OLTL Update Monday 5/28/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/28/07


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

Blair and Starr go to the movies together. Starr goes to get them some popcorn. Blair sees Cristian there and remarks that she didn't know he liked chick flicks. He says he doesn't but heard it was funny, and he could use a good laugh. They catch up on what has been going on. Blair hopes that the movie helps get Starr's mind off Cole. Cole and Britney arrive at the same movie and sit a row away from Blair. Starr returns with the popcorn and sees them. She makes a remark about how dressed up Britney is. Britney ignores it. Cole asks if Starr is there with Langston, but before she can answer, Britney notices that Starr is there with her mom. She says that's very cool and that she can't remember the last thing she and her mom did together (like most things Britney says in front of Cole, it can be taken either way). Blair quickly says that Starr is not here with her. She grabs Cristian and pushes him toward Starr, indicating that they are there together. Cole has a look on his face that's a great mixture of jealousy and disbelief. Britney and Cole stammer, wondering if Cristian isn't too old for Starr. Cristian tells them breezily that he and Starr go way back and he likes hanging out with her because she's cooler than most women he knows. Starr tells him that he doesn't have to lie for her. She tells Britney and Cole that she is indeed there with her mom, and that Britney was right -- it is cool. Blair thanks Cris for helping out. Cris says it was no problem because he knows what a broken heart feels like. Blair invites him to join them for the movie, but he says he is going to leave after all, since he really doesn't like chick flicks. Starr gives Blair the popcorn and sits next to her. Blair asks if she's okay. Starr just replies in an unconvincing way that she's fine. Blair asks if she wants to leave, but Starr says that would be even more humiliating. Blair tries to comfort her, but it doesn't help. Their movie starts. Cole is not happy to be there, either, and asks Britney if she wants to leave. She doesn't, so he is stuck there. Starr is clearly also not paying attention to the movie or the popcorn.

Dorian visits David in jail. He pretends not to know her. She tells him that she wants him to be tested for Jessica's sake. He is shocked to hear that Jessica is dying from liver cancer. Dorian explains how she got it from Tess's lifestyle. David doesn't want to give away part of his liver. He figures out that Dorian is only doing this because she is after Clint. Dorian informs him that she is with Clint, so she doesn't need to chase after him. She wants to help Clint because he's so worried about his daughter. David still refuses to get tested, but Dorian tells him that he has no choice. Dorian threatens to spill the news that David only said he killed Spencer so that he could get 10 million dollars from Asa. David notes that she must really love Clint. She dismisses that, saying that love has nothing to do with it. David tries to put off the test, but Dorian has him taken away right there to have the blood test. He takes the test, so she is grateful. He wishes he would see her more than just when she wants something. She asks if he doesn't wonder who really did kill Spencer.

Viki chats with Antonio awkwardly at the diner. He asks her how long she knew that Jess was cheating on him. She swears she didn't know and just found out herself. She wishes she could offer him some comfort. He tells her that he has to do what's right for him, so she asks what that is, but he doesn't feel comfortable confiding in her. She understands why, even though she hates that. He does tell her that he will need to get as far away from Jessica as possible because everything reminds him of her. Antonio adds that he'll have everything of Jessica and Bree's sent over to her place. Viki mentions that she has to get back to the hospital, so he tells her that he knows how worried she is about Jessica. She confides that she's scared to death. He tells her that no matter what, he wants Jess to get well. She is grateful that he has been so understanding and loyal to Jessie.

Nash and Jessica have just finished watching the sunset. He assures her that they will watch another one, but she says they can't count on that. He doesn't want to hear it, but she insists that they need to face reality. She asks him to help her make a video tape for Bree for the future (in case she dies). He doesn't want to do it because he can't face the idea of her death, but she insists. She wants to do it before she has to have chemo or gets even sicker and looks so bad. Clint arrives, so they ask him for his opinion. He doesn't want to think about Jessie's death, either, but he thinks they should honor her wishes. Jess begs Nash to help her say goodbye.

Jess sits down with Clint and gives him instructions for after her death. She has listed all of her favorite books and asks him to give Bree one every year on her birthday. She is also going to write a bunch of letters to go with each one. Clint agrees to do it. She also wrote letters to Jamie, but she's not sure if Antonio will allow her to have them. Clint admires how strong Jess is, but she just replies that she's like her parents. Nash and Clint help her with the video camera. She records a sweet message to Bree. Afterwards, Jessica is happy to see that Viki brought the omelet she wanted. Viki goes to get her a drink, even though she says she doesn't need it. Clint goes with Viki. Jess remembers the first time that Nash made her, not Tess, an omelet. She says that was when she realized she had feelings for him. She wishes they had more time, but Nash assures her that they will have that time. Jess makes sure that he holds onto the tape she made, regardless of his feelings. Jessica stops eating, and he can tell she's not feeling that great. She tells him she's not that hungry after all. She just found him, she says, and she doesn't want to ever say goodbye. He tells her that they won't have to do that.

