OLTL Update Tuesday 6/12/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/12/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Nash is looking through the window to Antonio's room at Antonio and Jessica talking.  The nurse walks in and informs Antonio she has his personal effects and asks Jessica if she wants to hold on to her husband's wedding ring.  Antonio asks the nurse to give him the ring.  When the nurse leaves the room Nash asks what the ETA is for Antonio's release.

Antonio tells Jessica he is tired and she should get some rest, too.  She informs him she wants the best for him and always has and always will.  Nash comes in and wheels her away and tells Antonio on his way out to take care of himself.  Antonio remembers their wedding day.  Jessica tells Nash she wishes she could still be friends with Antonio.  Nash tells her he wanted to trade places with Antonio and never thought he could, until he saw her at the Quarry that day in the rain on his way out of town.  Nash reminds her she is still married to Antonio, but he wants to change that.  Nash wants to marry her and wonders if she is having second thoughts.  Jessica wants to wait, as it will be too painful for Antonio right now.  Nash understands and they declare their love for one another.

Adriana and Tate are eating lunch at Rodi’s and Talia is at a nearby table eyeing Tate over her computer screen.  Adriana's phone rings and she ignores it.  She tells Tate it is another call from Rex and he won't stop calling and leaving messages.  She still cares about Rex and says she still loves him.  Talia comes over to the table and asks Tate for an autograph for her nephew who is Syrian and spells out his name.  She stresses his nationality to see how Tate reacts. 

Talia asks Tate if he can help her out.  Her nephew wants to work on his pitching this summer and wanted to know if Tate could suggest a camp.  She asks if he attended a baseball camp when he was younger.  Tate becomes suspicious and asks Adriana what is going on and if she has been talking to Rex.  Talia wants to know why she would be talking to Rex.  Talia thanks him for the autograph.  Tate says he has no camp to recommend.  Adriana wants to know why he seems upset if he has nothing to hide.  He says he is paranoid because of Rex and asks her if she is suspicious of him now and she says yes.  She then tells him she is suspicious of a lot of people lately and that her own mother almost killed her.  Tate asks her to go out on a date for a trial run.  She accepts, but only for a breakfast date.  Tate wants to get to know her better and she feels the same. 

Talia goes to visit Antonio and Antonio calls out Jessica's name.  Talia identifies herself and asks how he is doing.  He tells her Jessica came by and he wants to hate her, but still loves her.  He wishes the doctors had removed his feelings as well as his liver.  Talia tells him it will get better.  She informs him they have a suspect and it's Tate Harmon.  Antonio wants to know if he is guilty, why he is interested in his sister. 

Dorian is telling Clint about David being innocent of killing Spencer.  She swears David is telling the truth and Clint says that David lies more than road kill.  Dorian reminds him that David came back to the United States to confess and asks why he would return to be put in jail if there wasn't a big payoff involved.  Clint says if she is right, then his father is a murderer.  Dorian says that isn't true because David didn't kill Spencer someone else did.  She advises him she went to John, but left out the part about Asa.   

Clint wants to know why Dorian didn't tell the police about Asa.  She replies that Asa is his father and she didn't want to keep any secrets from him.  He asks if it is because David is giving her a cut of the money.  Dorian is insulted and says she did it for him.  She didn't think he'd want his father in prison, as he'd never forgive him and he doesn't have much time left with him.  She asks if he thought this would be the way Clint wanted to spend time with him.  Clint is glad Dorian told him the truth and this shows she really cares for him.  Clint brings in some wine.  David calls Dorian on her cell phone and says, “Thanks to you, I'm about to be a free poor man. “

John visits David and asks him how things are.  He tells him just peachy.  John asks him why he would do the time, if he didn't do the crime.  David plays dumb.  John says he knew all along the case was closed too soon, but went along with it, as that is what all the officials wanted.

David asks John where he is getting this information.  John replies a little bird told him.  David says the yellow belly sapsucker bird lies.  John says that David must miss those island umbrella drinks.  John says he knows David is lying and knows a way to get him to tell the truth.  He asks who paid him.  John threatens to put him in the hole for two weeks.  David replies that he can't do that, as he’s been a model prisoner and there is no reason to put him in solitary confinement.  David can tell by the look on John's face he is not fooling around and admits that he is innocent and didn't kill Spencer.  David says that Dorian has a big mouth and cost him $10 million dollars.  John wants to know why Marty came to see him.

He tells John she told him he didn't kill Spencer and he asked her how she would know this unless she killed him herself.  John asks if Marty admitted the killing to him.  John tells him not to say a word to anyone and he is going to let him out of jail, even if it is he. 

Miles wants to make love to Marty, as that is what married couples do.  He is putting out candles and asks her where the wine is.  Marty asks what he is doing setting up the room to put her in the mood, and says that she have sex with him, since he blackmailed her into marriage.  Marty tells him she doesn't want him and this is not a movie.  He asks if she thinks that he is going to take her to his cave.  She tells him he knows nothing about love, but he says he'll make her happy.  She says this marriage based on lies and asks if he going to rape her.  He tells her he was told he's a good lover.  She says that is sex not love.  Miles tells her not to make him wait too long.  Marty asks him if that is a threat and says that he will call the police.  She calls his bluff and tells him to go ahead and call them.  Miles tells her they will share a bed and it is not negotiable.  Marty agrees to sleep in the same bed, but threatens him if he lays a finger on her. 

John goes to Marty's apartment and knocks and calls her name.  Miles looks out the peephole and then takes off his shirt and opens the door informing John he can't see Marty as they are kind of busy.  Miles closes the door leaving John scratching his head. 

John calls Marty's cell phone and Miles ignore the call while Marty is in the other room.  Marty gets into bed with Miles with a layer of clothing on.

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