OLTL Update Monday 6/11/07

One Life to Live Bonus Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Audrey
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair and Starr are in Dorian’s kitchen. Starr is distant and has an angry look on her face.  Blair tries to find out what’s up, and Starr empathically states that she’s tired of living there, and she’s tired of missing her dad, but at least now she’s going to do something about it!  Blair quickly asks what that means, as Starr’s eyes widen, and she realizes she said too much! 

Todd wakes up in a bed, and blurrily sees someone standing at the foot of the bed.  As he tries to focus, it becomes apparent that it’s Spencer!   

Marty, Cole, and Miles walk into Marty’s living room, as Miles comments that it was their first dinner as a family.  He offers that he thought it went well, and Marty rather reluctantly agrees.  Miles says that the only drawback was the fact that Cole did not say even three words to him.  Cole rolls his eyes sullenly and sits down silently. 

Dorian is in John’s office, telling him that David did not kill Spencer.  John points out that David confessed, to which Dorian explains that David can be a very convincing liar, particularly when he’s being paid a lot of money.  She tells him that someone paid David to kill Spencer, and David was on his way to do so, when he saw that someone else had beaten him to the punch.  (Many flourishes and exclamations from Dorian, and the usual eye rolls and impatience from John…) 

Back to Marty’s living room, Miles is acting like a jerk, talking about how Cole isn’t showing much respect to him.  Cole continues to sit across the room, looking angry, as he flashes back to Starr asking him to try to figure out if Miles knows anything about her dad’s disappearance.  Suddenly, Cole turns to Miles and suggests that they play a game.  Marty looks at Cole warily, but Miles enthusiastically agrees to the prospect of a game.  Cole suggests they play Twenty Questions.  Miles says he doesn’t know how to play, so Cole explains that the rules involve one person thinking of a person or thing, while the others try to guess whom or what the other person is hiding by asking questions.  Miles asks, “Hiding?” Cole is like, “Yeah, hiding.” He then proceeds to ask Miles if he’s ever been to Chicago (good one, Cole – you’re sure a subtle fella… *sigh*) and Miles responds that he has not.  Cole asks if he’s sure, and again Miles declares he’s never been to Chicago, while glancing at Marty questioningly. 

Cris is in Antonio’s hospital room, talking to him.  Antonio says he doesn’t want to fight, and Cris indicates he’s glad that Antonio isn’t as angry as before.  Antonio replies that he doesn’t have a lot of energy. 

Nash and Clint are in Jessica’s hospital room, trying to discourage her from going to see Antonio; they say she’s too weak, Antonio doesn’t want to see her, etc.  She determinedly says she WILL go thank him, face to face, for saving her life. 

Nora walks in on Renee and Matthew being served an elaborate tea by Nigel and she freaks.  She goes into a mini-rant about Matthew being just a kid, and how he shouldn’t grow accustomed to being waited on, hand and foot, by a BUTLER (turns and says, “No offense, Nigel” to which Nigel raises his eyebrow and looks slightly offended anyway! LOL) with things like fancy tea sets.  Nigel apologizes and rather haughtily offers to check the kitchen for a paper cup.  Nora tells him that won’t be necessary, that it’s not about the teacups, and reassures both Nigel and Renee that she’s not upset with them, that she just doesn’t want Matthew to get used to being treated like a prince.  In other words, she doesn’t want him to become a spoiled rotten brat who thinks the world owes him something! (The latter is my interpretation, of course…) 

Nash enters Antonio’s hospital room, and brusquely asks how Antonio’s doing.  Antonio doesn’t want to talk to him, so Nash says he’s just there because Clint is bringing Jessica in a wheelchair to see him right now.  Nash figures he’d run interference, and inform Antonio before she arrived, in case Antonio has a problem with her visit.  Antonio says he doesn’t want to see her, and Nash is like, “So is that a yes or a no?” They look up to see Jessica and Clint in the doorway.  She requests a few moments alone with Antonio, and Nash, Clint, and Cris leave (Nash reminds her that he’ll be right outside).  Jessica wheels her way into the room, and tells Antonio that she wanted to make sure that he’s ok, and thought they could talk for a little bit.  He just stares at her… 

Blair presses Starr regarding her assertion that she’s going to do something about finding her dad.  Starr quickly covers by stating that she has been doing some research online, looking at websites for missing persons, police departments, etc.  Blair asks if she found anything, but Starr replies that she has not.  Blair seems reassured that Starr is just trying to think of ways to help.  Blair then tells Starr that she learned something earlier that she considers a clue about Todd:  Miles and Marty just got married in Vegas!  However, Blair know it’s not for real, which makes her even more convinced that Miles is somehow involved in Todd’s disappearance.   

