OLTL Update Tuesday 6/5/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/5/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Miles and Marty are verbally fighting unaware that a bomb is about to explode.  Marty is telling Miles he is troubled and disturbed and needs help.  Miles tells her that she is very qualified, as a psychiatrist, to help him as his wife.  He then asks her again if she will marry him.  She says he is blackmailing her or he'll hurt John and it's not right.  As they are arguing, the bomb explodes.  Viki, Clint, Natalie, Dorian, Adriana, Cristian, and Carlotta look up in shock at the building from outside when they hear the explosion.  Miles comes to under some rubble and calls out for Marty, but she doesn't answer.  He finds her knocked out and yells for help.   

Doctors and assistants are all knocked out by blast except for Paige.  Bo, John, and Talia are fine, too, as is Jessica.  Antonio is trapped by debris in the operating room and Michael and Nash are also, trapped.  Michael is unconscious.  Nash comes to and sees Antonio down below alone on the operating table not sewn up yet.  Nash drops down on a ladder from the surgery window to check on Antonio.  All of the doctors are knocked out and he yells for help.  Bo and John hear him and tell him not to touch the door as the place could cave in.  He tells them he is trapped with Michael and Antonio.

They then hear Miles yelling for help.  Talia and Paige decide to move Jessica to a safer location.  John finds Marty and Miles and carries Marty to a safer location to be checked out.  Nash informs Bo everyone in the area needs medical attention and asks about Jessica.  Bo assures him she is fine, but Antonio is the priority now.  Bo asks Nash to try to revive Michael, so he can take care of Antonio.  Nash asks Bo what plan B is, as he can't get Michael to wake up.  The power goes back on and Bo instructs Nash to do what he can to help Antonio until he can get some help.  Michael comes to.  John finds a doctor to examine Marty and asks Miles to stay with her.  Marty comes to and Miles tells her he doesn't know what he'd do if he lost her.  She is not pleased with his comment. 

Nash informs Michael that Antonio is in trouble.  Michael is trapped and tells Nash he has to be his hands.  Michael is walking Nash through the steps to finish closing Antonio up.  Nash says he can't do it and Michael informs him if he doesn't do it Antonio will die. 

The bomb squad realizes the bomb went off near the operating rooms and that Bo is still in the building.  Their priority is to get the patients away from the area.  The officer tells Viki they aren't sure of the exact location where the bomb went off when she asks him.  Clint and Viki want to know what is happening inside.  The officer informs them it is not safe and they can't go in.  He informs them the bomb went off near where the surgery was taking place.  Natalie demands to know what is going on, but the officer remains silent. 

Viki finds Talia and she assures her Jessica is all right and Paige is caring for her, but it is unsafe for others to go inside.  Talia informs Carlotta that Antonio was still in surgery at the time of the explosion and they can't report on his condition yet.  Talia lets Cristian inside to try to help Antonio.  She informs him Nash is the only one helping Antonio.  Paige informs Jessica's family she is stabilized and lets Dorian inside, as they need all the help they can get.  Carlotta feels faint and Adriana asks for a doctor, but there are none available. 

Natalie, Viki, and Clint are finally allowed to go inside.  Natalie and Viki visit Jessica and they agree she looks better.  Natalie feels she'll be okay.  Clint thanks Dorian for her help.  Natalie tells Dorian her father cares about her and doesn't want her to mess him up.  Viki asks Clint if there is any word on Antonio or Nash.  He tells her no one is saying anything.  Jessica wants to know what is happening, as she can tell something is wrong by their faces.  They tell her she is okay, but there is a problem concerning Antonio and Nash that is being taken care of. 

Starr and Marco are rehearsing the play.  Marco changed some of the lines, which upsets Langston and she tells him to stick to the lines she wrote.  Starr tells them not to fight if they want the play to be good.  Langston says that Marco doesn't respect her and Starr says he does.  Marco tells Langston she's scared he might have better ideas then she.  It is obvious they like each other.

Britney mentions to Cole that the prom is coming up and she doesn't want to go alone and asks him to go with her.  Cole says he had another plan and Britney asks if that means he is going to ask Starr to the prom.  She reminds him that Starr's father would kill him.  He tells her Todd is missing and is not a threat.  Britney doesn't want to talk about Starr.  She suggests that they skip the prom and have an anti-prom.  Cole says that if she really wants to go to the prom, he'll take her.  Miles calls Cole and informs him Marty has been hurt and is at the hospital.  He asks if his mom will be all right and Miles says he doesn't know.  Cole runs out with Britney. 

Cole runs into the hospital looking for his mom.  Miles is telling Marty she doesn't mean what she is saying and the anger she is displaying is not her.  She is telling him he has no idea what love is when Cole enters the room.  Marty tells him she's is all right and asks did he came.  He tells her that Miles called him and that she can't leave him, as she's all he has. 

Starr asks Amber where Cole went and she tells her that he and Britney bought two tickets to the prom and ran out.  Starr tells Langston about Cole and she reminds her that she is the one who dumped Cole.  Starr reminds her of the saying, fake it until you make it and says that's what she is going to do. 

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