OLTL Update Monday 5/14/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 5/14/07


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John walks over to Natalie on the park bench and asks about Jessica.  She informs him of her health woes and that Bree does not have the virus.  They talk about how it was for them during John's recovery period.  She lets him know she still loves him, but doesn't want to.  He replies he knows the feeling.  They both agree they will always love each other.  John tells her that he thinks that she is good with kids based on her interaction with Bree.  She feels John is good with Tommy.  John tells her everyone at the police station misses her. 

Britney is dining with her parents at the Palace Hotel.  They suggest she move on with her life and forget about ďthat dreadful Henry.Ē  Britney wants to get back to school to see if she got a part in the school play.  Her parents are rude and unsupportive and tell her she has no talent.  They also keep stressing to her to move on and forget what happened.  They also advise her it is her fault for choosing the wrong person to write her papers.  She asks to leave and they permit her to.

Britney is sitting on a swing in the playground and takes out a bottle of alcohol.  At that moment, Cole is jogging by and informs her she is making a big mistake.  They talk and Cole lets her know Henry's death wasn't her fault.  Britney asks Cole if she can do him any favors for believing in her.  He just wants her to be nice to everyone.

Starr reads the postings for the play and finds out she got the lead role.  Britney's name is listed as her understudy.  Starr doesn't want the part because of Cole.  Marcie informs her they won't have many scenes together.  Langston has a song for Starr to rehearse that she wrote.  The song is called "Fly to You."  Starr sings the song with Langston on the piano.  Britney sees the posting listing her as Starr's understudy and spots Cole watching Starr sing across the hall.  Cole and Britney watch Starr, as Marcie and Langston compliment her talent.  Langston's inspiration for the song was Starr and Cole.  Langston and Marcie leave and Starr stays behind to rehearse some more.  Cole walks up to her and informs her she is amazing.  He asks how she is because of her dad being missing.  Starr says she feels alone.  Cole says she's not alone and they kiss.

Nash goes to see Jessica, but she won't look at him.  She is too ashamed to face him.  She has a hazy memory of what happened when she took heroin.  He lets her know he loves her no matter what. 

Dorian is at Rodiís to order some food for Starr and asks for a menu.  Miles comes up to talk to her about Todd and Blair, but she brushes him off stating she has no time for him.  Dorian phones Starr to see what she wants to eat.  Starr tells her she is staying at school and will get her own food.  Dorian then turns to Miles to inform him she has time for him after all.  He wants the status on Todd and Blair.  Dorian wants to know why he sent them on a wild goose chase and says if anything happens, it's all on his head.  Miles leaves Rodiís and runs into Natalie with Bree in the park.  He asks to hold her and tells her he's her uncle.  He is upset because so many people are in trouble (Todd, Blair, and Jessica).  He feels he is responsible if Todd is dead.  Natalie tells him to stop beating himself up and he did the right thing by giving the police the letter from Spencer.  Miles confides in Natalie that he lied about a date to make Marty jealous.  Natalie offers to make an honest man out of him by offering to go out with him and he takes her up on it.  She agrees to meet him at Rodiís after dropping off Bree.

Viki and Clint are dining at the Palace Hotel.  Clint makes Viki feel guilty for eating her food while he picks at his.  She tells him she was hungry and if he doesn't eat or sleep he could have a stroke.  They start arguing about how they should act regarding Jessica's illness when Dorian comes to their table.  Clint informs her they are waiting for results of Jessica's liver biopsy and asks her to join them.  Viki decides to move to her own table and tells Clint she's sorry she ate her dinner (sarcastically).  Peter, an associate of Dorian, comes to their table and she introduces him to Clint.  They were co-chairs of a fundraiser together.  Clint acts jealous.  Peter then excuses himself and goes to Viki's table to chat and he offers to buy her a drink.  Clint groans to Dorian that Viki should admit her true feelings about Jessica's condition.  He's mad because she's so optimistic and he's not but he is worried.  Peter offers Viki tea or coffee instead when she declines his drink offer.  He offers his special tea at his home.  Viki tells him about Jessica and says she needs to leave.  Peter offers to walk her to her car.  Dorian sees this and smiles.  Clint asks where Viki went and Dorian is only to glad to tell him she left with Peter.  Dorian invites him home, but he declines.

Marty sees Spencer's open file on John's desk showing the scissors that killed him and blood samples.  She has a flashback of clean scissors and other instruments on a blue cloth in a hospital room.  John comes into his office and wants to know why she's there.  She starts acting strange.  John wants to know if she is okay and then she almost faints in his arms.  She says she is having a panic attack and John asks if she's eaten anything.  She hasn't so John takes her to Rodiís for a burger.  

Natalie and Miles are also at Rodiís having dinner.  Miles wants to know if it's alright that he pay for dinner, as a friend once told him you can't buy friends.  Natalie wants to know if Marty told him that and says there is nothing wrong with him paying.  John and Marty walk in and spot Natalie and Miles together.  Miles is not happy about seeing Marty with John nor is Natalie.  Natalie suggests making them jealous and she and Miles kiss.  Marty looks on shocked and John is not happy.

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