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One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/17/07


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Bo is working in his office and hears Blair outside his office yelling and demanding to see him.  Bo ushers her into the office where she complains the Chicago police aren't doing anything to locate Todd.  Bo agrees to contact the Chicago police to see what he can do.  He asks Blair if she can think of anyone who could be doing Spencer's dirty work.  They rule out Miles as Bo feels he is only a pawn.  An officer comes in and hands Bo the tape found at Todd's last known location and Blair asks to hear it.  Bo informs her they enhanced the background noise for hints.  He asks her who knew of Todd's trip to Chicago.  She replies, “Everyone at The Sun and some private investigators.”  Blair accuses Bo of not wanting to find Todd because he hates him.  Bo wants to find Todd, as he's a father.  He informs her that the Chicago police have nothing to go on and that's why they are throwing up their hands.  Blair says if that's the case then she'll find Todd herself.  Bo warns her not to do anything stupid and to think of her children.  She says she wants her kids to have both parents.

Paige goes to Bo's office after Blair leaves and advises him she has some bad news about his niece.

Blair is at Rodi's and calls Starr leaving a message she'll see her after school at Dorian's.  She wonders out loud how she is going to tell her kids their father is still missing.  She then calls the editor at The Sun asking for the headline to read, “2 Million dollar reward for Todd Manning and infant son.”  Blair then hears Tommy cry across the room and realizes he sounds just like the baby on the tape.

Rex meets with Marcie at Rodi’s.  He phoned and asked her to meet him so he could discuss Adriana with her.  Rex spots Adriana eating with Tate across the room and they are laughing.  Rex walks over to their table starting trouble and Tate asks him to leave.  Rex wants to know if they are sleeping together.  Marcie informs Rex she's not going to stand for this and suggests they leave and get a separate table.  Adriana tells Rex he is being ridiculous.  They are just having a friendly lunch and that is all.  A father and son come up to Tate asking him to sign a baseball.  The father tells Tate he is disgusting and Tate defends gay people and tells him he's prejudice.  The man and his son leave in disgust.

Rex apologizes to Adriana and tells her he didn't mean for people to harass Tate, but the guy was right about one thing, Tate is a liar.  Adriana gets mad at Rex and leaves in a huff.  Rex chases after her, asking her to listen to his point of view.  She informs him Tate's secrets should have nothing to do with their relationship and he needs to trust her.  He suggests they go to her apartment, but she refuses.  She feels Rex will rub her shoulders and have sex with her and she'll forget she's mad at him.  She wants him to stop the witch-hunt against Tate.  She informs him she has nothing more to say and she can't do this anymore.  She lets Rex know they are over.  

Marcie, talking to baby Tommy, says she hopes Rex and Adriana work it out, as they are meant to be together like they are. 

Evangeline goes to Cristian's studio to see if he's all right after finding his place trashed.  She urges him to call the police.  He informs her he hasn't, because Antonio has enough problems now.  She asks him if anything was taken.  Nothing was taken but they both feel this is the work of One Pure People.  Evangeline wants him to call the police.  Talia and Nora come in and ask Cristian why he called them.  He informs them he didn't call them.  They all conclude that someone from One Pure People made the calls and wanted them to see the destruction.  Talia finds a note attached to the destroyed paint canvas stating that degenerate art will be destroyed and the time for tolerance is over.

Talia is reading the note to everyone while a mystery person is outside with garbage bags, duct tape, and clear tubes they are inserting into the air ducts.  Evangeline is standing near an air duct and starts to feel faint.  Cristian asks her if she's okay.  She says she is feeling dizzy.  Talia goes to open the door and it's stuck.  She realizes they are locked in.  Cristian tries to open a window and says he better call 911, but before he can, Evangeline, Talia, Nora, and Cristian pass out.

Jessica can't believe it when Michael tells her she has cancer.  Viki feels she can beat it and Clint agrees and lets her know they will all help her.  Antonio wants to know from Michael what can be done.  Michael informs him the cancer is advanced and there is little they can do.  Antonio wants a second opinion.  Natalie wants to know why she was fine and now it's a death sentence.  Michael advises them the only way to treat this is with a live organ transplant.  He says that her name is on a list for a donor (liver of dead person) with 16,000 other names and it could take years and she doesn't have years to wait.  Jessica wants to know how much time she has left.  Michael responds that no one can tell her how much time she has left.  She responds she could die waiting for an organ.  Michael suggests the live donor transplant where they take a part of someone's liver.  They are informed that the donor must be healthy.

Michael informs her he'll set up appointments in the lab for Natalie, Clint, and Antonio to be tested.  Viki isn't suitable due to her heart condition.  Natalie tells Jessica she is strong and can fight this.  When Natalie leaves, she asks Viki how she will cope if her time is up.  Viki says she'll have a long, healthy life in the future, she can just feel it.  Jessica states she is scared and doesn't want to die.

Paige tells Nash Jessica has cancer.  Nash wants to know how this could have happened.  Paige informs him that hepatitis, left untreated, can turn into cancer.  Dorian is also in the hallway and confirms what Paige has told him.  Nash wants to know what can be done, since the cancer is advanced and what happens to a body without a healthy liver.  She tells him she won't survive.  She informs him Jessica's name has been added to the donor list.  Dorian informs Nash since Clint has a soft spot for him, if there is anything she can do, to ask.  She lets him know organ transplants can be miraculous.  Nash responds that Bree can't lose her mom.  Dorian says there is one thing he can do to help.

Nash wants to see Jessica, but Clint asks him not to see her now.  Nash replies he knows someone she needs to see.  Dorian informs Clint she wants to be tested, too, when he tells her he is being tested.  Nash brings Bree to see Jessica.  Michael hands her to Viki to hold while Jessica talks to her.  Antonio asks Nash if he arranged this.  Antonio states he will move heaven and earth to save Jessica.  Nash says he would, too and is being tested as well.   

Jessica wants to tell Viki something when Viki says she has a long life ahead of her with Antonio and the girls.  Antonio comes in and tells Jessica she is the love of his life and they are going to have a long happy life together. 

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