OLTL Update Monday 6/11/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/11/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Jessica and Nash are in her hospital room when Clint comes in and Jessica asks about Antonio.  Clint informs her Antonio is awake and feeling well so Jessica asks to go see him.  They try to talk her out of it, but she tells them that if they donít get her a wheelchair, she will get one herself.   

Cristian goes to see Antonio and asks him how he feels.  He says that he feels like he has the world's worst hangover.  Cristian tells him when he is better they will go out and both get a real hangover.  Cristian also comments that he wants to be his brother again.  He lets him know that Jessica was worried about him and asks him how he feels about her.  Antonio says he feels like he spent four years with someone he didn't know. 

Nash goes to Antonio's room to warn him that Jessica is on her way to see him with Clint and asks if it is okay.  Before Antonio can answer, Clint pushes Jessica into the room.  He tells Antonio he is glad he's better and he and Nash wait outside along with Cristian.  Nash asks Cristian how Antonio is really doing.  He tells him the infection is under control and he didn't kick him out of his room.  Nash apologizes to Cristian for dragging him into the middle of the situation.  He accepts his apology, but tells him he still feels like kicking his ass to Philadelphia. 

Jessica tells him she knows he does not want to see her, but she wants to talk to him.  She says it is a good thing they both slept through the bombing.  He tells her, she saw him now she needs to go.  He says to take care of herself and Bree.  She tells him she doesn't want to lose him as a friend.  He says he doesn't know what she wants him to say.  He wants a clean break, as it's too confusing for Jamie to see her.  Jessica says, like it or not, she has a piece of him inside her and that links them together and they need to find a way to deal with it.  He says there is no emotional connection just because she has a part of his liver.  She says there will always be a part of her that loves him.  Antonio says, I love you but I don't like you.  Jessica says, she doesn't expect him to like her, but is glad he's not leaving his home.  He says he's staying for Jamie's sake and he won't allow her to damage her anymore.  He goes on to say that the person he loved is gone.

Matthew is sitting in his grandfather's mansion with Renee and Nigel enters asking him if he'd like the usual number of marshmallows with his hot cocoa and calls him Master Matthew.  Nora enters the room and hears this and tells them that this has to stop.  They wonder why she is so upset.  She says that Matthew is being treated like a prince with Nigel waiting on him and she just wants their old life back.  Matthew tells her everything will be okay.  Clint comes in and finds Nora by herself drinking hot cocoa.  He informs her that Jessica and Antonio are all right and Jessica and he are talking.  Nora tells him she is afraid Matthew won't like the simple life after living in the mansion.  Dorian comes in to see Clint and tells Nora they'll have to have lunch soon.  Dorian informs a shocked Clint that Asa hired David to kill Spencer and wanted him to hear it from her first. 

Blair makes Starr lasagna for dinner, but Starr says she is not hungry and says she does not want to live in the house anymore.  She informs her mom she has been looking on missing persons websites.  Blair informs her that Marty married Miles and she pretends she didn't know about it already.  Blair says there is something not right about it and their marriage is strange.  Marty looked like a deer in the headlights and Miles looked like he won the lottery.  She feels there is a strange part of the puzzle missing.  Jack comes in the kitchen, as he had a bad dream about his dad.  She tells him it was just a dream and his dad will be okay.  Blair gets Jack back to sleep while Starr gets a text message from Cole saying he still cares about her.

Todd wakes up in a room by himself.  He thinks Spencer is talking to him.  A guy then comes in and says, "Youíre not dead yet, I guess you just don't want to die." 

Miles, Marty, and Cole go out to dinner.  Miles mentions to Marty how Cole did not say 3 words to him at dinner.  Marty says he is just a teenager and it is going to take him a while to accept the situation.  Cole thinks about what Starr told him about Miles.  He suggests they all play a game of 20 questions.  Cole asks Miles if he's ever been to Chicago.  Miles replies that he hasn't.  Marty asks why Cole asked him that.  Cole says he is only trying to get to know Miles.  He then says Miles is a fake and a fraud and asks if their fake marriage has anything to do with Todd Manning.  Marty wants to know why Cole would bring up Todd.  He says because Todd went to Chicago on a tip from Miles.  He feels Miles got her to marry him with a threat.  Miles tells Marty to tell Cole the truth. 

Miles urges Cole to give him a chance and that he could never replace his dad.  Cole says that would never happen.  Miles says he loves Marty and asks them where they are all going to live.  Cole states he is not moving.  Miles says he'll go pack a bag and move in with them.

Marty advises Miles that Cole is smart and sensitive and knows their marriage is a sham.  Miles says that all will be fine and it will work out.  She asks him why he is smiling.  Miles responds that this is their wedding night and he can't wait to make love to his wife. 

Cole calls Starr on her cell and says it is not going to be easy trying to get information on Todd from Miles.  He informs her when he knows something he'll call her.  Marty asks Cole if he is okay.  He says nothing is okay and asks why she is telling a lie and why she married a man she hardly knows. 

Dorian tells John that David didn't kill Spencer.  She advises him he can settle for a conviction or get the truth.  He wants to know why David would take the fall if he wasn't guilty.  He tells her his hands are full, as he's trying to find out who started the fire and who is responsible for the explosions at the hospital.  He is not interested in re-opening the Spencer case.  Dorian replies that David took a deferred payment to take the rap for Spencer's murder.  John says he has a theory that Dorian hired David to kill Spencer.  Dorian replies that if she wanted him dead, she would've killed him herself. 

John wants to know why Dorian took so long to come forward with the truth.  She says because she just found out the truth herself.  She says he isn't going to believe it, but Marty is the homicidal maniac that killed Spencer.  John wants to know how she came up with that.  She says Marty told David.  John comments that this has been a strange day.  He tells her he'll look into it.  She tells him she came to him because she knows he'll do the right thing and get David out of jail. 

John is having a cup of coffee thinking about what Marty said and her marriage to Miles.  He calls the jail to confirm Marty's visit to David.  John asks the guard to put David in the visitorís room, as he's on his way over to talk to him tonight.

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