OLTL Update Tuesday 5/29/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/29/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Tate knocks on  Adriana's apartment door and when Rex opens it he sees him and closes the door in his face. Rex opens the door again and tells Tate he was only playing with him and lets him in the apartment.  Adriana shows Tate sales figures showing sales are going back up.  Adriana informs Tate that Rex has dropped the investigation into his past.  She asks Rex to confirm this to Tate, but he avoids answering and says he loves her and kisses her goodbye in front of Tate.  After Rex leaves, Tate, acting innocent, says he hopes he can trust him.  He then apologizes to her for breaking his promise and not staying out of her business.  He tells her he's her friend and a good listener.  She's not mad at Tate for saying what is on his mind.  Adriana says she trusts Rex to lay off of him.

Rex meets up with an old friend of Tate's named Rob.  He lies to him and tells him he's a reporter for the Banner.  He tells Rex he and Tate were good friends for the most part, but then after Tate had surgery on his shoulder he didn't see him after that.  They had a lot in common, but then Tate went to a camp in Wyoming and when he came back he acted different and had different friends.  Rob stops talking and realizes that Rex is the “guy from TV who called Tate gay.”  Rex tries to deny it but Rob gets up and leaves. 

Paige informs Jessica and her family that Dorian's blood test is in and she's a match.  Viki is thrilled and says I knew it!  Clint asks her how she knew Dorian would be a match.  Viki tells them it's her test not Dorian's and that they switched the tests.

Jessica refuses to let Viki donate part of her liver and risk her life.  Viki is not concerned if it costs her life and feels it's a small price to pay to save Jessica.  Paige informs her because of her heart condition and the fact that chemo compromised her heart so she can't be a donor.  Viki doesn't care what happens to her.  Paige informs her no surgeon would perform the operation due to her health and the risk of being sued.  Viki says she'll get a lawyer and draw up papers clearing the hospital and a willing surgeon of any negligence.

Nash tells Viki they'll just have to find another donor.  He lets Viki know they appreciate her offer and how brave she is.  Nash asks Paige to work on finding another donor.  Roxy lightens the mood when she comes in and asks, "Is this where I sign up to give away my liver?" and everyone laughs.  She tells Jessica she is looking kind of yellow and it's not a good color on her.  Paige comes over and tells everyone they have found another match and it's Antonio.  Roxy expresses dismay.  Then she remarks, guys who get dumped usually don't like to give body parts away.  Jessica can't believe Antonio is a match.  Paige says it's a miracle.  Viki says she thought her uncle Miles or her sister Natalie would be a match.  Paige says she'll contact Antonio right away.  Nash asks if he and Jessica can contact him.  Jessica wants to know how she can even ask Antonio to give her part of him after everything that has happened.  Roxy offers to cheer her up and paint her fingernails.  She says that black polish is in, but doesn't want to give the grim reaper any hints.  Then she suggests reading a trash magazine to her and thinks better of it.  She leaves so Nash and Jessica can be alone.  Nash tells Jessica not to worry that Antonio will come through and do the right thing.

Clint and Viki decide they will track Antonio down.  Viki tries to call him but only gets his voice mail.  They go over to the diner and apologize to Carlotta for everything and inform her they found a donor match and it's Antonio.  She informs them she can't help, as she doesn't know where Antonio is and he wouldn't tell anyone where he was going.  Carlotta says if he knew he'd do the right thing. 

Viki and Clint inform Jessica that Antonio has left the country and nobody knows where he went.  Nash tells them he'll find Antonio and leaves to find him.  Paige, in the meantime, is going to keep looking for another donor.

Cristian and Carlotta are at the diner discussing that they can't believe Antonio left town and they don't know where he went.  Carlotta is upset with herself because she didn't fight harder to make Antonio not leave town.  Cristian says it's not her fault and Antonio was mad at him, too.  Carlotta questions why Antonio was upset with him and then realizes Cristian knew about Nash and Jessica.  Cristian confirms this and informs his mother he was trying to protect Antonio, but Antonio told him he's not his brother anymore.  He says that technically he's Antonio's cousin anyway, but Carlotta reminds him they were brought up together and are brothers in her eyes.  She says that Antonio is in pain now, but he'll come around and realize that he was only trying to protect him. 

Talia leaves a message on Antonio's cell phone asking if he is all right.

Miles is snooping outside of Marty's psychiatrist session and informs the receptionist he has to get in the room.  She refuses to let him in.  Marty thinks she killed Spencer.  Her psychiatrist informs her there could be another explanation for seeing scissors in Spencer's room in her dream.  Marty's psychiatrist wants to know where the proof is that she killed Spencer.  She reminds her she was already questioned about the murder.  In Marty's dream she sees what Spencer is trying to do to Blair.  Her psychiatrist wants to know if she is going to turn herself in.  Marty says she is right and she should go to the police, but is concerned about her son, as she's all he has.  She suggests Marty not say anything for now.  Marty feels guilty because Spencer would have been in jail if not for her.  She says she took a life whether she confesses or not.  The psychiatrist informs Marty not to say anything and tells her they'll figure this out and to return the next day.  Marty leaves and Miles is hiding behind a wall.

Bo and Nora are in Bo's office.  Bo lets her know Matthew came to him, as he's concerned about her.  Nora informs Bo she has been very upset about recent events and the arsonist trying to make her house an oven.  She can't rest until the arsonist is caught.  Nora tells Bo she can't face Matthew across the dinner table, as she is scared because One Pure People wants them dead.  Bo says they can't let that group scare them off.  John knocks on Bo's door and enters advising them he thinks they have found something to nail the arsonist with.  They found a painting of a bird in Cristian's studio that represents One Pure People who have chapters in Idaho and Wyoming.  They could tell from the angle the painting symbol was done that the person had shoulder surgery.

Tate's friend Rob calls Rex's cell phone.  Rex accidentally left it on the coffee table at home and Adriana picks up the call and asks if she can take a message.  Rob informs her she can and says if Rex uses his name for another story about Tate he'll sue his ass.

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