Cole accuses Miles of being involved in Todd’s disappearance, and Miles gets upset with him for talking that way to him.  Marty jumps in to defend Cole.  Miles suggests that Marty just tell her son the truth, while Marty flashes back to Miles’ ultimatum: marry him, or lose her son and go to jail for murder.  She quickly tells Cole that Miles didn’t have anything to do with Todd, that he didn’t do anything wrong.   

Dorian and John are still in his office, with Dorian continuing to plead David’s case.  John is as unsympathetic, and accuses Dorian of being the one who hired David to kill Spencer.   

Cris and Nash talk while waiting outside Antonio’s room.  Nash asks Cris how Antonio is treating him, and Cris shares that there seems to be progress between him and Antonio.  Nash apologizes for dragging Cris into the mess with him and Jessica, and Cris says no need to apologize, but that he still wants to kick Nash’s butt all the way to Pittsburgh.  However, he (Cris) muses that it would be pointless. (Hmmm…  Cris is maturing, perhaps?  Too bad Evangeline isn’t around to see that!) 

Jessica tells Antonio that when she heard that he was having complications, it broke her heart.  She rambles on about how she doesn’t want to lose him.  She tries to lighten the moment a bit by joking that the only good thing about the bomb was that they both slept through it.  Antonio says she could sleep through anything.

Starr fakes mild surprise over the news of Marty/Miles’ marriage, and asks how Marty seemed, to which Blair replied that she had that “deer in the headlights” look, and scornfully adds that Miles looked like he’d just won the lottery!  Starr thinks it seems out of character for Marty, and Blair agrees, stating that is what convinces her that something fishy is going on.  Blair wonders what Cole thinks of the new arrangement, but Starr just shrugs and states that she doesn’t talk to Cole any more, and only sees him at school when Britney is leading him around by a rhinestone nosepiece (LOL!).  Jack comes running in, and Blair asks him what’s wrong.  He says he had a bad dream – his daddy called and said that he’s never coming back! 

Speaking as if from within Todd’s head, a blurry Spencer continues to mock Todd, telling him that maybe he does have 9 lives, but he (Spencer) has 10!  He assures Todd that he will win in the end. 

Miles tries to tone down his attitude a bit, by telling Cole that he realizes this is all very sudden, and tries to offer an olive branch by stating that he just wants to make Marty and Cole happy, but that he knows he will never be able to take his father’s place.  Cole angrily replies that Miles COULD NEVER take his dad’s place, no matter what he tries (um, Cole, pay attention kiddo – that’s what the dude just said!). 

Dorian and John are still wrangling in his office.  Dorian reveals dramatically that the killer is Marty Saybrooke.  John just blinks and looks at her with his usual poker face.   

John acts skeptical that Marty killed Spencer, so Dorian informs him Marty recently had visited David at the prison, and that her comments convinced David of her guilt.  Dorian launches into a spiel about how she came to John because she knows that he will not let an innocent man rot in prison, to which John snarkily says, “Yeah, but it’s Vickers!”  Finally, he agrees to look into it.   

Miles says now they have to figure out where they’re going to live.  Cole angrily states that he and his mom live there in their apartment and that he’s not moving.  Miles agrees and leaves to get his bag.  Cole asks him mom again what’s going on, but she assures him that everything is fine.  She leaves the room, as he sits in his chair and pouts. 

Blair reassures Jack that it was a just a bad dream, that his daddy is fine, and that he will come home to them. Blair takes Jack back to bed, and Starr gets yet another call from Cole.  He tells her that he tried to get something out of Miles (but was hampered by the lack of a brain…) and Starr thanks him.  He says he’ll keep trying, and she is appreciative, but adds that he doesn’t owe her anything.  He responds that it’s not about owing her anything.

Todd is still lying in bed, stirring slightly, looking totally out of it, when a guy wearing a black t-shirt (emblazoned with an orange decal on the front) walks in and asks in surprise, “You’re still alive?” 

Nigel challenges Matthew to a karaoke contest, sharing that he has been practicing his humps all day (too funny!)!  Renee grins and says she can’t miss this, while Nora tells them all to go ahead, that she’ll join them in a little bit.  As soon as they leave the room, Nora rushes the tea table, piling sugar cubes into a cup and stuffing chocolate in her mouth!  Clint walks in, much to her embarrassment.  They talk. 

Antonio says if Jessica hadn’t gotten sick, they wouldn’t even be talking right now; she’d be with Nash, and he’d be starting a new life.  It would have been a clean break.  He says there isn’t any reason for them to be in contact now, as they do not even have a child together.  She sobs that’s not true, that Jamie means the world to her (ya have a funny way of showing it, Jess…), but he cuts her off, stating that it would be very confusing to Jamie to keep seeing her.  Jessica continues to cry for a minute, and then agrees.  Then she tells him that she’ll always have a part of him in her, helping her live, so they’ll always be connected, and that they need to decide how they’re going to deal with that.  

