OLTL Update Friday 5/4/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 5/4/07


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Jessica is in her hospital bed dreaming of Nash and calls out his name as Natalie looks on.  Viki and Antonio are outside her room wondering what's wrong with her.  Viki feels they should let Nash know what is going on and Antonio advises her he knows and he kicked him out of the hospital the prior night.  Viki wonders if that was a wise thing to do.  Antonio doesn't want Nash making a scene and feels Nash is the cause of all Jessica's problems.  Viki feels Nash isn't the only reason Jessica is sick.  Natalie and Antonio wonder why Viki is defending Nash.  She tells them it is not Nash's fault Jessica is sick.  They leave and Nash walks in Jessica's room.  Viki tells him it’s not a good idea for him to be there.  She doesn't want him interfering and if Jessica does ask for him she'll tell him, but to remember that Antonio is her husband.  Antonio comes in the room and Viki informs him Nash is leaving.  Michael advises Viki and Antonio he ran a HIV test and the news is not good. 

Nash goes to see Bo and tells him he wants to press charges against Antonio.  Bo advises him Antonio did not do anything illegal and he is Jessica's husband.  Nash replies the only way to keep him away from Jessica is to lock him up.  Bo suggests he get a lawyer or settle with Antonio.  Nash informs Bo to tell Antonio the same thing.  Talia interrupts and tells Bo he's needed in the squad room.  Talia informs him they got a response from One Pure People in the form of a letter.  Bo calls Antonio and inquiries about Jessica's illness and advises him they got a letter from the arsonists and says he wants to read some of the letter to him.  Bo puts on the speakerphone with Talia at his side.  Bo asks them both if anything jumps out at them.  They both remark it seems they are after Bo now  and an educated person wrote the letter.

Starr and Langston notice a picture and a loser sign on Henry's locker.  They are discussing this when Henry walks up to his locker.  Henry tells them Britney didn't put the photo there or write those words.  They think he's lost his mind.  Henry tells them to leave him alone and they leave.  Heather comes up and asks to talk to Henry for Britney.  Britney, in the meantime, has cornered Starr in a locked classroom to talk.  Langston and Cole also talk and she tells him Starr cares a lot about him, but is stubborn.  Cole says, “Why does her dad have to be Todd?”

Heather informs Henry, Britney wants the photo she gave him of herself back so she can give it to Garrett.  Starr doesn't want to talk to Britney.  Britney informs her that friends share secrets and wants to call a truce.  Starr isn't interested and tells her we are not friends.  Langston tells Henry not to take Britney's crap and not to let her get away with it.  Starr remarks to Britney that she sees how she treats her friends.  Britney replies that she treats Cole like crap.  Starr denies this and replies she never led Cole on.  Britney says that everyone knows she dumped Cole at Heather's party.  Cole walks up and tells Starr not to listen to Britney, as she's full of crap.  Henry gets in the drivers ed car and pops some pills.  Britney gets in the car and asks him for help with a paper and he informs her to forget it after the way she's treated him.  Starr states this is enough and goes up to the car window and gets in Britney's face telling her to get out of the car right now.  Henry yells at them all to leave him alone.  Henry says out loud he has to get the hell out of there and Starr climbs in the back seat and Henry drives off with Britney and Starr in the car.

Blair is at the police precinct and asks detective Morris if there is any news on Todd.  He tells her when he has something to tell her, he will and to stop bothering him.  John arrives at the precinct and informs her he'll help if Todd actually wants to be found.  John speaks with the detective and advises him Todd is a suspect in the murder of Spencer Truman and needs to be found.  Blair interrupts them again stating that Mrs. Bromley (from adoption agency) is the one that sent Todd to the crack den apartments.  Detective Morris is losing patience with Blair and John tells him he'll have a talk with Blair.  Mrs. Bromley comes to the station and is questioned.  She lies and says she only saw Todd once at the police station.  John can tell she is lying.  John confronts her and wants to know why she has a pen from Todd's hotel.  He asks her if she has an alibi for the time Todd went missing.  Blair loses it and threatens to kill her.  Dorian advises Blair to stop it and explains to everyone that she is overwrought.  John takes Blair aside and tells her nice going.  They both agree Mrs. Bromley is lying because she has something to hide.  John asks her not to yell at the witness.

Adrianna is watching a tape of “The View” with Tate's interview.  Rex walks in the room and wants to know if Adrianna is going to fall for a guy who calls himself "The Tate."  The doorbell rings and it’s Tate.  Rex calls him a tater tot and Tate is not amused.  Rex is reading The Sun and gets in Tate's face informing him everyone has secrets.  Tate wants to know what Rex thinks he's hiding.  Rex says augmentation of underwear photo and he should wear one sock instead of two.  He then asks Tate what if the public finds out he and Adrianna are not a couple.  Adrianna and Tate leave for an AIDS Benefit and Tate thanks Rex for the compliment (tater tot).  Rex calls Sandy (Tate's ex-wife) and suggests she send her camera crew to the AIDS Benefit where Adrianna and Tate are.  Rex informs her he can see the lead-in story now with photo of Tate in "The Sun" newspaper and the question: Pitcher or Catcher.

When Marcie oversleeps, Michael tells her he called in sick for her for the morning.  He surprises her with champagne and breakfast in bed for their one-year anniversary.  Michael reads a love letter he wrote to her and apologizes for the way he's been acting and tells her all is well now.  Marcie leaves to go post parts for the play and prepare for a test.

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