OLTL Update Monday 5/21/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/21/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Bo fills John in on what happened at Cristian's studio and that everyone is okay, with the exception of Evangeline, who hasn't come to yet.  He asks John to handle the arson investigation, since Antonio is tied up.  He asks him to get the statements from the victims at Cristian's studio that are at the hospital being checked out.  He warns him Evangeline's heart had stopped.

Talia, Nora, Lindsay, and Cristian are at the hospital discussing how they were set up and almost killed.  Layla rushes in wanting to know what happened to her sister.  Cristian informs her it looks like One Pure People are stepping up their plans.  Michael starts running tests on all the victims of the gas as Cristian comforts Layla who is worried her sister won't recover.

Bo calls Talia to see if there is any change in Evangeline's condition.  She informs them there isn't.  Lindsay's CAT scan comes out okay.  Paige informs Layla they've stabilized Evangeline but she has lapsed into a coma.  She wants to know when she'll wake up and Paige says that she doesn’t know since she is in a deep coma.  Nora advises her not to give up hope because she was in a coma and came out of it.  John asks Talia to fill him in on what happened and asks about Evangeline. 

Bo arrives at the hospital and Paige fills him in on Evangeline's condition.  Nora wants to go home to explain all this to Matthew and she wants the guilty party’s head on a plate.  Layla tells John that Evangeline is not waking up.  Layla asks Paige what happens now.  Paige informs her Evangeline will be moved to a special care facility that will take care of her needs. 

Tate's father comes to town and wants to know how long his son has been gay.  He lets Tate know he doesn't have to protect him if this is true.  Tate replies he is not gay and asks how he found him.  He says that he read about Tate in the papers and Rex told him.  He came to town to help him with Rex.  Rex has been calling him digging into Tate's past but he didn't tell him anything.  He says that is the last place you want me to go. 

Tate's father informs him he's not going to give Rex a shovel to dig and he hopes this girl Tate is in love with is worth it.  Tate replies that Adriana just wants to be friends and is in love with Rex.  His father says that has never stopped him before.  He feels the more he pisses Rex off, the more he'll dig into this past.  Adriana is still mad at Rex even if they've made up, so if Rex keeps digging on Tate, he thinks that she will him.  Tate's father wants front row seats to see Rex get what he deserves.  Tate apologizes to his father for Rex bothering him and asks him to stay with him for a while.

Tate wants to know how long his dad will be in town.  They are in the parking garage when Adriana walks in.  She informs Tate she worked things out with Rex and Tate pretends to be happy for her.  He introduces her to his father and he responds that he can understand why Tate was jumping on couches. 

The students are in the gym to rehearse the play and a group of gang-looking guys are in the background playing their boom box.  Marcie informs Starr and Langston the male lead had to drop out due to another obligation and asks if they have any ideas for a replacement.  Starr and Langston spot Cole leaving with Britney to go see Henry's parents at their request.  Langston asks Starr if she is jealous seeing Cole with Britney.  Marcie asks Starr what's bothering her.  She says that seeing Cole leaving with Britney upsets her.  Britney's friend lets Starr know that Britney went to see Henry's parents and Cole went to support her.  Cole and Britney return to school and they discuss the meeting with Henry's parents.  Henry's parents told Britney she was Henry's best friend and she feels guilty about how she treated him.

Langston asks the leader of the gang if he's trying out for the lead role.  He's not interested so Langston calls him a phony and a wuss for not trying out.  He tells her to back off and leaves.  Langston then turns on Britney asking her why she went to see Henry's parents when she practically killed him with her bare hands.  Marcie asks Langston to back down.  Britney announces she has something to say to every one. 

Clint asks Nash what is wrong since he doesn't want Nash to cause any trouble.  Nash informs him Jessica is ending her marriage to Antonio, as they speak.  Clint wants to know why she's ending her marriage.  Nash informs him Jessica has been trying to find the right time to tell Antonio and Jessica is going to need him now and no one is going to keep him away any longer.  Clint responds that Jessica could be dying, but Nash is not going to give up.  Nash informs Clint that Jessica won't give up and Clint says he hopes she has a choice.  Clint is disappointed in Nash and hopes what Jessica is giving up for him doesn't end up killing her.  Nash feels Jessica has a will to survive.

Jessica informs Antonio she loves Nash and wants to be with him.  Antonio tells her he thinks her medication is affecting her.  She says it isn't and apologizes to him and lets him know she never meant to hurt him.  Antonio, in an angry voice, asks her if she's been messing around behind his back after she made him and his daughter love her.  Jessica responds that she had to have Nash and they were meant to be together.  She tells him she loves him, but is in love with Nash.  Jessica informs him she tried to push Nash out of her life because Antonio's been her rock.  Antonio is upset that she has been thinking about Nash or with him this entire time.  He asks if this is why she was late for their wedding and when her feelings changed.  She tells him it wasn't planned and it took her and Nash by surprise the first time.  Antonio responds, “The first time?” and asks how many times have there been.

Jessica tells him the first time was in the storage room at Capricorn, when he was in the hospital with injuries from the fire.  He asks about the comment Jamie made about seeing her kissing someone.  Jessica replies that Jamie saw her and Nash kissing in their apartment and ran out and got hit by a car afterward.  He then asks if she was with Nash at the Quarry.  He found her necklace, but it didn't look like it fell off by accident.  He wants to know what they were doing.  She replies that she and Nash made love.  Antonio is devastated by her confession.  Jessica lets him know he has done nothing but love her and if he wants to leave, she'll understand.  He responds, I can't leave you and I don't accept it.  She informs him he has to accept it and asks what he's thinking.  Antonio responds, “I was thinking I wish I never met you.”  Antonio changes his mind and storms out of the room.  Clint tells Nash he is going back inside to check the organ donor list.  Nash starts to go back in the hospital as well and he and Antonio come face to face.

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