OLTL Update Wednesday 5/23/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/23/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At the police station Blair talks to John about Todd. John says he invited Miles down to listen to the recording of the baby. John says he doesn’t trust him and Blair agrees. Miles comes in and says he has some place more important to be. John asks where.

Marty runs out of gas on a deserted road and a stranger stops to help her.

Viki waits for Clint in at his house and Nigel says Clint might be late. Viki surmises he’s with Dorian and won’t be back until morning.

Dorian draws a bath for Clint and he says he can’t.

Nash and Jessica talk at the hospital. Nash says now she can breathe and Jessica is upset over destroying Antonio. In the waiting room Antonio tells Cristian he is through with Jessica and she loves Nash. Cristian admits to knowing there was something between Jessica and Nash before.

Jessica is upset about hurting Antonio and Nash tells her he’ll understand because of Bree. Jessica asks if Antonio was horrible when he confronted Nash and Nash says it was alright.

Antonio questions Cristian about the fact that he knew about Nash and Jessica. Cristian tries to explain. Antonio likens Jessica kissing Nash to Evangeline kissing Todd. Cristian tried to explain he believed Jessica when she said she loved Antonio.

Miles says he already told them everything he knows about Todd. John takes the CD out to play and asks again where Miles had to go. Miles says it’s a meeting with an investment group. Johns asks Miles if he’s nervous. Miles asks why he was summoned here. John says to listen to a recording. Blair says she believes Miles knows something and he better tell or he’ll be sorry.

Marty is in the car and tells the stranger she is calling the auto club. He grabs her phone and throws it. Two other men join him and one tells her to get out and give them what they want. Marty reaches for her pepper spray.

Nigel offers to call Clint for Viki. Viki says she was just hoping Clint might have some thought on how to help Jessica. Nigel asks about Jessica. Nigel says he and the staff will be tested in the morning to see if they are a match. Viki says it’s her fault. Nigel says anyone knows she’d lay down her life for the children. Viki says if it comes to that she will.

Dorian and Clint discuss Jessica’s condition. Clint is very upset and says it’s not just the disease but the situation with Nash too. Dorian tires to comfort him.

Jessica and Nash discuss Antonio and Jamie. Nash asks if she is sorry she told Antonio about them and Jessica says no, she wants to spend her life with Nash.

Cristian and Antonio discuss Jessica and Nash. Antonio is furious that Cristian helped Nash and Jessica make a fool out of him.

John shows Miles the recording of the tape. The baby crying sound starts,

Marty gets out of the car to face the three strangers. Marty tries to pepper spray them and only hits one before the others grab her.

Nigel and Viki discuss Jessica. Nigel says Viki can’t be a donor either and Viki says where there’s a will there’s a way.

A shirtless Clint gets a massage from Dorian. She gets in his lap and they kiss.

Antonio and Cristian talk about Jessica. Antonio compares what happened with Cristian and Evangeline to him and Jess. He tells Cristian he’s not his brother.

Nash comforts Jessica.

Miles listens to the baby crying tape. Miles guesses it was used to lure Todd somewhere. Blair asks how he knows that. Miles says it’s logical because Todd went to Chicago to find his son. Miles leaves and Blair and John discuss Miles reaction. John notes Miles was too anxious and he’s going to follow him. Blair wants to come too. John tells Blair to go home. He leaves and Blair stares at the CD player and hears the baby crying.

Marty struggles with the thugs. One of them says to grab what they want and get the hell out of there.

The thug goes for Marty’s purse and she kicks him in the crotch. She kicks another in the knee and grabs her pepper spray. The three thugs run off.

Dorian and Clint cuddle after love making. Clint says thanks, he needed that. They share a tender moment. Clint asks if she will hate him if he leaves. She says he can go. Clint says how glad he is she is in his life and kisses her.

Viki talks with Nigel about her children and what they’ve had to deal with in their lives. Nigel tells Viki Jessica needs a mother’s love to survive.

Marty gathers her purse off the ground and as Miles drives up. He asks if she is alright and she is shaking but tells him she if fine. John comes up and Marty runs into his arms. Miles looks mad as Marty tells her story to John. He asks for details and John turns to Miles. He questions that Miles just happened to be driving by when all this happened.

Miles says yes he just happened by and might have been there to help if John hadn’t detained him. Marty asks why Miles was at the station. John asks about the meeting Miles was going to and he gives John a card to call and check up on him. Miles offers to drive Marty home and John tells him he’ll miss his meeting. John offers to take her home and Marty agrees. They walk off and Miles is mad.

Blair walks in and talks to Dorian.

Nigel and Viki say goodbye just as Clint walks in. Nigel exits. Clint and Viki discuss Jessica and Nash. Clint tells Viki that Jessica told Antonio the marriage was over. Viki is shocked.

Nash tells Jessica she’s going to get well and they will be together forever.

Cristian and Antonio argue about being brothers. Antonio says Cristian stabbed him in the back and if Cristian had told him sooner he might have saved his marriage. Antonio tells him he is nothing to him.

John takes Marty’s statement at the police station. John offers to have her look at mug shots. She asks him why he is so suspicious of Miles. John asks if Miles knew where she was going tonight and Marty says yes. John steps out to get her more tea.

Miles is at Marty’s car on the side of the road talking to the thugs about what happened tonight. The thug tells Miles what Marty did to them with the pepper spray. Miles gives him money. The thug says Marty is like the terminator.

Blair tells Dorian she’s going to get tested. They talk about Jessica.

Viki and Clint talk about options and what they haven’t thought of. Maybe there’s an experimental treatment. Viki calls the Banner for research. Clint goes to put on coffee.

Cristian tries to talk to Antonio. Antonio says it’s too late. He says he has to get out of here because he can’t stand to be around anyone who lied to him. He raises a fist to threaten Cristian. Cristian says he’s his brother and he loves him. Antonio leaves.

Nash and Jessica talk about her condition. She says her illness is punishment for breaking Antonio’s heart. Nash reassures her. They kiss as Antonio watches from the window before leaving.

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