OLTL Update Wednesday 6/6/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/6/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At school Starr asks Langston about her feelings for Marco. Langston asks about Todd.

At the hospital Cole talks to Marty. Marty asks Miles to step out so she can talk to Cole alone.

Rex sits at the bar with Roxy talking about losing Adriana.

Outside the hospital Adriana talks to Carlotta about Jamie, Antonio and the bomb. Adriana tries to comfort her. Tate shows up and talks to Adriana. Adriana asks if he just came from inside the hospital.

Natalie, Viki and Clint visit Jessica. She asks for Nash.

Bo and John work to free Mike, Nash, Antonio and the rest of the doctors and nurses trapped. Nash tells Mike he might not be the best guy to work on Antonio. Cristian is standing in the hall and is upset when he hears about Nash working on his brother. Bo asks for his consent. Cristian says do it.

Rex and Roxy are at the bar when Tate’s father, Kurt, comes in and orders a drink. Roxy calls him over. She introduces herself. Roxy asks if Kurt is gay also. Kurt sets her straight.

At the hospital Tate says he came from the parking lot but Adriana insists he came from inside the hospital. Tate says he got in because he has a press pass. He asks about Jessica. Tate says he’s going to talk to the reporters and leaves. Adriana tells Carlotta not to give up hope. Carlotta prays.

Clint, Viki and Natalie step into the hall and discuss what was told to Jessica about Nash and Antonio

John calls Mike and says for him and Nash to do whatever they have to do to keep Antonio alive. Mike talks Nash through the procedures. John and the police keep working to free them. Nash and Mike keep working to save Antonio but he starts bleeding again. .

Langston and Starr talk about the prom. Starr admits it hurts not to see Cole. Britney walks in. Langston tells Britney Starr knows about her going to the prom with Cole.

Cole talks to Marty and says the phone call reminded him of his dad. Marty has flashbacks of Miles asking to marry her.

Carlotta is praying as Adriana and Tate watch. They talk about Antonio and Jessica and the bomb.

Natalie talks with Viki and Clint outside Jessica’s room. Clint goes to the bomb site to see what happened. Natalie questions a nurse about Jessica.

Bo and John work on freeing Mike, Nash, Antonio and the rest. Mike keeps talking Nash through the procedure to stop Antonio’s bleeding. Nash worries that he might kill Antonio and Mike tells him stitches don’t kill people. Nash keeps working to save Antonio. John hears something and another cop says they have to work faster. Nash sews Antonio up.

Marty tells Cole she has to stay overnight. A nurse comes in and asks Cole to leave. Cole refuses to leave but Marty tells him to go. Cole leaves. Marty cries and Miles comes back in. Marty asks what he’s doing here and the nurse said it was a restricted area. Miles says he told the nurse to say that. They discuss Miles blackmail.

Tate tells Adriana and Carlotta he has no information. Carlotta walks away. Tate tells Adriana they think OPP is behind the bombing.

Roxy faces off with Kurt about what Tate and Rex did with Adriana. Rex asks Kurt if he’s nervous. Kurt says “Go to hell” and Rex smiles. Roxy asks why and Rex says Kurt is hiding something.

Viki and Natalie sit with Jessica and she asks about Clint.

Nash works on Antonio as John breaks in to where Mike is. They start to saw and Nash cover’s Antonio. Bo says they’re close too. Mike goes down to Antonio. He stops and checks on the other doctors and nurses. John radios Bo that they have to start working before the ceiling caves in. Cristian asks about Antonio and John says he’s doing good thanks to Nash.

Bo and the police get through with the paramedics. Cristian thanks Nash.

Britney tells Starr she’s been through a lot with Cole. Starr tells her she doesn’t care. Cole comes in and tells them about the bomb at the hospital.

Marty and Miles discuss marriage. Marty says she will never love him. Miles says she’ll learn. Marty says he’s a monster. Miles says “Never say that to me.” John walks in.

Miles says everything’s fine. Miles says he’ll make sure she sees a doctor and they were talking about the future. John asks what about the future and Miles says he made her an offer she can’t refuse.

Bo tells Nash he really stepped up. Mike asks if Nash wants to see Jessica. Nash says he needs a minute. Then he sinks to the floor.

Rex goes up to Kurt and says something is going on with him and Tate that’s making him drink. Rex brings up the camp in Wyoming. Roxy asks for the TV to be turned up and when rex hears about the bomb at the hospital he runs out.

At the hospital Tate and Adriana talk. Cristian comes out and tells them Antonio is fine.

In Jessica’s room Clint brings Nash in and tells them Antonio is fine. Nash told them about what happened when he had to stitch up Antonio. Clint says if it weren’t for Nash Antonio would be dead. Jessica thanks him.

John asks Miles what the offer was. Marty says Miles offered to take her home tonight. John says he’ll call and leaves. Marty says she should have told him. Miles says he doesn’t like to play games and asks for her answer.

Starr, Langston and Britney question Cole about the bomb. Starr realizes her whole family was there and she runs out to call her mother.

Carlotta and Cristian leave to go see Antonio. Tate asks Adriana if she feels better. Adriana thanks Tate for his help and hugs him while Rex watches.

Bo and John discuss the bombing and what will happen next.

Roxy leaves the bar and Kurt pulls a hospital visitors pass from his pocket and crumbles it up.

Jessica and Nash talk and kiss as her family looks on.

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