OLTL Update Thursday 5/24/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/24/07


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Marty stays home from work and Cole asks if he can stay home too so that they can buy flowers for their window boxes like they do every Memorial Day.  She tells him he has to go to school and he says he's sorry for what she went through with the would-be carjackers.

After Cole leaves, Marty takes a nap and wakes up screaming.  Miles starts knocking on her door at that moment and wants to know if she is okay after what happened to her last night.  She lets him in and says she's okay and was just having a dream.  Miles apologizes to her and she asks why he thinks that he should have been there to help her last night.  Marty asks how was he to know she would run out of gas and almost get attacked since heís not psychic.  He asks if her dream was about the guys from last night.  She says it wasn't and he thinks she's not telling the truth and tells her so.  Marty responds that he is a nice guy, but she's tired of him telling her what to think.  She stayed home, as she has to go to the police station to go over her statement with John again.  Miles walks her out. 

Langston sees Marco (guy from gang) and asks him what he is doing in gym.  He replies he is there to watch auditions and get a good laugh.  She makes chicken clucking noises at him for not trying out.  He tells her he doesn't care what some weird girl thinks (referring to Langston).  The dance instructor sees Marco and mentions to Marcie he thinks he would be a good dancer.  He asks Marco to dance with Starr and he declines.  The dance instructor then asks Cole to dance with Starr to rehearse.  They dance slowly to the cha-cha.  Langston tells Marco that Cole is a jock football player and he's dancing and no one is calling him names.  Marco remarks that the dance they are doing is easy.  He asks Langston to dance, but she hesitates and he calls her a chicken.  Langston leaves him to go talk with Marcie.  Marco calls her a chicken again.  Langston is leaving the audition and asks Marco to audition.  Marco dances for Marcie and the dance instructor and he is very good.  

Cole leaves with Britney and he asks her why she seems so unhappy.  She replies that her parents are so caught up in the lawsuit they are preparing they forgot itís her birthday.  Cole says he'll do something about that and he'll pick her up at 7:00.  Starr overhears this and asks him why he's going out with Britney.  He reminds her she told everyone to leave Britney alone.  Starr replies, I didn't say go out with her.  He tries to tell her why he's taking Britney out, but Starr tells him to do what he wants and storms out.  Britney lets Cole know she heard what Starr said, but he doesn't care anymore.  Starr goes back to the gym as Marcie is telling Marco he got the lead male part.  She tells Starr she now has a co-star.

Dorian advises Viki she put her name on Viki's test and if she's a match they'll deal with that later.  Adriana comes to the hospital to be tested and Rex is with her.  Dorian takes Rex aside and suggests he lay off Tate.  Rex replies that Tate is what Roxy would call a 24-carat phony.  He was just protecting Adriana from Tate.  Tate's father, Kirk, suggests that Tate get tested for Jessica so that his name will be in the paper.  Tate replies that he doesn't care about the publicity, he is getting tested because it's the right thing to do.

Bo calls Talia and John into his office and asks them if they've found any evidence to use against the arsonist.  Bo feels he may have brought this on himself by calling a press conference and challenging One Pure People to show their hand.  John lets Bo know it's not his fault and lets him know he gave Cristian the okay to return to his studio.  He also lets Bo know there is an officer outside Evangeline's room.  Bo asks Lindsay to come to the station to ask if she got a look at the person who hit her.  She tells him she didn't see anyone or anything.  She asks about Nora and gives him photos of Matthew she got from her son Will.  Bo tells Lindsay she's changed for the better.  She responds that the death of a child will do that to you and he should know.  It gives you a new perspective on life.  Bo tells her if there is anything she needs to let him know.

Marty goes to see John and lets him know she is alright and that she's tough and has her son and friends to support her.  After leaving John's office she calls a therapist to make an appointment for herself.  Miles is listening behind the door.

Cristian and Lindsay look through the rubble.  She assures Cristian things will be all right and they can't take away his talent.  Cristian is bummed out over his studio and the fact that Antonio wants nothing to do with him.  He asks Lindsay how he starts over.  She tells him what happened with Evangeline is not his fault.  She's the one who insisted she come to his studio to see his new painting.  She informs Cristian he is talented and to find something in the room to inspire him and to go with it. 

Tate and his dad go to the hospital and Tate introduces him to Clint and Viki.  Adriana is also there and Kirk Harmon says, "I guess you all know what Rex did to my son."  He mutters something about meeting him in a dark alley.  Rex comes up behind him and introduces himself as Rex Balsam the person he's talking about.  Tate tells his father it's okay and that they worked things out.  Adriana informs Rex that Tate and his father came to be tested.  Rex is suspicious, as they don't even know Jessica.  Kirk answers that this is how people become friends.  Dorian is introduced to Kirk and he mentions he knows now where Adriana got her looks.  Dorian tries to push Kirk and Viki together when he mentions he is staying in town for a while.  Dorian offers to buy Tate, Kirk and Adriana breakfast.  Adriana thanks Rex for apologizing to Tate's dad and says she'll see him later.  She is off to breakfast with Dorian, Tate, and Kirk.  Rex says out loud that Tate is a chip off the old block.  Rex calls an unknown party and tells them the investigation is back on. 

Talia comes to the hospital to be tested.  Viki tells Clint that Talia doesn't seem to know about Jessica and Antonio splitting up.  Talia asks Rex why he would out someone on TV even if it was true. 

John goes to Cristian's studio to have a look around.  He wants to find the arsonists for Evangeline's sake.  They find an item painted on and Cristian says that he didnít pain it.  John thinks that it could be evidence and a lead in the case.

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