OLTL Update Friday 6/8/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/8/07


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Dorian visits David in prison and tells him he looks terrible.  She remarks that he could carry a weeks worth of groceries with the bags under his eyes.  David apologizes for not being his usual cover boy self.  He wants to know what is new in Llanview.  She tells him they found a donor for Antonio.  He asks who the poor schlep is who has to give up drinking.  She tells him it was Antonio and he remarks that Jessica cheated on him and took a pound of his flesh.  Dorian says it takes a big man to do what he did.  She is sure he would have done the same thing if he had been a match.  David whines that he gained 4 pounds in jail.  Dorian suggests he confess to Bo he didn't kill Spencer and it's too bad he doesn't know who really killed Spencer.  He tells her that he does know and Marty is the one who did him in.

Dorian wants to know why David thinks Marty killed his brother.  He informs her she came to see him out of the blue and told him he didn't kill Spencer.  She talked as if she had tangible evidence and she would never betray a patient.  Dorian tells David they have to get him out of jail and put Marty in jail.  He asks her not to do that.  He tells her to shut her mouth and not say anything.  He doesn't want her to ruin his $10 million payday.  She asks him when does Asa keep his promises and he'll probably never see a dime.  David says if she springs him, he will have to move in with her and Clint won't like it.  She promises to keep her mouth shut.  David asks her to keep Marty out of it.  She smiles slyly as she leaves the jail.

Dorian says out loud, this is for your own good David, as she tells John this is his lucky day.  He tells her not so far.  She tells him it's uphill from here, as she has new information on Spencer's murder.  She informs him David didn't kill Spencer, but she knows who did.

Nash is at Jessica's bedside when she wakes up.  She tells Nash he almost died yesterday and tells him to get out of the hospital and get some rest.  He tells her they have a lot to work out and need to decide where to live.  She tells him they can live in the cottage.  Natalie comes in with Bree for a visit with her parents.  Natalie remarks that they all look great together.  She asks how Antonio is and Natalie informs her he has a blood infection.

Paige comes in and comments that Bree gets more beautiful every time she sees her.  She tells Jessica to try to stay healthy so that Antonio's sacrifice is not in vain.  Jessica informs Nash that she has been dreaming about the future and all her dreams have Antonio in them.  She doesn't know what she would do if he should die.

Paige informs Cristian that Antonio almost coded and he's critical with a blood infection, but they did give him antibiotics.  The will to live will get him through this and he has to fight with all he has.  Talia offers to call Carlotta for Cristian to tell her about Antonio's condition.

Talia advises him to go see his brother and he refuses.  He tells her he can't see him, as he does not want his help and she doesn't know what is going on.  He tells her he feels all this is his fault for not telling the truth to begin with. 

Cristian goes to see Jessica and tells her about Antonio's condition.  Natalie is in the room and tells him to go see Antonio despite how he is feeling because he needs him now.  She informs him that she and Antonio used to meet for coffee when they thought he was dead and talk about him and old times.  Cristian agrees to go see him and asks Natalie to go with him.  He talks to Antonio and says he is sorry.  Antonio wakes up and smiles at him and says to go away.  He says that he is tired, but will talk to him later.

Talia goes to see Antonio.  She talks to him and tells him to fight for his daughter’s sake and to prove when you do something good it ends well.  She also tells him that she has given him two good talks lately and they should be reason enough for him to pull through.

Cole tells Starr Miles is a jerk.  She agrees but feels this is good news for her if he makes his mom happy and she thinks his mom could help bring her dad back.  Cole says it's his fault because he told his mom to move on.  He comments that Miles has a weird smile.  Starr tells him that her mom thinks Miles knows something more than he is saying about her dad.  She asks Cole for a favor.  She tells him anything he can find out about her dad would mean the world to her.  Cole agrees to help Starr.  She tells him anytime he needs to talk they can find a way to meet. 

Marty walks into John's office where Miles, Blair, and John are and Miles asks how she found him and calls her ‘Mrs. Laurence’ to irk John.  Blair asks to see the ring he gave her and comments that hers is bigger.  John asks if this is true and then asks why.  Blair asks Marty why she married the village idiot.  She tells Miles she knows he knows something about Todd's whereabouts and will find out one way or another.  Blair declares to Marty that her marriage is nothing of the sort.  She tells her that she has seen her in love and she does not have the look of a woman in love.  Marty does not respond. 

Marty then tells her and John that Miles is her friend and he's someone she could spend her life with.  John asks to talk to Marty alone, but Miles says they can't stay and they leave.  Blair asks John, “What the hell was that?”  John just shakes his head.  She tells John that Marty has involved herself with the prime suspect and she needs answers.  John says that this whole things stinks but there is nothing that he can do.  Blair replies that there is something that she can do and she storms out of his office.

Blair goes home and wants to know why Starr is not in school.  She says her head is not in the game and wonders what her dad is thinking.  Blair says he probably is thinking about missing her and Jack.  Starr wonders out loud if he is thinking anything and if he will come back.

Miles is glad Marty spoke up on his behalf.  She responds that what she told John and Blair were lies.  Miles grabs her arm and she screams don't touch me and Cole enters the room and demands that Miles take his hands off of her.  Marty tells him it's okay and asks why he isn't in school.  He says he is taking a mental health day.

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