OLTL Update Thursday 5/31/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/31/07


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Marty goes to the police station to talk to John.  John asks if Cole is in trouble.  She replies that she came to talk to him about something involving her.  She starts to explain why she is there when Bo interrupts.  Bo needs to talk to John about the arsonist.  He explains to John that Rex may have given them a tip unintentionally.  He advises John that Rex was digging into Tate's background and found out he went to a camp out west and came back a changed person and the camp was in Wyoming.  Bo wonders if this is a coincidence, since One Pure People has a base in Wyoming and he, also, had a shoulder injury.  Bo feels they may be on to something.  John says he'll check out information on the camp.

Paige comes to Bo's office and informs him Jessica is getting weaker and the transplant has to be done right away.  She wants him to be prepared for what might happen.  Paige leaves and Bo calls Nigel to talk about his father. 

Miles listens to Marty's tape he snatched from her psychiatrist's office.  He hears Marty confess that she killed Spencer Truman.  Miles says out loud, “The woman I love and only person who loves me.”  Miles then reads a letter to him from Spencer about their friendship.  Miles calls Marty on her cell phone and informs her she has to come to his suite as soon as possible and it's about Spencer Truman.  Marty leaves the police station after the call.  She goes to Miles suite and asks him what he wants.  Miles plays the tape of Marty confessing to killing Spencer.  She wants to know where he got the tape.  He tells her it fell into his hands.  Marty says she blocked everything out.  Miles advises her not to confess to police and tells her that it's the last thing she should do.  Marty says she has to confess.  Miles asks her if she is in prison, what will happen to Cole.  He tells her that for her son's sake, she needs to keep quiet.  He informs her no one will hear it from him, as he loves her.  He asks for her hand in marriage to assure his silence.  Marty is shocked. 

Blair goes to Capricorn to rehearse a song and Cristian is there sitting on the floor depressed.  She wants to know what is wrong and he says, the women he loves is dying, his brother hates him, and someone is trying to kill him.  Blair rehearses her song to try to cheer Cristian up.  Layla and Vincent come in after visiting Evangeline at the clinic.  She tells Cristian there is no change and she came to work to get her mind off of stuff.  She asks Vincent to stay with her.  Vincent knows all the waiting is hard on her.  Layla starts to cry, as she is thinking about how she looked up to her big sister and bothered her when she was getting ready for dates and all that other sister stuff.

Layla informs Vincent she's ready to go home.  Vincent agrees to take her home, but only to make sure she's safe.  She compliments Blair on her song and they leave.  Blair and Cristian have a drink and toast to better things to come.   

Blair finishes singing and asks Cristian, if Evangeline gets better, will he start over with her.  She tells Cristian there was a moment in Chicago with Todd when it felt like old times.  Cristian says if Evangeline comes back he will tell her he loves her and wants her in his life and that he never stopped loving her.

Antonio, Jamie, and Nash are flying back home.  Antonio mentions how ironic it is that he flew across an ocean to get away from Jessica and now he'll always be a part of her life.  Antonio tells Nash there is no guarantee Jessica will be with him forever, as she might leave him one day just like she did to Antonio.  Nash asks Antonio to quit feeling sorry for himself and think of Jessica.  Antonio advises Nash he is right and this thing is bigger than him.  Nash appreciates his sacrifice.  Antonio responds he is doing this because it's the right thing to do, not for Jessica and Nash to live happily ever after.

Jamie asks her father if Jessica will come and stay with them when she is better.  Antonio reminds her it will just be her and him, as he's told her before.  

Jessica is unconscious and the doctors are working on her.  Michael informs her parents that the liver damage is causing other complications and her kidneys are failing.  They get her kidneys functioning again and advise her parents of this.  Clint and Viki go in to see her and she wakes up.  Nash finally reaches Clint on his cell phone and let him know Antonio agreed to be a donor and they will be back in a few hours.  Clint tells him to pray it will be soon enough, as Jessica can't hold on much longer.  Nash asks to talk to Jessica.  He tells her to hold on, he's coming home and they declare their love for one another.  Jessica asks to talk to Antonio.  She tells him she's sorry and wishes she didn't have to ask him to do this.  He tells her not to be sorry and it's about her getting better.  Clint takes the phone and says "hurry" to Antonio.  Clint and Viki hold Jessica's hands as she drifts in and out of consciousness. 

The pilot informs Antonio and Nash that there is a problem.  Due to heavy thunderstorms they have to delay their arrival. 

John runs into Cole at the coffee shop running his lines for the school play.  John is looking for Marty.  Cole says she went to a meeting and asks John to help him read lines.  John suggests he get a girl to help him.  They discuss love, and Cole wonders why some people have one true love (like his parents) and others have several loves in their lives.  John tells him what his parents had was special.  John asks Cole if something has happened lately to make his mom unhappy.  It seems her only bright spot is Cole, John tells him.  Cole asks John if he likes his mom since they went out for burgers a few times.  John tells him they are just friends and sometimes a burger is just a burger.  Cole tells John he likes him and wishes he'd date his mom.   

John leaves a message on Marty's cell phone asking why she left so suddenly and what she wanted to tell him.

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