom.”  Langston rolls her eyes and inquires for whom it would be fun, then brushes past Britney and takes the revisions to Marcie, who asks her how she’s doing. Langston frowns and says she’s fine, to which Marcie carefully shares that she knows what it’s like to have your work criticized publicly.  Langston responds that it feels like she’s been stabbed in the back!  Marcie urges her to go to the prom, but Langston says she’s not going because the prom is for losers and followers!  Marcie acknowledges she probably used that same excuse back in high school, but now she just wishes she would have gone, date or no date. 

Marty wants to know why John doesn’t arrest her since she confessed.  He points out that David Vickers also confessed and he wasn’t guilty.  Plus, he says her memory of the murder has holes so big you could drive a truck through them (so much for his assertion a few months that he always goes by the book – although, for that matter, it was a crock when he said it then, as well!). 

Miles tells Blair that he’ll help her find Todd and then they can be together.  Blair quickly points out that he’s now married to Marty!  He replies that he never would’ve married Marty if he’d known of Blair’s feelings for him.  Blair pushes him away (totally creeped out at this point!) and tells him to stay away from her!  He smirks and says he fooled her. 

At the gallery, Talia and Bo continue reviewing their plan, and feel confident that this will flush out the arsonist.  Lindsay comes in and reminds them that it’s time for their bit on the news.   

Tate’s dad is still sitting in the diner when the news comes on TV.  As he hears the Real Americans broadcast, he yells for someone to turn it off.  A server behind the counter looks up in surprise and asks him what he said, and he immediately gains control and quietly asks if she minds turning off the TV, because it’s making his head hurt very badly.  

Marcie mentions the couple of detentions that Langston has not yet served, and says she’d hate to see Langston have to spend the first day of summer vacation cleaning school chalkboards!  Langston stares at her in disbelief while Marcie adds that won’t be a concern if Langston chooses to work the ticket table with her at the prom!  Langston tells her that she’s the most blackmailingest teacher ever!  Langston goes back over to Starr and informs her that she will be going to prom after all, and adds that she’s soo excited – not!   

Markko comments that Cole can cut in all he wants at the prom, it won’t bother him.  Cole sadly says that’s not what Starr wants, and that’s all that matters.

John calls Statesville to request David’s release!!  (Yay!!!) 

Miles asks Blair if this is how she tricked Spencer, right before she betrayed him…  Blair responds that she will do whatever is needed to get Todd back.  Miles spits out, “You wouldn’t even kiss me” and then tells her that he wouldn’t have let her, because he loves Marty.  Blair yells at him that he doesn’t know what love is – he’s a Laurence!!!  Blair grabs her purse and jacket and heads for the door as he orders her to get the hell out (um, yeah, Miles, I think that’s what she’s doing!).  She throws the door open to find Marty standing there, looking very surprised.  Blair looks back at Miles and then at Marty, and then scornfully says that the two of them deserve each other.  As she storms off, Marty looks at Miles like she can’t believe him, and then walks on past him into the apartment.  He follows her, trying to explain, but she cuts him off with a “Save it, Miles, because I really don’t care!!” 

Starr calls her mom and leaves a message, exclaiming that she’s going to the prom with Markko and needs her help in getting ready!  Cole walks up just as she ends the message, and says he wishes she wasn’t going with Markko to the prom (um, yeah, Cole? Ever hear of a double standard???). 

Scenes from next time: 

Marty talks with John on the phone and asks why he believes in her.  He just says that she’s not a killer. 

The girl looks closer at Todd and exclaims, “OMIGOD!  It’s Todd Manning!” 

The high school musical begins.

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