OLTL Update Monday 6/4/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 6/4/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Marty and John run into each other and Marty apologizes for leaving the police station but says something had come up and she had to leave.  He asks her what she wanted to tell him.

Antonio and Nash arrive at the hospital just as Jessica is coming back around.  She asks Antonio if he's sure he wants to do this and he says he is.  Antonio is ready to be prepped for surgery and tells Paige, “Let's do this.”  Viki tells Antonio she'll never forget this.  Nash lets Jessica know he loves her and will be waiting for her. 

Carlotta informs Clint that she is proud of her son.  Dorian comments that Antonio is a fine man for doing this even after Jessica cheated on him.  Viki tells her to let it go and it's not the time for cheap shots.  Adriana is concerned for Antonio's well-being and asks Dorian if he'll be all right.  She tells him he should be, as he's young and strong. 

Paige and Michael explain the procedure to Antonio.  He responds that he doesn't want to hear all the details.  They inform him he is brave and begin to prep him for surgery.  Nash is in the waiting area and Cristian tells him to get away from him.  Nash tells Cristian he appreciates what Antonio is doing.  Michael tells Nash that he did good work in tracking Antonio down.  Paige and Michael inform Antonio he is ready for surgery and introduce him to the doctors.  They administer the drugs to knock him out and ask him to count back from 100.  Jessica is then wheeled in.  She looks over at Antonio and says she's sorry, but she did love him.  Nash watches from upstairs through the surgery observation window. 

A note is left at the police station addressed to Talia.  Talia reads it and it says a pure white woman is being made impure and you'll all be punished today.  As she is reading the note, an unknown person in white scrubs and gloves is attaching an explosive device where the oxygen is kept at the hospital.  

Talia calls Bo at the hospital and informs him about the note she received.  He advises her to call John ASAP.  Talia calls John and tells him he is needed at the police station immediately.  He leaves Marty before she can answer his question about what she wanted to tell him.  He does mention he wants to talk to her about something later.  She asks if it's important as John rushes off. 

Bo, John, and Talia examine the note.  There are no watermarks or fingerprints on the note.  They come to the realization the note is in regard to Jessica and Bo sends police units to the hospital.  The bomb squad is at the hospital conducting a search.  Talia asks Bo and John where they can possibly start.  Bo and Talia try to hold off the media.  John calls and informs them he found the explosive device.  Bo goes to where John is and he advises Bo there is no time to evacuate the building.  They have to handle it themselves, right now.

Miles goes to Jessica's room and runs into Natalie.  He tells her she'll be fine, but Natalie doesn't want to hear it, as there is still a risk she could die.  Miles leaves Jessica's room and runs into Marty on her way to see Jessica.  Marty tells Miles to leave her alone as she can't deal with him now.  She tells him not to push her and he's warped.  Miles tells her he would die for her and she tells him she wishes he would die, right now.  Miles tells her he can't believe she is being so cruel.  She tells him he is no better than Todd.  He tells her he is nothing like Todd and in time he'll make her love him.  Marty tells him that what he is saying to her is emotional rape and to let it go.  Miles says, in the long run this is best for you.  Marty tells him that he is insane and she wants answers.  Miles asks what she wants answers to and Marty storms off.   

Marty meets with a female attorney at the coffee shop to talk about a hypothetical situation regarding a stabbing murder.  The lawyer advises her if there is a confession on a tape, it could be damaging.  Marty is trying to make it seem like it is regarding a patient, but the lawyer sees through her ruse and asks her if she needs a lawyer.

Marty returns to the hospital and runs into Miles again.  He wants to know where she's been, as he called her six times.  She tells him most couples are partners and they are opponents.  Miles says he would do anything for her and she responds that she would rather spend time in prison than be married to him.  Miles tells her he guesses she doesn't care about her son like she says she does.

Natalie enters Jessica's room.  She hasn't seen her, as she's been sick herself.  She talks to Jessica as she sleeps and informs her they all need her and she'll be strong for her.  Nash comes in the room and Natalie hugs him and thanks him for finding Antonio and says that they are both saving her sister’s life.  Natalie leaves and Nash tells Jessica he loves her three times.  Jessica whispers, “Don't go.”  Nash tells her that he will never leave her again. 

Viki and Carlotta console each other.  Carlotta mentions that Antonio gave Jessica everything and hopes this operation doesn't take away everything.

Cristian and Natalie are talking and he tells her he didn't get to say anything to Antonio, as Antonio is mad at him for not telling him about Jessica and Nash.  Natalie is shocked that Cristian knew about them. 

John informs Bo that he is going to disarm the bomb.  He doesn't want Bo to, as he has a son to raise.  They have evacuated the floors above and below the explosive.  John begins cutting wires.  John dismantles the bomb and then sees a note sticking out.  He reads it aloud to Bo and it says, one down and one to go. 

The surgery is starting, but Antonio begins losing too much blood.  They stabilize him and take the tissue they need and start to close him back up.  They begin to move Antonio and Jessica to the recovery rooms.  Michael informs Nash the surgery went well.  Suddenly, a bomb goes off on the surgery floor with smoke everywhere. 

Viki and her family are worried because they have been brought outside.  Viki is confused about why they were ushered out and that the surgery can't be done and this situation can't be good.  Viki begins to pray. 

Miles and Marty are fighting and ignore the announcement telling everyone to leave the building in an orderly fashion.  Marty tells Miles she likes her life as it is.  Miles tells her that all changed when she killed Spencer.  Marty says this will all blow up in their faces.

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