OLTL Update Tuesday 5/15/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/15/07


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In his studio, Cristian throws a paint can at a blank canvas as he thinks of the time he and Evangeline were painting and laughing.  Cristian starts painting with his brush in a frenzy. 

Michael is at Capricorn waiting for Marcie and runs into Evangeline.  He asks her if she's heard from Todd and the reason for his trip to Chicago.  Evangeline is curious why he wants to know, as he hardly knows Todd.

Dorian and Adriana are at Capricorn and Dorian wants to know why Rex outed Tate like he did.  She tells him that it is toxic on so many levels.  Adriana tells her mom she doesn't know what to do.  Tate hears this and introduces himself to Dorian.  Dorian is impressed he's taking the high road.  He informs her and Adriana that Rex isn't giving up.  His old coach called him to inform him someone with a phony name is asking about him.  He knows itís Rex trying to dig up something else.  He asks Adriana to tell Rex if he doesn't stop he'll sue him.  Adriana says that Rex is overprotective and then in the same breath says what he did is horrible and she'll talk to him.  Dorian advises Tate he'll come out of this fine.  She tells him any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right.  

Roxy comes to Rex's room and hears him on the phone talking to Tate's old coach.  She tells him she didn't raise a rat and pulls the phone cord out of the wall.  She tells him he is wrong and is losing it.  Rex wants to know if he's the only one who sees Tate is a jerk.  Roxy gives him his phone back and advises Rex not to cry to her if Adriana dumps him.

Adriana sends a text message to Rex telling him to get his butt over to Capricorn.  Rex leaves and tells his mother not to drink all his beer.  Rex asks Adriana what is up and she replies she has a question and if he gives a wrong answer they have a problem.  She asks him if he's still prying into Tate's life.  He avoids the answer and informs her he is trying to keep her safe and he jumped the gun on the gay thing.  She informs him she feels safer with Tate and for him to get the hell out.  Tate comes over to Adriana and Rex pushes him aside and leaves out the back door.  Adriana yells at him his PI career is over if Tate sues him.

John goes up to Miles and Natalie at Rodiís and asks to talk to Natalie alone.  Natalie informs John he has bad timing.  Miles goes over to Marty at the bar to say hello and asks her what's up with her and John.  John asks Natalie if the kiss between her and Miles was for his benefit, because it didn't work.  Natalie replies "the hell it didn't.Ē  John feels her actions are so high school and she's going to hook up with anyone just to make him jealous.  He does admit the kiss bothered him.  Miles asks Marty if she is jealous and she replies she isn't, as they are just friends.  She asks him not to take her comments as a rejection and stresses they are just friends.  Miles says he thinks people are accepting him now and not acting like he is the second coming of Spencer.  Marty then has another flashback to Spencer's file with scissors and blood.

John lets Natalie know he feels something isn't right about Miles.  Natalie replies that not everyone is a bad guy.  John goes back over to Marty at the bar.  They both agree they are not jealous of Natalie and Miles and feel their action is juvenile if the kiss was for their benefit.  Miles thanks Natalie for the date and remarks that Marty seems very upset lately.  John and Marty leave Rodiís together.

Cole and Starr are kissing in the school gym and Cole tells her he wants to be with her badly.  Starr lets him know it's too late.  Marcie comes in and they hide behind the piano while she plays some notes from the song for the play.  Marcie leaves and Starr informs Cole they have to stop sneaking around.  Cole feels Starr doesn't want them to work.

She replies that her dad raped his mom and that won't go away.  Dorian comes in looking for Starr.  Cole leaves and Dorian asks why they are together.  Starr says they were just talking.  She tells her Cole is hurt, but she had to break things off with him and he thinks she's over him.  Dorian informs her that what she saw is between her and Starr.  Dorian is being understanding and tells her what she is doing is painful, but she is proud of her for doing a difficult thing and she's been there herself a few times.  

Layla goes to Lindsay's gallery to see about using the location for an underwear shoot.  Vincent comes in and lets Lindsay know he's representing a young African artist.  He shows her a small book of photos and she agrees to show his work.  Lindsay remarks she has a lot of clients into African art.  She also remarks that she needs new artists since Cristian isn't painting any masterpieces.  Just then, Cristian calls her on the phone asking her to come to the studio to see some new artwork of his.  Since Lindsay is leaving, Vincent asks Layla to go downstairs to Capricorn for a drink with him, which she accepts.  Evangeline runs into them and is shocked to see them together.  They explain they ran into each other upstairs at the gallery.  He tells her of his great African artist find.  Cristian and Lindsay arrive at the bar and run into Evangeline.  Lindsay advises her Cristian is painting again and suggests Cristian show her his new style of painting.  They leave to go to his studio to see the new painting.  Cristian and Evangeline get to his studio and find the painting and his studio trashed.

Evangeline runs into Marcie looking for Michael.  They are out celebrating their one-year wedding anniversary.  Evangeline asks Marcie why Michael is concerned about Todd when he hardly knows him.  Marcie replies that he is just a nice person.  Marcie finds Michael and hears the tale end of his phone conversation.  Michael is on the phone with Rex asking about Todd.  Marcie asks Michael who he's talking to and what secret he is hiding.  Michael says Rex is on the other line and says hi.  He covers and says it's about the Tate thing and he told Rex not to do it.  Marcie is surprised Michael knew what Rex was going to do and didn't try harder to stop him.  Michael asks if they can talk about it later at home.  

Lindsay loves Cristian's new painting and congratulates him and they hug.  Meanwhile, a shadow lurks outside the studio.  She asks him why he started painting this way and he replies it was an accident.  They leave the studio to go celebrate with a drink while the shadow is watching.

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