OLTL Update Tuesday 5/8/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/8/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Natalie is in Jessica's hospital room stroking her hair and Jessica remarks her whole body aches.  She states it is her fault, as Tess always had to have the last word.  Michael advises her Bree has to get tested too, but the odds of her contracting hepatitis are low.  Jessica moans that Bree is such a sweet innocent baby and wonders how she did this to her.  Michael asks if she has any questions.  She just wants him to say a prayer for Bree during the tests.  Antonio calls Natalie out of the room to let her know he okayed a visit from Nash.  She tells Antonio that she hope that he knows what the hell he is doing.  

Nash is in the hospital chapel praying to God and saying out loud he can't leave Jessica and not to punish Jessica for loving him.  Antonio walks in the chapel and Nash tells him he is praying for Jessica.  Antonio remarks they all are and they just found out she has hepatitis C.  He advises hepatitis C is serious, as it attacks the liver and can be fatal.  They don't know how she got it.  The virus is carried in the blood.  Antonio asks Nash what kind of drugs he and Tess took and if they shared a needle.  Nash doesn't answer right away, and Antonio demands he answer the question.  Nash responds they didn't shoot up and he knows Antonio is mad at him, but is not taking any blame.  Antonio tells him they have other problems right now, as the disease may have been given to a unborn child, so there is a possibility Bree could have it as well.  Antonio tells him Vikki took Bree to the hospital for the tests.  Nash wants to see Jessica.  Antonio tells him that Tess gave birth to Bree not Jessica and Jessica is his wife.  Nash says he has to be allowed to see Jessica and has a right to see Bree, as she's his daughter.  Antonio relents, but asks Nash not to stress Jessica out.  Nash goes in the room, but she is sleeping.  She wakes up and they hug.  He tells her he is not going anywhere.  She says she'll tell Antonio about them when she gets better.

Rex and Adrianna are at Ultra Violet and he tells her he has a big surprise planned for that evening.  She wants to know what kind of surprise and she isn't big on surprises after what Tate pulled on “The View.”  She tells him she does not like his surprises.  Rex refuses to let her in on what the surprise is.  She tells him she can keep a secret, as she's kept the secret about Todd's baby.  Rex informs her Todd could be dead and if so, that could mean trouble.  Rex asks her to trust him and wants her to be blown away by the surprise.  She excuses herself to the ladies room.  When she returns she tells Rex she called the college about his surprise and he inquires as to what they told her.  She knows all about the fundraiser for AIDS at UV.

She is shocked he is so compassionate and thinks his surprise is wonderful.  They go back to her apartment and Tate comes over for an appointment with Adrianna.  Rex tells him they are doing a TV broadcast from his club and he should come.  He declines due to prior commitments.  Rex tells Adrianna to be sure to watch the show and to tape it for later viewing.  Rex loudly asks where he put his jacket and adds that it must be in the closet.  He stresses his statement loudly and in Tate's face.

Bo calls John and informs him of the car accident outside of the school involving Starr, Cole, Britney, and Henry.  John relays this information to Blair and Marty who are at the police station with him.  Starr rushes into the school and rushes over and hugs Bo and tells him she needs to call her mom.  Bo advises her all of their parents have been notified of the accident.  Britney and Cole walk in just then, but Henry is not with them.  Langston rushes over to Starr and hugs her.  Starr asks Bo where Henry is and he sadly tells them that Henry died.  He was not wearing a seat belt and was thrown from the car.  Starr wants to know why they are all okay and Henry had to die.  Blair and Marty walk in.  Marcie doesn't understand what happened, since Henry was a good kid wonders why he took the car.  Starr tells her to ask Britney.

Langston tells them Britney is the reason Henry died.  Starr and Cole tell the group Henry had taken pills and hadn't slept for two weeks and was having pain in his chest and arm.  John remarks he probably overdosed and had a heart attack that led to his death.  Starr explains how they got in the car, as Britney was trying to get Henry to do her paper.  Starr tells Marcie that Henry was doing Britney's schoolwork all year long.  Marcie is in shock.

Britney is led away to be questioned.  Starr mentions to Blair that Cole is a hero because he talked Henry into driving back to the school.  John goes up to Cole to see how he is doing.  He confides in John that Henry talked to him, as they had drug use in common.  John tells him his dad believed in fate and Cole went through what he did to be there to try to help Henry.  Marty looks on and is touched by John's handling of Cole.  Britney comes back in the room and is worried about everyone at school finding out what happened.  Starr says she'll make sure everyone knows what she did to poor Henry.

Miles goes to the school to see if Marty and Cole are okay.  He offers to take them home, but Cole says he would rather go with John.  Bo asks John about Todd.  Starr asks Blair where her dad is and if he knows what happened.  John informs her that her dad is still in Chicago.  Blair lets her know her dad is missing, but she didn't want to tell her in light of what happened to her.  Britney's mom comes in acting like a witch and threatens to sue the school and the police department. 

Roxy comes dancing into Ultra Violet and remarks to Rex about all the hotties in the room.  Rex tells her they aren't her type, as they are gay and this night is for gay AIDS awareness and he tells her that Tate is gay.  Roxy wants to know how he came by this information.  He informs her that his ex-wife spilled the beans and he is not going to let him use Adrianna for his image.  Adrianna is watching Tate on his sports broadcast as a program featuring Rex's fundraiser comes on.  Rex is telling the reporter he hopes to attract gay celebrity friends like Tate Harmon.  Adrianna is shocked and yells at the TV, "Are you crazy?"  Tate's female co-anchor turns to him and asks if he is gay.

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