OLTL Update Wednesday 6/13/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/13/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Nora and Bo in his office. Nora questions him about the hospital bombing being linked to Antonio and Jessica. Bo tells her his suspicions about Tate. He tells her that Talia questioned him off the record.

Viki is in the hospital corridor talking on the phone as Kurt comes in. She hangs up and Kurt asks Viki how her family is and what the police know.

Adriana and Tate have breakfast in Carlotta’s cafe and Rex walks in. He asks if they are enjoying breakfast and did they spend the night together.

Marcie works the kids through a dance routine. Langston and Marco argue about the lines in the script. He tells her whoever wrote this knows nothing about guys.

Cole goes into his mother’s bedroom and goes through Miles stuff. Miles walks in on him.

John brings up the boxes of files on the Truman case and tells a woman helping him the case is wide open again.

Langston tells him to do it her way, Marco says the lines don’t work. Langston gets him to say the lines how she wrote them. Marcie works the girls through a dance routine and gives them a break. They gripe about it. Marcie asks Starr if there’s any word on Todd and when Starr says no, Marcie asks her to practice her song. Over on the other side of the gym Britney brags about getting Cole. Starr tells Marcie she can’t do this today.

Bo tells Nora he invited Lindsay to the meeting. Nora is not happy.

Cole says he was just picking up his stuff. Miles tries to put his hands on Coles shoulder and Cole tells him to take his hands off him. Marty comes in and tells him to get his hands off her son. Cole asks how he got Marty to marry him. Miles says it was explained and Cole says he doesn’t believe it.

At the police station John looks through the Truman files. He remembers how the crime scene photos gave Marty a panic attack.

At the hospital Kurt asks about Jessica and Viki fills him in. Kurt asks if Clint was in the OR when the bomb went off. Viki says he wasn’t there. Kurt offers to buy her breakfast or coffee and Viki turns him down. She asks why he’s so concerned since he barely knows her family.

Bo explains to Nora and Lindsay that they’re going to do a demonstration/press conference to draw out the bomber. Lindsay suggests Cristian be the photographer and they can have this at the Gallery. Bo and Nora both say no.

Adriana tells Rex to stop being disgusting. Adriana tells him its just breakfast. Rex walks away. Adriana says she regrets doing breakfast with Tate because of Rex.

Marty tells Miles that manhandling Cole isn’t the way to go. Miles says he was going through his things. Miles says he wants to take care of her. Marty says she is disgusted by what she’s done and confessing might be a relief. Miles reminds her that Cole needs her. Miles says they both have him and Marty says it’s a marriage on paper only. Miles says she’s wrong.

Cole goes to John about his mother’s marriage to Miles.

Adriana and Tate discuss Rex. Adriana says she didn’t break up with Rex because she didn’t love him. Tate says this is their first date and he wanted it to go well. Adriana wants to go talk to Rex but Tate talks her out of it. Adriana says she feels like she is using him and Tate says he’s using her too. Then explains it’s to dispel rumors of him being gay. Rex talks on the phone and tells someone to find out anything about Tate because he has nothing left to lose.

Marcie asks Starr if her voice is tired and Starr asks if they just don’t have to do it today. Langston shows Marco the new scene she reworked. One of the other girls says she thought Britney only asked Cole out to make Starr crazy. Britney says she’s not like that anymore and she never met any one like Cole. Then she turns to Amber and asks if they can kick McBain out. Amber says she still has a half hour. Britney says “Well fix it Amber, I want to go home.” Amber goes up to Starr and asks her if she wants to go home to get ready for prom. Starr says she wouldn’t be caught dead at prom.

Lindsay manages to talk Nora and Bo into having the demonstration at her Gallery and they agree only if she stays at a hotel the night before. Bo thanks her.

Miles tells Marty he did what he did because he loves her. Marty says she didn’t have a chance to think about her options and to leave her son out of it. They argue with Miles saying he hopes she’ll rethink their relationship or he’ll turn the tape over to the police. He wants them to go out in public like a married couple.

Cole asks John why Marty did this and he blames himself for telling her to move on with her life. Cole asks John to talk to Marty and he says he’ll try. Cole leaves for school. John assures him everything will be alright.

Amber presses Starr about going to the prom. Starr says no one asked her and she doesn’t care. Amber says she can go alone if she wants to be humiliated and walks away.

Langston asks to have Marco recast. Marcie says there are no other boys. Langston walks over to Starr and Starr tells her about the last time she saw Cole and how he might find out stuff about Miles that could help find her dad. Langston goes to talk to Marcie. Cole walks in the other side of the room and gives Starr a look then shakes his head, no.

Kurt tells Viki he knows what its like to have a kid in trouble. Bo calls to check on Viki and she moves away to talk to him. When he finds out Kurt is there Bo asks if she can keep him there for awhile and not to tell Kurt, Bo is on his way. Viki goes back to Kurt and takes him on his offer to get coffee.

Miles and Marty stop by to check on Jessica. Viki says Jessica went down for tests. Miles tells Marty to tell Viki the news and Marty says they went to Vegas last night and got married.

Rex talks on the phone about a lead on Tate.

Adriana tells Tate she’s not sure about going to a charity event with him. He promises to have her home early.

Viki is shocked that Miles and Marty got married. They wait for Jessica to return. Bo comes in and Miles tells him they got married. Kurt comes back and Viki introduces them. Bo tells him what a big fan of Tate’s he is. Viki, Miles and Marty go into Jessica’s room to wait. Bo talks about Tate to Kurt. Bo asks if a childhood injury affected Tate’s pitching. Kurt says the injury happened at a camp in Wyoming.

Viki wishes Marty and Miles happiness. Marty’s phone rings and she says it’s a patient but it’s really John. He asks to see her. She says she’ll be there as soon as she can. Miles offers to walk her to her office. Marty says it’s at a different office and Miles kisses her goodbye, Marty doesn’t look happy. She leaves.

Bo asks Kurt when he knew Tate had it in him to be a baseball star. Bo says it must have killed him when Tate got hurt at camp. Bo presses him about Wyoming. Kurt says he has to leave.

Rex watches Adriana and Tate talk. He goes over and asks to talk to Adriana and she says no. When he says it’s about Todd she gets up to talk to him. Rex says some guy saw someone put Todd in a car. Should he tell Blair? Adriana says no, they are going through enough and Rex doesn’t have enough information.

Marcie tells Langston that Marco agrees to do the lines as written. Marcie asks if they are going to the prom. Marco says he wouldn’t go with her if she were the last girl on earth and Langston agrees. Starr watches Cole talk to Britney.

Marcie works with the girls in their dance routine and then gives them a 10 minute break. They moan and she says after one more run through they can leave. Britney goes to Cole and tells him what kind of flower to get her. He says it’s already done. Marco asks Starr to the prom.

Rex tells Adriana he’ll let her know if he finds anything else out. Tate says Adriana doesn’t care about his cases. Rex says it’s about her family and he still doesn’t trust him and leaves. Adriana and Tate talk about Rex. Kurt walks in and demands to talk to Tate. Adriana leaves and Kurt sits down. He says he ran into Bo and he was asking questions about Wyoming.

Viki asks Miles about their marriage. Miles says their feelings took them by surprise and it was love at first sight for him.

Marty meets with John in his office. John tells her Cole came to see him and was upset she married Miles. Marty says her marriage is her decision and he has to live with it. John tells her she doesn’t love Miles. He wants to know what she isn’t telling him.

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