OLTL Update Friday 5/11/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/11/07


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Marty is at home and Miles comes over with flowers and chicken soup.  He went to her office and they told him Marty was at home, so he assumed she was ill and brought her soup.  She stayed home to work after what happened at the school and he inquires if she's okay.  She tells him that she's having a hard time dealing with everything that happened.  He asks her who therapists see when they need help and she replies there is a therapist hot line.  She comments that he looks nice all dressed up and he thanks her and informs her he is going on a date.  He just stopped by to make sure she and Cole were all right.  Marty asks him to show the police the letter from Spencer that he gave to Todd.  Miles wonders if Spencer may have used him to set a trap for Todd.  Marty doesn't think so.  Miles leaves and she tells him to have fun on his date.  Miles has a sly smile on his face outside her door. 

Bo gives John a copy of the letter from One Pure People and asks him to review the letter.  He notices John has a cassette in his hand and asks him about it.  John tells him it was found at the scene where Todd disappeared.  Bo feels Todd must really be in trouble as the tape is stomped on.  Miles enters in the middle of their conversation and states that Todd can't be dead or it's his fault.  He then gives Bo the letter that Spencer gave to Todd.  Bo reads the letter out loud as John listens.  The gist of the letter is that Todd doesn't deserve the truth that his son is alive.  Bo and John thank him for bringing in the letter.  Bo wants it analyzed to be sure Spencer wrote it.  John remarks they may need to re-open the Truman case. 

Rex asks Tate and Paula why they were divorced if Tate's not gay.  Tate says it's none of his business, but Rex says it became his business when he started hitting on his girlfriend.  Tate explains that the reason listed for the divorce is fraud because they were married too young.  Rex replies that fraud is for intentionally lying to someone and being married too young is not considered fraud when talking about the reason for divorcing.  Tate asks him if he thinks he's a lawyer now.  Paula explains they were married under false pretenses and he broke his promises to her and cheated on her when he went to play baseball in the major leagues.  Rex comments the divorce should have been for infidelity, then.  Tate informs Rex he didn't fight the reason for the divorce, as he was busy with his career and just wanted to end the marriage.  Paula threatens to press charges against Rex if he comes near her again.  Adriana asks Rex if he's satisfied now.  Rex remarks that Tate made a fool out of him on television and Adriana remarks he got back at Tate on television, too.  Rex still thinks Tate and Paula are lying.  Adriana assures Rex she loves him, but he has to trust her.  Rex agrees to announce publicly that Tate is not gay, but Tate refuses his help.  He feels if he protests being gay, the gay community would not take it well and would think he was ashamed if he were gay.  His publicist is issuing a statement for him.  Adriana and Tate leave together and she tells Tate she hopes Rex is sorry.  She says that he is acting like the old Rex who didn't trust anyone, but she still loves him. 

Bo runs into Rex and he asks for his help with Adriana.  Bo asks him if he trusts her and to be honest with her like he's advised him before.  He feels Rex has good instincts and should follow his instincts.

Michael informs Jessica and her family that Bree's test was negative.  Antonio wants to know if there is any good news about Jessica.  Michael informs him they need to do a liver biopsy and it can be done in her room with minimal risk.  Bree is hungry and Nash leaves to feed her, followed by everyone else, except Viki.  Viki lets Jessica know none of this is her fault and that Tess did this.  Jessica feels guilty because she couldn't stop Tess and she's hurting everyone.  Viki wants her to concentrate on getting better.  She lets her know she should be going home soon.

Clint talks to Nash in the hallway.  He remarks how beautiful Bree is.  Nash says he knows Clint wishes she was Antonio's daughter.  Clint replies it's not important what he wants.  What is important is to support Jessica in what she wants.  Clint asks to hold Bree.  Viki and Natalie come over and join them and Viki starts to cry.  Natalie comforts her and asks why she's crying again.  She tells her the test on Jessica will determine if her liver has been attacked and the worst-case scenario would be liver cancer.  Antonio comes up to Nash and Nash tells him he does not want to fight.  Antonio lets him know he came to thank him for saving Tess and Jessica, but doesn't want him around when Jessica gets better.  Nash informs him he can't make the ground rules.  Jessica is his wife not his possession.  Talia walks up and tells Nash he thinks too much about himself.  He wants to know who she is.  She informs him she's Antonio's friend and has his back.

Natalie thinks Nash is the enemy.  Clint calls her on this.  Natalie asks Nashs permission to take Bree to the park.  Natalie is talking to Bree, telling her how much she wanted a baby with dark hair and blue eyes that would be named Johnny.  John spots Natalie in the park with Bree.

Miles runs into Jordan at the Palace Hotel and asks her to his room to talk.  He informs her he lied to someone and feels bad and offers to pay her to listen.  She refuses his money.  He informs her he played hard to get and let Marty think he had a date when he didn't.  Jordan suggests he let her be his date and let Marty see them together.  Miles refuses, as he doesn't want to lie anymore.  Jordan leaves and Miles says out loud, I told more than one lie today, Marty.  Miles wonders if he did the right thing.

Marty is dropping off a case file at the police station and runs into John.  He wants to know what she knows about Miles.  John feels he's a lurker and should not be trusted.  She wants to know why he doesn't trust Miles and he tells her about the letter. 

Talia runs into Antonio and asks how Bree is.  He tells her she is okay and asks her if she still has contacts in New York City.  He wants to track down the guy who gave Jessica (Tess) heroin.  Talia remarks that its an impossible task and he needs to let it go.  They can't possibly search every bar in New York.  Antonio doesn't want this guy to infect others.  Talia says they can't do much without a name. 

Michael informs Clint and Viki the test went okay.  Jessica is asleep in her room and says "I love you" out loud.  Antonio is there holding her hand and tells her he loves her too.  Michael suggests they all go home to get some rest and eat, as Jessica needs her rest, too.  Clint asks Viki to go get a bite to eat with him.  Nash and Jessica throw kisses to each other through the window of her room. 

Marty goes to John's office and it's dark.  She looks on his desk and sees Spencer's file is open and is not pleased about something she sees in the file.

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