OLTL Update Thursday 5/10/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/10/07


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John and Bo are at the high school trying to figure a way to keep the media away.  Marty comes over to John telling him they need to find a way to advise the students what happened.  John asks her how Cole is doing and she replies he is okay.  Starr and Langston discuss how they miss Henry and that his bike is still in the bike rack.  Marty asks Bo if he is ready for all of this.  He tells her Britney's parents and Henry's are already threatening the principal.  He also informs her Blair returned to Chicago.

Cole runs into Britney and asks her how she's doing.  She replies, sarcastically, spectacular--everyone hates her, Henry died, and she's blamed.  She feels she couldn't help the fact Henry took pills or drove the car just because he was in love with her.  Cole replies that she treated Henry like dirt.  Bo comes over to see how Britney is doing.  She replies that she was a popular cheerleader and is now considered the slut who killed Henry.  Cole locates Starr and asks if she wants to leave with him.  She replies, “What are you a Martian?  Can't you ever hear what I say?"  She tells him that she can't be with him or talk to him and it hurts every time he comes around.  Cole responds by telling her he loves her.

Dorian comes to the school to check on Starr in Blair's absence.  Starr informs her she has to go to grief counseling with the rest of the school.  Britney's parents arrive and go up to Dorian (she knows them from social circles) and ask for her help and support in suing the school.  Britney tries to say her piece, but her parents hush her up.  Dorian refuses to help and states the school needs money to educate their kids not line their pockets.

Marcie apologizes to Marty for Henry flying under her radar.  She feels she should have seen the signs, as she was like Henry in high school and didn't fit in.  Marty assures her that no one person is to blame for what happened.  Langston confides in Marcie that she knew what was going on with Henry and Britney and didn't say anything.  Marcie tells her its okay.

Rex is asleep on the couch in Adriana's apartment when Adriana comes in the room and wakes him up to tell him to get out.  Rex replies, "I guess you don't buy the bad PR philosophy."  Adriana throws stuff at him.  Adriana remarks you outed Tate just because you hate him.  The phone rings and it's Tate on the other line asking Adriana to meet him at the coffee shop to tell her the truth. 

Tate is at the coffee shop with a hat and sunglasses on.  Someone comes in and takes off Tate's sunglasses from behind and he remarks, "I'm glad you came."

Rex follows Adriana to the coffee shop.  Tate informs Rex he messed up his life and he might lose his job as a sportscaster due to the morals clause.  Tate then introduces his ex-wife Paula to Adriana and she tells them that Tate is not gay.  Rex is shocked.  Paula says that she was not his beard and Rex wants Tate to prove he's not gay.  Tate tells him he does not care about him, but doesn't want this issue to hurt Adriana's business.  Paula offers to sign a statement that their divorce was not due to Tate being gay.  Rex wonders if a retraction will help Adriana.  He asks Tate if he's not gay, then why the divorce.  Adriana wants the public to know that a person's personal life is his business.  She is furious with Rex. 

Antonio is at the coffee shop talking with Carlotta.  He informs her Jessica wants to go home to care for Bree.  Antonio asks his mom if he's being tested.  She replies that life is a test and God speaks to us through our conscience.  She advises him to go to Jessica and the girls without fear on his face, as they need his love, hope, and faith.  He thanks her for the advice. 

Roxy lets Nash and Bree stay at the Angels Square Hotel overnight.  Marcie goes into the reception area and meets Nash, Bree, and Roxy.  Roxy remarks on the bling (jewelry) she's wearing and she tells them it was a gift from Michael and reminds them it's Mother's day on Sunday. 

Clint returns from his business trip to see Jessica.  Viki is crying in the hallway when Natalie arrives.  Jessica tells her father she made a big mistake that her daughter may have to pay for.  Jessica asks him to round up her loved ones, including Nash, as she has something to say she wants them all to hear.  Viki informs Natalie that Jessica needs them now more than ever.  Natalie tells her it’s okay to be scared and crying is not a sign of weakness.  Viki blames herself for Jessica having dual personalities and what Tess has done to Jessica's life.  She feels she allowed Nikki to take little Jessie to bars and she was raped and it's all her fault.  Natalie tells her it isn't and hugs her.  Clint wonders if it's a good idea to include Nash.  She tells him he is Bree's dad, and he needs someone to be in his corner, although she doesn't want Clint to take sides.  Clint calls Nash and puts Jessica on the phone and she asks him to come to see her.  Dorian calls Clint from the school advising him of what happened and offers her support to him.  Everyone is gathered in Jessica's room when Nash enters with Bree.  Antonio and Natalie are not pleased by this.  Clint remarks that Jessica asked Nash to be there.  Nash informs them Michael will be in shortly with test results.  Jessica informs her family they need to know some things.  She starts to tell them that Tess used heroin, but she corrects herself and admits that she used the drug.  She tells them how the guy she was with took a needle from his belt and put it in his arm then gave it to her.  She only did it once, but Tess is all about feeling good.  Now her life is threatened, and she is sorry.  Michael comes in the room and before he can say anything, Nash asks if his daughter has Hepatitis C. 

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