OLTL Update Wednesday 5/30/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/30/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At the jail Marty asks to see David Vickers.

Bo and John talk to the mayor about the hate crimes. They tie all the incidents to the One Pure People and some camp in Wyoming.

Adriana answers the door to Rex. He tries to kiss her and she backs away and asks how could he do this to her.

Cristian tries to reach Antonio on the phone. We see Antonio speaking Spanish on the phone. Antonio asks Jamie what she wants to do and she says go home to Jessica.

Mike talks to Clint and Viki about finding Antonio. Mike talks about Jessica and being hopeful for her since she moved to ICU and Viki says they moved her there because she’s dying.

David sees Marty and tells the guard she’s his old lady. David teases her and asks her if Dorian wants more blood. Marty asks him why he confessed to killing Spenser when he didn’t do it.

Bo tells the Mayor they traced the calling card to a place in Wyoming. The mayor says stop it now. Bo tells him John is heading the task force. The mayor says he’s calling another department for help. Any good news and they have to call a press conference.

The mayor leaves.

Miles goes to see Marty’s therapist. He says he’s shopping for a different therapist and he’s there to talk about a woman.

David and Marty talk about Dorian and that she suspects he didn’t kill Spencer either. David asks her why she thinks he didn’t do it.

Adriana shows Rex his tape recorder he left there. Adriana tells Rex to tell the truth. Rex says he does these things to protect her. They argue. Rex refuses to stop checking up on Tate.

Clint tells Viki Jessica will not die. Mike says they want to do the transplant stat. Viki wants to be the donor but Mike says absolutely not. Cristian comes in and tells them he can’t find Antonio. Mike leaves and Clint, Viki and Cristian talk about Antonio and Jessica.

Antonio talks to Jamie. He says they are going on a big adventure and the first stop is Barcelona. Jamie asks if they can go home and get Jessica. Antonio says it’s about the two of them now and they have to get used to no more Jessica. There is a knock at the door and Nash is standing there.

Rex and Adriana talk about Tate. Rex insists there is something hinky about Tate. He has to find out what it is to protect her. Adriana says he sounds like her mother. She says he is trying to take away her choices. Rex says the only thing that matters is that they love each other and Adriana says she can’t love him. They’re over.

Mike gives another cop a file to go over. The mayor comes up to John to talk about the investigation. John gets a phone call from Officer Arnold at Statesville Prison. He tells John who’s visiting David Vickers.

Marty tells David he didn’t kill Spenser. Marty says he doesn’t have the guts to kill someone.

The therapist records the session with Miles. Miles keeps looking at Marty’s tape on the shelf.

Viki and Clint visit Jessica. Viki says that Cristian wants to see her. They leave and Cristian comes in. Jessica tells him she’s sorry. He says it doesn’t matter and they will find Antonio and she will beat it. Outside the room Viki and Clint talk about what if Antonio refuses to help.

Nash barges in and Antonio sends Jamie into the other room. He tries to throw Nash out but he refuses to leave. Nash says he needs him to save his wife’s life.

Marty tells David he is a vain opportunist. She insists he didn’t kill Spencer. David makes jokes. Marty presses him for answers. David asks her if she’s the guilty one.

The mayor reaches over and hangs up John’s phone call. John asks what he thinks he’s doing. The mayor tells John his time is more important.

Miles shows the therapist a photo of how he used to look. They talk about the woman Miles likes. Miles says he’ll make her love him no matter what.

Rex begs Adriana not to break up. He apologizes but refuses to stop pursuing Tate’s past. Rex says if he stops and something happens to her he’ll never forgive himself. Adriana opens the door and tells him it’s over. Rex asks if she’s going to Tate now. Adriana says she doesn’t know him anymore. Rex says he loves her and wants to protect her. Adriana tells him she can’t do it anymore.

Marty asks why she would be guilty. David says it was her testimony at his trial. Marty has a brief flash back. David makes jokes and says he did it. Marty argues and guesses its money. David tells her to let it go.

The therapist tells Miles he can’t make someone love him but can only work on himself. They discuss his limited experience. Miles says he wants to get inside her head so he can convince her. He looks at the tape again. Miles asks her what he needs to do. She tells him there has to be a connection. The phone rings and she gets up to answer it. She has to leave the room for a minute. Miles goes for the tape and replaces it with a blank one. The therapist sees Miles at her desk.

Adriana asks Rex to just leave. Rex tries to talk to her. Adriana tells him to accept it. Rex says she can break up with him but nothing will stop him from loving her. He leaves and she breaks into tears.

Cristian talks to Jessica. She asks him why he’s being so nice.

Nash tells Antonio he’s the match.

Rex talks to Bo about his troubles with Adriana. Bo tells him what Adriana needs is space. Rex says that’s genius.

Viki and Clint reminisce about Jessica’s youth in the waiting room.

Cristian tells Jessica she was his first love and he can never hate her. Mike walks in and takes Jessica for another round of tests.

Antonio questions Nash. Why should he help? Nash says it’s because Jessica needs him. Antonio says it’s risky and he’s a single parent. Nash asks if he could live with Jessica dying. Nash says if Antonio goes through with the operation he will give up Jessica.

Miles says he only got up to turn off the tape recorder. The therapist accepts that and says she’d like to work with him. He says she’s already helped.

Rex agrees with Bo’s advice to back off. He tells Bo that Tate went to camp in Wyoming. Bo stops and thinks. Rex leaves. Bo looks at the board that lists the One Pure People camp in Wyoming.

John argues with the Mayor but tells another cop to send copies of the reports to the mayor. The mayor says they’re not through and leaves. Marty comes in and insists on talking to John.

Antonio says he’ll take the risk but then wants nothing to do with Nash or Jessica ever again. Antonio leaves and Nash looks relieved.

Cristian says goodbye to Jessica and leaves. Mike tells Viki and Clint the test will take an hour and suggests they get something to eat. Suddenly the machines around Jessica start beeping fast and the nurse says she’s failing.

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