OLTL Update Thursday 5/3/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/3/07


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Dorian is with Blair at the tenement apartments when the detective arrives and notifies Blair the blood found matches Todd's DNA, and he is opening an investigative case.  The detective offers Dorian help 24/7.  Blair wonders out loud who would set Todd up and remarks she thinks she knows, as Dorian looks on puzzled.  Dorian asks her who would hurt Todd and Blair tells her Spencer Truman.  Dorian states that Spencer is dead and can't hurt anyone although she does believe that something has happened to Todd that was not Spencer's doing.  Dorian suggests they go somewhere to eat, but Blair isn't hungry.  Dorian doesn't want Blair to be alone, but she tells her she won't be since John is coming.

Layla and Evangeline are at Roadies and Layla wants to know if Evangeline took the pregnancy test and if she is pregnant.  Nash comes over and asks them if they've seen Jessica.  They tell him they haven't seen her and Layla suggests that she and Antonio may have gone out of town.  Layla and Evangeline resume their talk about the pregnancy test and Evangeline informs her she is not pregnant.  Layla wants to know if this is good news and if they should celebrate with a drink.  Evangeline doesn't look too happy about the results.  She wanted to be pregnant, but had conflicting feelings.  Layla informs her she'll be a great mother someday.  Evangeline feels let down, as she wanted to have Cristian's child.  Evangeline is irritated when Layla reminds her that they used to fight a lot.  Layla starts to leave but sits back down and says she won't say a word, but if she wants to be a mom then she should do it.  Evangeline then gets a call from Blair asking if she's heard from Todd because he is missing.  She asks her to contact her if she hears from him.  Evangeline tells Layla Todd is missing.  Layla reminds Evangeline Todd is the reason her relationship with Cristian failed, as he was jealous of Todd and maybe it's a good thing she's not pregnant by Cristian.  Layla tells her she has time to be a mother and God is looking out for her.  She tells her to take care of herself and the big stuff in life will fall into place.

Antonio wants to know what's taking so long with Jessica's test results.  Jessica wakes up and Antonio, Viki, and Natalie are in the room.  Antonio wants to know how she feels and she replies tired and achy.  She asks him what the time is (1:00 in afternoon) and wants to know where Jamie and Bree are.  Antonio gets a call from R.J. and leaves the room and Viki leaves as well.  When they are alone, Natalie asks her what is going on with her and Nash.  She wants to know if Jessica has feelings for Nash.  She denies her feelings and states Nash is Bree's father and is a part of their life.  Jessica wants to know if Nash is aware she is in the hospital.  Natalie advises her not to let Nash mess up her marriage.  Viki comes back in the room and tells her to hang in there she'll be home soon.  Nash goes up to her room and peeks in through the window panel.  Antonio asks him what his is doing at the hospital.  Jessica falls asleep and Viki asks Natalie what they talked about.  Natalie responds just this and that.  Viki feels the stress of the Nash situation is one of the reasons Jessica collapsed.  Antonio calls security and advises the security guard Nash is harassing his wife.  The guard pulls Nash away and he yells Jessica's name.  She wakes up and mumbles "Nash," as Viki and Natalie look on. Natalie runs into Miles at the hospital and informs him Jessica is sick.  He wants to go see her, but Natalie tells him her room is already too crowded.

John goes to see Marty at her office to talk about Cole.  She wants to know if Cole is in trouble again.  He tells her, off the record, they were talking at the gun firing range.  Cole told him his father was a pacifist.  Marty is glad John is reaching out to Cole.  Blair calls John to let him know Todd is missing and asks for his help since she doesn't have much faith in the Chicago police.  John agrees to go to Chicago to help her.  John is on his way out when Miles knocks at Marty's office door.  Miles apologizes for the interruption, but says itís an emergency.  Miles tells her Todd is missing.  Marty says that John told her and asks why he cares.  He tells her he feels responsible.  Marty rubs his shoulder as she tells him trouble finds Todd and it's not his fault. 

Starr and Langston are in the park discussing why Britney is so mean to Henry.  Henry is at home on his computer writing a personal blog about Britney and his plans for their lives together.  Starr and Langston tell Cole how mean Britney was to Henry.  Britney walks up to them and Cole tells her her mouth should be wired shut.  Henry then comes up to the group and tells Britney he has something for her thatís going to hurt.  He pulls out a jewelry box with pink floral earrings inside.  He tells her they may hurt because they are clip on earrings.  She tells him they're ugly and asks if he thinks she is his grandma.  She leaves and goes over to two girls on the swings that are laughing and making fun of Henry.  Henry says out loud that he may be a loser.  Starr, Langston, and Cole tell him he's not and they like him.  Starr tells him Britney is just a bitch.  Henry knocks over a garbage can and leaves.  Cole goes to look for him but fails to locate him.  Starr calls Henry's cell phone and leaves a message to call her.  Henry is in his room holding the earrings in his hand and squeezes them hard enough to make himself bleed.  Henry writes on his blog that he is not a 4.0 student for nothing while he stares at Britney's photo on the computer.  He writes he'll be rich one day and can support her in the way she should be, not like those dumb jocks.

Nash asks the bartender at Roadies if he's seen Jessica, but he hasn't.  He asks the bartender to ask other customers.  The bartender tells Nash to give it up, he's been stood up.  Miles walks into Roadies and overhears Nash and asks him if he's talking about Jessica Vega.  He informs Nash Jessica is in the hospital.

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