OLTL Update Friday 5/18/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/18/07


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Rex asks Adriana if she's breaking up with him over Tate Harmon.  Rex says that he did something stupid and he's sorry.  Adriana replies she can't forget what he did.  Rex wants to know how he can make it up to her.  He says he'll do anything Adriana wants.  He apologizes, again, for what he did.  Adriana replies he should have walked away.  Rex feels if she canít love him for who he is then, maybe, they are over.  Adriana asks Rex to prove she can trust him by leaving Tate alone.  Rex wants to kiss and make up, but Adriana has to go home and do damage control, as they are losing business over the scandal.  They kiss and make up.  Rex calls Roxy from Rodiís and lets her know Adriana took him back.  He lets her know he promised to stop digging up dirt on Tate.

Michael is testing everyone starting with Jessica's family.  He informs Viki if there is a match, they'll find it.

Jessica is glad Bree is not sick and feels Bree is lucky.  She asks where she is.  Antonio replies that Viki took her to her house.  Jessica doesn't think she'll live to see her next birthday.  Antonio says she'll live to be 100 and Bree will be 80.  Antonio assures her a donor will be found.  Nash comes in and lets Antonio know itís his turn to be tested.  Jessica asks to talk to Nash about Bree.  Antonio replies she is stuck with him for better of worse and leaves warning Nash not to upset her.  Jessica informs Nash they need to tell Antonio the truth.  She then says she'll tell Antonio when she's better.  Nash replies they'll tell Antonio together when she's stronger.  Antonio comes in and informs Nash his time with Jessica is up. 

Miles comes to the hospital asking to be tested, too.  He read in The Banner that donors were needed and feels he might be compatible, since he's Jessica's uncle.  Dorian spats that Jessica has enough Lawrence blood running through her.  She feels Miles has an ulterior motive.  Miles replies he is not like his brother and didn't even know him and wants to be tested. 

Dorian tells Nash that Mitch, Miles brother, and Jessica's biological father was an evil man and she doesn't trust Miles.  Natalie hears this and tells Miles to ignore Dorian, as she doesn't trust anyone.  She tells him Nash is in love with Jessica.  Miles is called for testing and remarks to Natalie that Jessica is lucky to have a husband like Antonio.

Nash informs Dorian he would sell his soul to help Jessica and thanks Dorian for her support.  Jessica and Bree are his family.  Dorian says she understands and says Jessica will be all right.  Nash is then called for testing.

Miles asks Natalie how Jessica got hepatitis C, as that was the last thing he'd expect Jessica to have.  Natalie tells him it's a long story.

Viki asks Dorian for a favor that has nothing to do with Clint.  She wants Dorian to draw her blood to see if itís a match.  Dorian replies that no doctor in his or her right mind would do an operation of this type on a heart transplant patient.  Viki says she doesn't care, as she has had a long life.  Viki says that Dorian would do it for her girls.  Dorian agrees to get Viki's blood tested.  Dorian is then called for testing.  When she is done, she and Clint discuss Nash.  They know he loves Jessica, but agree it is not going to end well for him.

Clint advises Antonio he doesn't have to be strong all the time.  Antonio replies he is mad at Tess for her stupid act of sharing a needle with a stranger.  He hates Tess and tells Clint if there had been no Niki, there would be no Tess.  He asks Clint if that was the reason for their divorce.  Clint responds that wasn't the only reason for their divorce and Viki feels guilty for Jessica's problems.  Antonio says that if Tess were a separate person he would kill her for what she's done to his Jessica. 

Matthew comes to the policy station and Bo asks him where his mother is.  Matthew replies he doesn't know, as she failed to pick him up from school and is not answering her cell phone.  Bo calls around to see if he can find out where she is.  Bo calls Nora's office and they don't know where she is.  Bo tries her cell phone and there is no answer and gets her voice mail.  He thinks that she may have forgotten to charge the batteries.  An officer comes in and informs him they got a call with no one on the line traced to Cristian's cell phone.  Bo leaves with his officers to go to Cristian's and asks another officer to take Matthew home.

Lindsay walks up to Cristian's door and is hit over the head.  Bo finds Lindsay knocked out on Cristian's doorstep.  Bo and the officers enter Cristian's studio and find Evangeline, Nora, Talia, and Cristian barely alive.  One of the officers feels dizzy and they realize it must be gas causing this.  Bo calls for an ambulance.  Bo starts CPR on Evangeline, as she seems to be the worst off.  Cristian wakes up and asks about the others.  Evangeline comes to, but is still in bad shape.  Lindsay wakes up and wants to know what's happening.  She asks if Nora is dead and Nora replies -- "no such luck."  Cristian goes over to Evangeline and strokes her face and hair.  The paramedics yell they are losing her pulse.  Bo commands that the area be secured and everyone removed ASAP, as this was an attempted murder.

Miles leaves the hospital after his test and heads to Rodiís.  He runs into Jordan and asks for her advice.  He informs her he's stuck in his progress with the lady he loves.  She advises him to be a hero, as ladies like that.  She suggests he make the lady he loves afraid of something and then run in and rescue her. 

Natalie gets tested and Michael advises her not to be too disappointed if she's not a match.  Michael asks Viki if she is all right.  He's worried about her and wants to make sure she's taking her medication.  Natalie informs her family she will call Kevin and Joey in London to be tested.  Dorian informs Natalie that Nash is in pain and needs a friend.  Natalie doesn't care and feels Nash should not be there.  She then calls Adriana to be tested too.

Clint lets Nash know they are all worried about Jessica, but she's a strong woman and will pull through.  Jessica wants to talk to Antonio, but he says it can wait.  She tells him it can't wait any longer and Antonio replies, ďYou're scaring me.Ē  She says she won't be able to sleep until she tells him.  She cries, don't hate me, you're my best friend.  She then says she is sorry a few times and lets him know she is in love with Nash. 

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