OLTL Update Tuesday 5/22/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/22/07


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Britney has everyone's attention after Cole asks everyone in the gym to be quiet and let her talk.  Britney tells everyone they can go on hating her, but she wants to have her say.  She says that she is sorry for what happened to Henry and she has she apologized to Henry's parents.  Langston tells her we don't buy her phony sorry routine and she's on her own.  She wants Britney to apologize to every one for the way she treats them and especially to her main target Starr.

Starr storms out after yelling for everyone to stop.  Cole is standing beside Britney and says he is sick of all this.  He says that Langston sent the picture of Britney at the party to Henry and helped send Henry over the edge.  Cole wants them to give Britney a second chance like they all gave him.  Langston feels he is just a dumb guy who can't see through a phony girl.  Starr comes back in and yells at everyone to shut up.  She says that if Britney is sorry, they need to accept it.  Starr informs Langston she is sick of this stuff with Britney and doesn't want to make this about her and Britney again.  Britney tells Cole that sucked and he says she didn't expect them to accept her apology right away.  He tells her he accepts her apology and gives her a hug.  Starr and Langston see this and Starr says she can't be upset, as she gave away her rights to Cole.

The gang guy asks Langston if Starr always acts like this.  Langston tells him Starr has had a hard life.  She asks him again if he is going to try out for the play.  He informs her he doesn't do plays and she calls him a wuss again. 

Cristian wants to leave the hospital, but Paige wants him to stay as his heartbeat was irregular.  Cristian does not want to stay and John backs him up and asks Paige to let him go.  They are both upset about Evangeline.  Paige won't release Cristian until he signs papers releasing the hospital from all responsibility should his condition worsen.  Cristian thanks John for backing him up.  John responds he knows how he hates hospitals, but feels he may be making a big mistake by leaving. 

Marty runs into Miles at the hospital.  He tells her he is there waiting to see if he's a match for Jessica, but is frustrated about how long it's taking.  Marty asks Paige to explain the test procedure and that it takes a lot of time to Miles.  Miles then asks Marty out to dinner, but she can't go as she is going out of town to raise money for a foundation for lupus.  She explains to Miles that she has lupus.  Miles says she never told him she was sick.  She explains it's a condition and is in remission.  Miles leaves and John comes over to Marty asking her why Miles is at the hospital.  She responds that he was tested for his niece Jessica.

John asks Marty if she is still upset about Spencer.  He then tells her, off the record, about the tape of the baby crying.  He warns her about Miles connection to Spencer.  Marty admits that Miles is a little on the strange side.  John warns her to be careful and not to blame him if she ends up chained to a pipe with duct tape on her mouth. 

Miles is in the parking garage with a can of gas and is hiding behind a pillar in the garage when Marty arrives to leave in her car.  Miles gets a cell phone call (caller ID shows John's name) and Marty hears it and calls out.  Just then Vincent, Layla, and the bodyguard come into the garage.  Marty says out loud, I must be losing it. 

Natalie takes a box of funny books and gossip magazines to try to cheer up Jessica.  She asks Natalie to do her a favor and take down the photographs Antonio put up, as they are no longer her family.  Natalie says she doesn't know what happened with her and Antonio, but she is sure it can be fixed.  Jessica informs her she told Antonio she loves Nash.  Natalie is surprised by this confession.  Jessica says that on her wedding day to Antonio she was having conflicting feelings, but ignored them because she thought they were Tess's feelings for Nash.  She feels bad about hurting Antonio.  Natalie tells her she can talk to her about it and she understands, as she herself was in love with two men at the same time (Cristian & John).  Jessica responds that her situation was different, as Natalie didn't betray them like she did. 

Jessica explains to Natalie she did the same thing their mother did when she cheated on their father with Sloan Carpenter.  She feels she broke Jamie's heart and should not have married Antonio, but thought her feelings for Nash would go away.  Natalie tells her people make mistakes.  Jessica replies that she has taken so much from Antonio and has given him nothing in return.  She also states that if she dies from her cancer, she is getting what she deserves.  Natalie responds that no one can talk that way about her sister even her.  She tells Jessica she is in the battle for her life and couldn't keep carrying on with the lie, as it's like running with ankle weights on.  Jessica is free now.  Natalie tells her she has class and that is what Natalie wants.  She recalls how she came to town as a Balsam and made lots of mistakes and had a lot of catching up to do regarding how to be in a family.  She tells Jessica not to worry because her family will handle Antonio. 

Antonio angrily confronts Nash and lets him know the person in the hospital bed is not the Jessica he knows.  He tells Nash he can have her because he doesn't want a person who would lie and cheat on an innocent little girl.  He is hurt that he treated Nash like a friend, bank rolled his winery, and then he slept with his wife and ruined his life.  Nash asks him how he feels being the odd man out now.  He tells him he tried to give him his space, but then Antonio gave him a job and invited him for dinner.  Antonio gets mad about what Nash is saying and yells in his face, “How many times did you have sex with my wife?" 

Nash gets angry and tells Antonio to shut up.  He has to think of his family, too.  He explains how he tried to stop their wedding, but Jessica insisted Tess was gone and he had to let her go.  He let her go so they could have their perfect little family.  Nash says that Jessica is the mother of his child.  Antonio responds that his memory of Jessica is now dirty thanks to him.  Nash tells him that he is also a good father and will be a good husband to Jessica.  Antonio tries to strangle Nash and Cristian breaks it up.  He tells Antonio that Nash is not worth it.  Antonio tells Nash they are done and to get out.  Antonio informs Cristian that he and Jessica are through.  Cristian is concerned that Antonio almost killed Nash. 

Nash brings Jessica flowers and she informs him she told Antonio everything.  He responds that he knows as he ran into Antonio.  He advises her things will get better.

Vincent comes to the hospital to check on Layla.  She informs him Evangeline is in a coma.  She explains that Evangeline has been transferred to a long-term care facility.  He asks if their mother knows about Evangeline.  Layla responds that she does and is very upset.  Layla says that her sister is the strongest person she knows and it's hard to see her in her current state.  Vincent comforts her.  He offers to take her to see her sister and tells her to forget the paper work for now, as the hospital won't forget about Evangeline's bill.

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