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One Life to Live Update Friday 5/25/07


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At the diner, Cole makes a date with Britney over the phone for her birthday; he asks her to meet him there. Meanwhile, Blair can tell that Starr is upset about something and tries to find out what it is. Starr tries to claim that she is just upset about Todd going missing, but Blair can tell it's something else and presses the issue. Starr gets upset, so Blair comforts her as she cries. Starr finally tells Blair that she's upset because Cole asked Britney out. Blair points out that since Cole is going out with the one girl she can't stand, maybe he's sending Starr a message that it's over. Blair hopes Starr can move on, but Starr points out that she has not moved on from Todd, either. They argue about this. Starr wonders if Blair blames Todd for her losing the baby. Blair replies vaguely that there are lots of reasons she can't be with her dad. Blair asks Starr to go to see a chick flick with her, to cheer her up.

Marty phones her therapist, Hannah, because she thinks she's done something horrible. Hannah is busy, but Marty begs her, even if they can only meet over the phone. Hannah agrees to meet with her, so Marty is very grateful.

Marty runs into Cole at the diner. She can tell her is acting nervous and meeting someone, so she thinks it's Starr. He assures her it's not Starr, but she keeps at him until he reveals that it's Britney. She is not too happy about him spending time with her, either. Cole insists that Britney has changed since what happened with Henry, but Marty doesn't buy it. Cole tells Marty that Britney's parents buy her whatever she wants, but otherwise they don't care about her. Marty is touched by her story. Cole also tells her that today is Britney's birthday, and her parents have not even mentioned it. Marty is then proud of Cole for taking Britney out. Cole thinks Marty should also move on with her life and date someone else, but Marty says that his father was the love of her life. They chat about Patrick for a moment, then Marty assures Cole that she is happy with the way her life is right now. Miles lurks nearby, listening to their conversation. He hears Marty jokingly say to Cole, "If a knight on a white stallion offers me a ride the next time my car runs out of gas, I will take him up on it." Marty leaves so that Cole won't be embarrassed by hanging out with his mom there. Britney meets Cole there. Even though it's her birthday, she bought him a gift (some basketball thing). She says she knows that he'd rather be with Starr, but he assures her that he just wants her to have a good birthday. Cole and Britney discuss the movie options. Britney wants to go see the chick flick, so Cole agrees, since it's her birthday.

Cristian and John discuss the One Pure People evidence at Cristian's loft (what is left of it). Cristian finds a bird symbol that may be similar to others they have found. He is upset about Evangeline and angry at the racists. John asks Cris to go through all of his paintings to see if there is anything else that may have been missed. John intends to have the other arson sites searched for the same symbol. John thinks that since the arsonist is signing his work, it means he's arrogant, so he'll be caught. John calls in a forensics expert named Jeeter, whom he introduces to Cris. He asks him to go over the painted bird, to see what kind of paint and brush was used on it. John gives him some more instructions and sends him on his way. Cris figures out from what John says that the reason the OPP people went after them is that Bo issues a challenge they couldn't resist. Cris rages on some more about Evangeline, so John is sympathetic. John tells Cris that they might have to keep his paint supplies for a while. Cris tells him to keep it if it will help catch the bad guys. Cristian vows to the arsonist that he'd better pray that John catches him before he does.

Talia looks on Antonio's desk to find the arson investigation evidence. He catches her there and wonders why she's going through his stuff. She tells him that John wants all of it because he's now in charge of the case, since Antonio took a leave of absence to be with Jessica. Antonio informs her that he and Jessica are through, so he is there to work. Talia is shocked to hear this, since Jessica is very sick. Antonio explains in a tortured voice that she's been cheating on him with Nash. He tries to change the subject, but she questions him some more. She thinks Antonio should go home and deal with his personal problems, not be doing important work like this. Antonio gets annoyed at her butting in to his life, but she stubbornly refuses to let it drop. She even stops him when he goes to make a phone call so that someone else is assigned to work with him instead of her. Talia keeps talking to him, trying to convince him, but it doesn't work. Finally, she tells him her story about what happened to her after 9/11. She was very upset and shouldn't have been at work. She got her partner shot during a bank robbery, and he died, which is her fault. The story clearly has an impact on Antonio. Talia urges him to go be with his daughter and family.

Viki speaks with Kevin over the phone about Jessica. She thanks him and Kelly for getting tested for being a liver donor. Viki gets upset when she sees Nash wheeling Jessica into the solarium. Jessica protest that she just wanted some sun, but Viki lashes out at Nash for risking her life. She blames Nash for destroying Jessica's marriage and now her health. Jessica chides Viki for talking to the man she loves that way. Viki is just upset and doesn't want Jessica's health compromised any further. Jess wonders who told Viki about her and Antonio breaking up, so Viki confirms that Clint told her last night. Jessica assures her that this is what she wants to do - spend her remaining days with Nash. Viki is adamant that Jessica will be around for a long time and still wants Jessica to go back to her room. Nash and Jessica insist that she stay down there to get sun and thank all the people who are signing up to get their livers tested. They tell Viki how much they love each other. Jessica talks about how hard it was to tell Antonio. She seems to half-faint, so they worry about her. She assures them that she's fine but doesn't want to talk about it any more. She's happy not to have to live a lie any more, thought. Viki agrees to let Jessica stay out of her room, but she tells them that she was very angry at Nash when she heard about what happened. They work things out with Viki so that she understands what happened. Viki tells them about how Kevin, Kelly, Joey, and Natalie have all been tested. She also shows Jessica a list of all the people who have been tested. Jessica is glad to hear it, and Nash is hopeful that there will be a match. Jessica asks for an omelet the way she likes it. Viki is appalled at the amount of cholesterol in it, which makes Jessica laugh since she is already dying. Viki doesn't share in Jessica's gallows humor. Viki agrees to get a lower-cholesterol version of the omelet, after she first talks to Jessica's doctors. After Viki leaves, Jessica and Nash joke around about how they got in trouble. They look at the sun, which is already setting. They kiss and decide to come there every evening at sunset.

At the diner, Miles has some coffee. He phones someone to ask them to meet him at the diner.  At the police station, Marty phones to have her calls held while she is busy in therapy. She starts having a panic attack just as John walks in.

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