OLTL Update Friday 6/1/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 6/1/07


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John calls Marty and leaves a message that he's worried about her and asks why she left the police station so quickly.  Marcie hears John leaving his message and tells him she can tell from the tone in his voice that he's interested in Marty.  He tells her they are just friends.

Miles asks Marty to marry him and presents her with a ring.  Marty asks Miles what he is doing and tells him she doesn't love him.  She asks if he has lost his mind.  She says she has to get out of his suite and proclaims, “You're blackmailing me.”  She informs him she is going to turn herself in and Miles asks if she will do that even if that means losing her son.  She tells him she killed Spencer, but blocked it out.  Miles tells her that she will lose her job, her income and her son, as the law will be against her for taking so long to come forward.  He asks her why she would dot hat when she can spend her life happily ever after with him.  Marty is in a state of shock. 

Marty wants to know how Miles got the tape and informs him it's a crime, since he stole it from her psychiatrist.  Miles just wants to make her happy and she responds that all he is doing is scaring her.  He tells her to try to understand him.  He bought the ring so that some day he'd get the nerve to give it to her.  She informs him it's not a game and she is not a poker chip to bargain with and he's not giving her anything, just forcing her hand.  He tells her he's done everything to make her love him, but nothing has worked.  He lets her know he asked someone for advice and that person suggested he be her hero.  He admits he hired the thugs to follow her, but she was never in any real danger.  She realizes he drained her gas tank.  He instructed the thugs not to hurt her and wanted to come to her rescue, but John delayed him and then John came to her rescue.  Marty tells him he needs professional help, but that he is a nice sweet person.  Miles responds that nice guys finish last and for once wants to finish first.  He also tells her he is just making things the way he wants them and Spencer was his best friend and he loves her.  Marty is sickened by all of this and informs him she can't marry him and she doesn't love him.  Miles says they can have something like an arranged marriage and she'll learn to love him.

Miles tells her if she marries him, she'll have her freedom.  She wants to know why he wants to marry a woman who hates him and threatens to go to John and tell him everything.  Miles informs her she has 24 hours to make a decision and he knows she'll make the right one.  After she leaves, Miles puts the tape in a drawer and looks at the ring and says out loud, "See you later Mrs. Lawrence."

Blair and Cristian are at Capricorn and Cristian tells Blair he hopes Evangeline knows how much he loves her.  Blair responds she thinks she does and that Todd's love saved her life when she was in the hospital.  He talked to her and never gave up.  Carlotta comes in and lets Cristian know Nash tracked down Antonio in Barcelona.  Cristian goes with her to meet them when their plane lands and Blair holds down the fort.  The investigator Blair hired comes in the bar and informs her they can't find Todd and returns her check to her.  Blair believes Todd is out there somewhere.  Her cell phone rings and there is static on the other end and no one answers.  Blair keeps saying, “Todd are you there.”  She then yells Todd into the phone and says out loud, “Where are you?”

Paige informs Michael he's worked 24 hours straight and orders him to take a break.  He lets Paige know that Jessica is near total liver failure.  Paige explains the donor procedure to a worried Clint, Viki, and Dorian.

Michael joins Marcie and John at the bar and John asks how Jessica is and wants to know how Natalie is taking it.  Michael responds that Jessica is not doing well and he doesn't know how Natalie is doing because she is sick with the flu and hasn't been at the hospital.  Michael asks John, who his brother is dating.  Marcie responds that John is seeing Marty.  He had that sound in his voice when he was leaving Marty a message.  John knows she is teasing him and responds that Cole wants him to date Marty too.  Marcie and Michael continue to tease John about Marty.  John says that they just work together on cases.  Michael mentions how different Marty is from Evangeline and Natalie.  John wants to know if they have all lost their minds.  Michael mentions how nice it would be for Tommy to have cousins.  Michael says he buries himself in his work and John teases him about being “Mr. worked a 24 hour shift.”  He wants to know why his social life is their business anyway.  Michael laughs and suggests he ask Marty out.  Michael tells him if he asks Marty out they'll leave him alone.  John asks if he thinks about it, will they leave him alone, and they agree.  On the way out of the bar, John runs into a frazzled Marty.

When Dorian tells them that David got tested, Clint and Viki tell her they have a donor and it's Antonio.  Viki asks Dorian how long she thinks Jessica has.  Dorian tells them that she doesn’t have very long without a transplant.

The pilot of the plane advises Antonio and Nash that due to high winds there is no clearance for a landing and it may take a few hours.  Antonio advises him they don't have a few hours and if they don't get there, his wife could die.  Nash informs the pilot that Jessica is critical and if they don't get to her, she'll die.  Antonio tells Nash if the plane crashes and they die then they can't help Jessica.  He tells him this after Nash accuses him of wanting Jessica to die.  Antonio again says we can't land in bad weather.  Nash says he mourned for the woman he loved (Tess) after integration and Antonio didn't.  Antonio instructs Nash not to say another word until they land for both their sakes.  Nash informs Antonio they got priority clearance to land and Antonio calls to order a town car to be waiting at the Philadelphia airport.

Bo goes to his father's house and informs Nigel that Jessica is not doing well.  Nigel is concerned about Jessica and Asa.  He advises Bo his father is not doing well and didn't get out of bed all day.  Nigel thinks that if Jessica dies, it will break Asa's heart.  They agree he is too weak to go to the hospital and decide not to tell him about Jessica.  Nigel will pray Antonio arrives in time.

Jessica thinks Nash is in her room and tells him she is sorry, but she has to leave.  When Clint comes in the room, Jessica tells him he's the only one who doesn't lie to her about her condition.  Clint says that is because I'm a straight shooter.  She asks if she is dying and Clint goes back in time to relay a story to her about the time she fell off her horse and then got right back on and how brave she was.  He says this is like another horse, so don't let it throw you.

Bo joins the family at the hospital and informs them he couldn't tell Asa.  Paige informs them that Jessica is running out of time.  Clint informs her that Antonio should be arriving soon.  Jessica stirs and asks Viki where she is.  Viki informs her she is in the hospital.  Jessica says she sees a white light.  A priest arrives to give her the last rites.  Viki gets very emotional over the priest being there and says she is not going to die.  Clint lets Viki know they have to give their Jessie last rites in case she does die.  The priest starts the last rites and Jessica appears to have passed away just as Nash arrives.  Nash sees her and says - no, this can't be right!

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