OLTL Update Wednesday 5/16/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/16/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Dorian talks to Starr and Langston about the play while Dorian makes brownies. Starr advises Dorian to call a bakery if she wants to impress Clint with her cooking.

Jessica is in her hospital bed and Nash talks to Clint outside the door. Nash was there all night. They talk about Antonio letting Nash stay to get the biopsy results.

Antonio is on the phone downstairs in the hospital when Talia walks in with paperwork. She mentions Nash is upstairs with Jessica. Antonio gets upset.

Starr and Dorian talk about who Dorian has dated in the past. Starr tells Langston about Clint and her Aunt Viki. Dorian says they’re still together and you have to have faith. Starr says Cole and her never had a chance.

At the coffee shop Britney tries to talk to Cole about Starr. He keeps saying no comment.

Antonio tries to go up stairs and Talia stops him. Antonio invites her to come.

Nash tells Clint he’s not afraid of Antonio. Clint tells him to think of Jessica and not to indulge in his own feelings. Viki and Natalie walk up and Clint takes Nash away to talk. Natalie and Viki talk as Miles comes up with flowers.

John asks Marty if her nightmares are about Cole. Marty says she doesn’t know. John suggests she leave a notebook by her bedside. Marty has flashes of Spencer’s hospital room and looks like she going to faint. John is concerned.

Cole tells Britney they could have been killed and now she’s gossiping about his love life. Britney talks about how everyone hates her and Cole tells her to leave. He gets up to get coffee. She follows him and he reminds her that everyone once hated him. They discuss why everyone hates her. Britney asks for a second chance.

Dorian and Starr discuss Cole. Langston tells Starr it’s not her fault it didn’t work out.

Antonio tells Talia to get out of the way or come upstairs with him. She tries to talk him out of it and then agrees to go upstairs. Nash and Clint walk in.

Jessica tells the nurse she wants Nash. Outside her room Miles gives Viki the flowers for Jessica and asks how she is. They tell him she has Hep C. Miles mentions that Natalie is his friend and Viki questions him and he turns to Natalie and asks if she would call them allies?

Cole asks Britney why she wants to start her do-over with him. She says that in her home saying nice things isn’t something they do. Britney says she doesn’t have anyone else to talk to and wants to be his friend.

Starr says she’s giving up on love. Dorian says she makes it sound like Cole is the only boy in the world. Dorian tries to tell Starr she’s a true romantic. Langston takes notes in the background. Dorian is ready to go to the hospital and shows Starr her “plan B”; a bakery box.

John asks if Marty is sick. She says she doesn’t feel right in the head. John takes her into his office and tells her to sit down. He goes to get her water. Marty looks at Truman’s file while she’s alone and looks shaky. She gets up and runs out. John comes back and sees she was looking at the pictures of Spencer’s murder.

As Viki questions Miles and Natalie about being allies, Miles makes up a lie about them being foosball buddies. Viki goes onto see Jessica. Jessica says she dreamt about Nash.

Antonio and Nash argue. Nash says to ask Jessica why he’s at the hospital. Antonio says he trusts Jessica and won’t see Nash ruin Jessica like he ruined Claudia. Page comes by to give the results and everyone starts to go into her room. Antonio turns and stops Nash.

Starr told Langston she made out with Cole in the gym and Langston wants details. Starr says it was between 1st and 2nd base. Mrs. McBain almost caught them and then Aunt Dorian came in. Langston suggests they figure out how Starr and Cole can be together.

Britney and Cole discuss their possible friendship. Cole says we’ll see. Britney takes a phone call and gets upset. She looks like she’s going to cry.

Marty comes back to John’s office and apologizes for leaving. John confronts her about having a panic attack. He tells her to see a doctor. Marty makes up excuses. John doesn’t believe her.

Miles and Natalie talk about the talk with Viki. Natalie tells him not to worry. Miles leaves.

Clint asks Antonio to think about Jessica. Antonio tells Nash he’s not coming in and he won’t poison his family. Page says she has to defer to Antonio because he’s the husband.

Starr says it’s too late for her and Cole. Langston urges her to try.

Britney says Henry’s parents want to talk to her. His uncle called. Britney says she can’t talk to them. Cole tells her to relax. Britney swears Cole to secrecy about this. She asks him what he would say to them. Cole says to tell Henry’s parents what his last moments are like. Britney is afraid and Cole offers to go with her.

Marty and John discuss her panic attack. John points to the crime scene photos. He knows they set her off.

Nash argues about being let into Jessica’s room. Clint asks if Page will tell Nash outside of the room. Nash argues and Clint tells him no. Dorian shows up with the basket of brownies. Clint asks her to watch Nash. Dorian goes up to Nash and talks to him about the Buchanan’s. In the room Viki is telling Jessica about Miles. Antonio and Mike walk in. Mike examines Jessica. Clint comes in with the basket and Viki asks about Nash. Mike prepares to tell them about Jessica’s biopsy.

Britney and Cole discuss her talking to Henry’s parents. Langston comes in to see them talking. Starr is at home dreaming of kissing Cole. Langston calls and says she sees Cole with Britney and they might be on a date.

Marty says she doesn’t know why she reacted that way to the photos. They talk about her feeling and Truman getting what he deserved. John tells her to let it go.

Talia leaves and Page talks to Nash. She tells her the biopsy said its clear what it is.

Mike tells Antonio, Viki and Clint…

Page talks to Nash

Mike tells Jessica she has liver cancer.

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