Antonio doesn’t buy what Jess is selling: He coldly tells her, “The transplant’s over, and so are we.”  She insists that a part of her will always love him, and he replies that he loves her, but he doesn’t like her very much.   

Cole and Starr are still on the phone; he tells her that he swears his mom has lost her mind, but that she says she knows what she’s doing.  Starr says that’s what all crazy people say! (LOLOL – I love Starr!)  They hang up, and Marty comes back in.  She tells him that someday he will understand, but he replies that isn’t very helpful right now!   

John is his office (sans Dorian), looking at the Truman murder case file.  His mind flashes back to Miles announcing that he just married Marty, and then to Marty saying that she’s telling him first because she knows he’ll know what to do.  He sits there at his desk, turning it all over in his mind.   

Jessica tells Antonio that she doesn’t want him to leave town and take Jamie away.  He spits out that what she wants doesn’t matter any more! Only Jamie does, and since this is her home, he will not uproot her.  Then he hits Jess with the big one, “I will not allow you to damage her any more!”  (Way to go, Antonio!)  Jessica flinches but manages to sob out, “I love you both still so much…” to which Antonio coldly states, “I hear the words, but they don’t have any meaning, not any more.”  He says he realizes that the woman he fell in love with is gone.  Jessica continues to weep.  (This actually was done very well – both actors were very believable!) 

Blair returns to the kitchen, informing Starr that she was able to get Jack back to sleep.  Starr’s cell phone goes off, indicating that she has received an IM.  Blair asks if that’s Starr’s phone, and Starr turns reluctantly to get her phone.  In the meantime Blair grabs her own phone to see if it’s someone calling her, but Starr informs her that it’s hers.  Blair wants to know who it is, and as Starr eyes the message on the screen, she lies and says it’s Langston.   

Todd lies there, looking at the guy in the black t-shirt in bewilderment.  Mr. Black T-Shirt comments that the guy was right when he said Todd would be hard to kill! 

Miles and Marty talk about Cole – he, amusedly, assumes that Cole is off pouting in his room, to which Marty again defends Cole.  Miles explains that he didn’t mean that in a bad way, he just thinks Cole is a typical teenager who’s acting out.  Marty hisses that Cole is not a typical anything, that he’s very intelligent (riiiight, whatever you say, Mart… :-D), and a good kid, etc.  Miles tries to calm her down, and takes her hands in his, talking about how he wants them to be a happy family, and how everything will be all right. She looks like she wants to yank her hands back and go crawl into a hole.  

Nora and Clint are still in Asa and Renee’s living room, discussing Matthew.  Clint reminds her that Matthew has a good head on his shoulders, to which she agrees, but says he’s just a little boy, and everything is so grand in that house, and so exciting with all the family around – she’s afraid he may not want to go back with her to their simple life when it’s time.  Clint pooh-poohs the very idea.  Suddenly Nigel appears, saying as only he can, “I tried to stop her!!!”  Dorian pops into the room, while Nigel gestures wearily toward her and then makes his escape.  Nora looks at her like “Oh boy, here we go!”  Clint looks surprised to see her.  Dorian apologizes for intruding, to which Nora replies that it’s fine, she was just leaving.  Dorian exclaims that Nora looks WONDERFUL!  Nora glances at her cautiously and thanks her while attempting to gather her briefcase and things.  Dorian exuberantly cries that she’ll call her soon – they should have lunch!  Nora’s eyes widen, but she agrees, and then excuses herself.  (LOL how fun – Nora and Dorian “doing lunch”…)  Dorian explains to Clint that she came by unannounced because she wanted to tell him something before it became public knowledge.  She informs him that Asa paid David to kill Spencer. 

John, still at his desk, flashes back to Miles announcing that he just married Marty, and then back to Marty saying that she’s telling him first because she knows he’ll know what to do.  He sits there at his desk, looking at the bloody scissors and Truman’s picture, turning it all over in his mind.  Then, he grabs the phone and calls Statesville to check on the identity of David Vickers’ recent visitors.  The prison personnel confirm that Marty Saybrooke was the second visitor, so John requests David to be taken to the visiting room, that he knows it’s late but he needs to talk with him. 

Scenes for the next OLTL: 

Tate and Adrianna are talking; he asks her if she thinks he’s guilty (or something like that), and she nervously looks away, as if trying to think of what to say. 

Suspiciously, Marty asks Miles why he is grinning.  Unbelievably, he replies that he’s happy because it’s their wedding night!!  Marty looks at him in shock and informs him in no uncertain terms, that it’s a marriage in name only.  He whines that he wants to make love to his wife!  Glaring at him, she demands, “So, what are you going to do, rape me????”   

At the prison, John tells David that he knows he’s lying.

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