Viki and Clint console each other about how upset they are with the situation. She tells him about seeing Antonio.

Jessica talks to Bree on the phone and gets excited when she thinks she said "Bye". Viki and Clint return, acting like they are more hopeful. He says they agreed that Jessica should put the tape in a drawer and forget about it because they are confident that she will get a match for her liver. Clint mentions how hard Dorian is working to get everyone tested. Viki chats with Natalie, who still has a cold, on the phone. Jessica asks Clint to please thank Dorian for her. Clint talks about how great Dorian has been through this ordeal. Jessica tells him that despite what she said before, he should hang on to Dorian if she makes him happy. Viki returns from th ephone and tells them that Natalie sends her love and will be there when she's no longer contagious. Jessica asks to be taken back to her room. Paige walks up and tells them that they found a donor -- Dorian.

Jordan meets with Miles at the diner. He tells her that he tried to be the white knight and rescue the woman he's in love with, but another man got in the way. She is sorry to hear that. He declares that he has to find a way to knock the other guy off his horse. Jordan says that he didn't tell her that he had competition for the lady. Miles isn't sure that he does, but the guy always shows up when he tries to get somewhere with her. Jordan is disappointed to hear that she is confiding in a therapist instead of him, but she points out this coudl work in his favor. He wonders how. Jordan says that she prefers if her clients come to her with their problems instead of a shrink. She thinks Miles should find out why Marty needs a shrink, and then he can help her with whatever her problem is. She notes that it's too bad he can't be a fly on the wall during Marty's sessions.

John is worried about Marty, who just had another panic attack at the police station. He gets more concerned when she reveals that she is not sleeping very well. Talia interrupts to tell John that the commissioner asked her to report to him. John asks Marty to stay there while he is gone for a minute. He tells Talia about the bird symbol they found in Cristian's studio. She is glad to hear it. John says that the forensics department sees some lines on the drawing that may indicate a mountain range. They both agree that this might be a clue as to where they are headquartered. He asks her to find out anything she can about white supremacist groups in mountain regions. Marty's therapist Hannah Young arrives, so Marty tells John that she has to leave for her appointment.

John and Talia study the bird painting, discussing what it means. Jeeter, the forensics guy from yesterday, drops by and gives John some papers - results of their analysis. John reads that there were no fingerprints except his and Cristian's. They found out that the bird symbol has been spotted in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Talia wonders why the guy is so far East now. John asks her to put some more time into the case, so she readily agrees. She wants to help catch the guy, since he tried to kill her and because she feels that she owes it to Antonio. John asks how Antonio is doing, so she just tells him that he is going through a rough time. Talia wishes there was more she could do for Antonio, since they are such good friends now. John says wisely that you can only help a friend if they let you. Later, John shows Talia that they found the bird picture again outside of the storage room at Capricorn. She is creeped out that the guy is living in their town. He assures her that they will get him soon. Later, John orders Talia to take a break.

Marty has her therapy session with Hannah. Marty tells her about a disturbing dream she keeps having, more and more. We see part of what she's seeing in her dream as she describes it. She is in a small room, afraid but doesn't know why. She sees a pair of scissors and picks them up. They are really cold and she feels terrified, like she can't breathe. Then she wakes up, gasping for breath. Marty doesn't describe it, but the scissors look like they are on a tray in a hospital. Hannah questions her. Marty doesn't know what she's supposed to do with the scissors, in the dream. She is surprised that Hannah heard about the two guys accosting her. Hannah tells her that it's because she's affiliated with the LPD and sees all the police records. Marty tells her she's been having the dream almost a month. Marty thinks she's repressing something and that the scissors are symbolic. Hannah wonders why, so Marty explains that when she saw a pair of scissors on the desk, she had a panic attack. Hannah wonders if maybe it's not a dream, but a memory. Hannah has her tell her everything again, this time with more detail. Marty remembers that there is someone else in her dream. She says the person is behind some sort of curtain. Hannah asks her to push the curtain aside in her mind. Marty says that the woman is wearing white, then she realizes that it is a wedding dress. She then figures out that Blair is the bride, and that she stabbed Spencer with the scissors.

Antonio discusses his problems with his mom. She is sorry to learn that his marriage is over. She is not happy to hear that Antonio wants to leave town. Later, Cristian comes by and asks about Antonio. She tells him that Antonio has taken Jamie and left town. She doesn't think he will come back. Cris doesn't think Antonio will leave for good, but Carlotta tells him how hurt and angry he is at all of them, even her for lying about his parents. Cristian thinks this is all crazy.

Antonio and Jamie board a private jet and wait for takeoff. He gets a call from Talia but ignores it. He tells Jamie that is someone from his past, but now she is the only one he wants to talk to.

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