OLTL Update Thursday 6/7/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/7/07


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Rex is sitting at a table at Rody's when Tate enters the bar and walks up to his father who is at the bar having a drink.  Rex feels they are up to something and hides to see if he can hear what they are saying.  Rex hears them say - "goes way beyond some girl" and the two men agree.  Tate's father tells him things are getting out of hand.  Rex walks up and says "Hi guys."  He tells them he was having a cup of coffee and heard them bickering.  He says he heard them talking about a girl and was wondering if that could be Adriana.  Tate's father says he's leaving and will see Tate later.  Rex tells Tate his father is controlling and Tate responds that he should leave them alone and that he knows nothing about them.  Just then Adriana walks in and asks Rex when is this going to end.  Rex tells her she’s got it wrong.  She tells him Tate asked her to meet him and they get a table.  They ignore Rex which frustrates him. 

Jessica wakes up in the morning and Nash is at her bedside.  Paige enters the room and asks her if she slept well.  Jessica tells her she didn't, as she kept thinking about Antonio.  Paige lets her know she is okay and so is Antonio.  She tells Nash he is a hero. 

Cristian comes by to visit with Jessica.  She informs him when she is better she'll explain to Antonio it was her fault Cristian kept the secret about her and Nash. 

Antonio is in the recovery room and Adriana is reading him an account of what happened from the newspaper.  Michael enters the room and Antonio tells him he is very sore.  Michael is not surprised and informs Antonio that he is sore because he was sewn up twice and the first time was by Nash.  He informs him Nash saved his life.  He wants to know why Michael didn't close him up.  Michael tells him that he (Michael) was trapped and Nash did a good job and was better than some interns he knows.  Antonio asks to talk to Nash.

Nash enters Antonio's room and Antonio thanks him, but says he wants to say something else to him.  He tells Nash, "I hope the two of you burn in hell."  He also him that he knows that he is some kind of hero around here, but they're not going to be friends again.  He tells him that what he did was the right thing to do, just like what he did for Jessica.  Nash tells him they are even.  Antonio remarks that Jessica did love him once and asks him to leave.

Antonio goes into convulsions and Paige notices his fever is up.  Paige tells him to relax and tells Michael they need to get him on dialysis.  Antonio mutters Jessica's name.

Nash returns to Jessica's room and Cristian is still there.  He informs them Antonio will never forgive them and Cristian agrees.  Cristian leaves and Nash tells Jessica he is the lucky one, as he has her.

Starr tells Blair she doesn't know why she is so upset about trivial things in her life when her dad is missing.  Blair wants Starr to tell her how she is feeling.  She says that Cole is going to the prom with a woman who hates her.  Blair responds that she knows it hurts, as she was a teenager once.  Starr is not happy Cole is with someone else and she hates herself because her dad is missing and all she can think of is Cole and the prom.  Blair lets her know she didn't go to her prom either, as she was the poor uncool girl and liked a guy named Keith who asked the mean, popular cheerleader to the prom instead of her. 

Blair suggests that Starr ask someone else to the prom and break the Cramer curse.  Starr says it still wouldn't be fun as she'd have to watch Cole with Britney.  Blair says if she asked someone else she'd take pictures and have lots of flowers.  Starr says her prom date is invisible, so he wouldn't show up in the pictures.  She mentions how Todd takes good pictures.  Blair informs her she thinks Miles knows more about Todd's disappearance then he is saying.

Cole comes home to find Marty and Miles there.  They inform him they went to Las Vegas and were married the night before.  Miles tells him he's his new dad.  Marty tells Miles he is not his new dad.  Miles says that he is the step dad and is excited as he always looked forward to having a son.  Cole asks if this is a joke and what is going on.  He remarks that they weren't even dating.  Marty confirms it is no joke and she did marry Miles the night before.  She informs him she knows this is a shock but she can explain.

Cole wants to know why she is telling him a lie when she has never lied to him before.  He wants to know if she is in love with Miles.  Miles says he is in love with his mom.  She does not answer the question, but instead says it was the right thing to do.  Cole says this is like a bad horror movie and she's acting like a pod person.  Marty says she thinks she can love him in time.  Cole wants to know if she was drunk or drugged.  He asks how she can be in the hospital one minute and then fly off to get married.  He says this is insane and a strange nightmare.  She says she got married by choice.  Cole asks her what his father would say.  He reminds her that he told her to date, not get married and especially not to Miles.  He wanted her to date John which Miles questions.  Cole says she has spent more time with him and Miles says that's because they work together sometimes.  Miles leaves and Cole demands to know from his mother what is going on.

Marty lets Cole know his happiness means everything to her.  She also tells him Miles is wealthy so they can have a good life and it had to be done for him.  She tells him it doesn't have to change anything between them and she needs his support and can't do it without him.  Cole says he has to leave, as he can't look at her anymore.

Marty is alone and crying.  She talks out loud to Patrick and says she had to do it, but doesn’t love him.  She then leaves the apartment. 

Cole goes to Dorian's to talk to Starr.  He tells her she is the only one he can talk to and tells her his mom did something stupid, she married Miles last night.  Starr is shocked.  

Bo, Talia, and John examine evidence they have so far.  John calls the hospital where Tate had shoulder surgery, but they won't tell him anything without a warrant.  Bo tells him to get the warrant ASAP.  Talia wonders aloud why Tate would take a job working for two girls who aren't white, if he were a racist.  Blair comes in asking to talk to John.  She tells him her kids are worried about Todd and she feels Miles has the answers they need.  She feels that the only connection to Todd is the letter, but John tells her this is not a straight investigation and he's watching Miles closely.  Miles walks in and asks Blair and John why he was summoned to John's office.  He informs them this is the best day of his life and they can't spoil it. 

Blair wants to know why he is so cheerful.  He tells them that he got married to the woman of his dreams.  John asks who she is.  Miles responds Marty is my wife.  Marty comes in and John stares at her with a shocked look on his face.

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