OLTL Update Wednesday 5/2/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/2/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex comes to Adriana’s apartment Layla answers the door. Layla questions him about The View. Rex says he’s cool then the TV comes on with Tate’s performance on the View and Layla asks if he is okay. Rex says he’s about to make his pitch. Adriana comes in and gives Rex a hug. Rex doesn’t look happy

Star and Langston are in the park talking about Cole.

John is at the firing range cleaning his gun as Cole comes in to thank him for the letter. He made the baseball team.

Miles talks to Jordan on the phone. She tells him he is one of a kind. Miles asks what made it more enjoyable. She’s says he was charming and in the present and a very quick learner. He says she’s a very good teacher.

Blair and the Detective are in the crack house where Todd disappeared. Blair yells at him to find Todd. The Detective says nothing is definite yet. Blair argues with him. He tells her to go back to her hotel. Blair refuses to leave until she hears from Todd.

Rex does not look happy. Adriana says she lost her phone and can’t find it. Rex is mad and she says they can spend the whole day together so she can explain. Adriana wants to tell him everything. Rex says he already knows. Rex says what bugs him is what Adriana didn’t do.

Cole thanks John for helping his mother the other night during Patrick’s birthday. They discuss their fathers. John shows him his father’s service revolver. Cole hates guns because his father did. John asks what else he wants.

Miles talks to Jordan. He tells her about the woman he is in love with and if he spends more time with her it would be like cheating. Jordan tells him that if he ever needs her to just call. Miles says he’ll never forget her and hangs up. He knocks on Marty’s door. He asks to talk to her for a minute.

Blair and the Detective discuss the crack house and that Blair should leave. She says she won’t leave without Todd. Dorian comes in to take her home and again she refuses to leave.

Cole asks John about Starr. He says seeing her everyday is driving him crazy. He can’t stop thinking about her. John commiserates. He warns Cole about Todd and Cole says he’s not afraid of Todd. Cole says Starr is trying to protect him from Todd. John says that’s what women do when they love a man. Cole asks if that means Starr still loves him.

Starr and Langston are in the park talking about Cole. Starr says she needs to get over him. Starr calls her mother. Blair answers and Starr asks about the baby. Starr asks to talk to Todd and Blair says Todd went for coffee. They say goodbye. Dorian tells Blair she needs to come home because the kids need her. Blair says Todd needs her more.

Rex confronts Adriana about not denying Tate’s claim that she was his woman. Adriana says she froze and she’s sorry. There is a knock at the door and it’s Tate with coffee. Rex moves to get Tate and Adriana steps between them. Tate says he came to make sure they were alright. Rex says he has a meeting with no one Adriana knows. Gives her a long kiss, they say they love each other and Rex leaves. Outside their door, Rex smiles.

Dorian tries to reason with Blair. She says she knows Todd left the photo for her to find. She yells at the Detective and he goes to check the DNA on the blood. Blair tells Dorian what happened with the adoption woman. Blair goes out and asks if the detective called the Adoption lady.

Henry comes in to the park looking for Britney. Some other guy comes up and says something about the history paper and the party last night. Henry discusses Britney with Starr and Langston. They advise him to forget Britney. Britney walks up. Starr and Langston leave. Britney asks Henry what he wants and Henry says he has something for her while Langston and Starr spy on them from behind some bushes.

Cole talks to John about Starr and how she is sending mixed signals.

Marty asks Miles what he has to tell him and Miles says he was with a woman last night.

Adriana, Layla and Tate talk. Tate says he feels horrible. Adriana says it’s called lying. He apologizes. Layla blasts him for what he did to Adriana on The View. Adriana says it wasn’t exactly bad for the company but she makes it clear nothing like this is to ever happen again or he’s fired.

Rex talks to Tate’s ex-wife. She says she was expecting to hear from someone after seeing Tate on The View. The ex-wife tells Rex she has nothing for him.

Henry gives Britney the history paper. He apologizes. Britney blasts him and says girls like her don’t slum with dweebs like him and leaves. Henry is crushed. Starr and Langston come out and tell him Britney is a jerk. Henry says it was great when Britney was paying attention to him and now he’s back to being invisible. Starr and Langston try to tell him it’s not true. Henry storms off.

John is firing his gun while Cole watches. Cole is impressed by John’s marksmanship. John lectures him on proper use of a gun. Cole talks about the anger from his steroid use and how much is scared him. John understands. Cole thanks him and leaves.

Marty and Miles talk about Miles time with a woman. He tells her it was wonderful. Miles says he learned he could meet women now. Marty is proud of him. Miles says he’s kind of proud of himself.

Back at the crack house the Detective says no one at the adoption agency talked to them and Blair says the woman is lying. Dorian tells her to leave it to the police. Blair tells Dorian to go home and Dorian refuses to leave.

Marty and Miles talk about last night and Marty tells him to call her again if she made him feel that good. Miles says it’s complicated. Miles apologizes for coming on strong to Marty. She apologizes if she sent mixed signals. Miles asks her to dinner tonight but Marty says she has plans with Cole. Miles leaves. Outside he calls Jordan.

Layla offers to walk Tate out. Tate says he wants to finish his coffee and Adriana tells her it’s okay to leave them alone. Tate sits on the couch and pretends to find her cell phone in the couch. Adriana says they have to clear the air. Adriana asks for an explanation of his behavior on The View. Tate says he never meant to cause problems with her and Rex but the more he thinks about what he did the more he’s not sorry he did it.

Rex talks to the ex-wife and they discuss Tate. The ex-wife says they got married young and they wanted two different things in life. Rex asks her a few questions. She says something about rumors and Rex presses her for answers.

Blair apologizes to Dorian but says she could use her help. Blair turns to blast the detective again when his phone rings. He turns to Blair and says they have the DNA on the blood stains.

Tate’s ex-wife says her friends warned her Tate was not the marrying kind. If Adriana is involved with Tate she's in for a world of hurt. Rex asks what were the grounds for divorce. She says it was fraud and leaves. Rex smiles and says he should have known, Tate is gay.

Adriana and Tate argue about the results of Tate’s stunt. Tate tries to reason it out and Adriana is speechless. Tate leaves.

Britney waves the history paper Henry gave her and boosts to her friends that it was so easy as Starr and Langston walk by. Langston says someone should give that bitch what she deserves.

Miles talks to Jordan but ducks down the hall when he hears John coming. John knocks on Marty’s door and asks to talk to her. Miles spies from around the corner.

The detective tells Blair and Dorian the blood was Todd’s.

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