OLTL Update Tuesday 5/1/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/1/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Dorian brings Adrianna a treat from the bakery.  Adrianna asks her if she saw “The View.”  Dorian replies everyone did.  Adrianna informs her Tate is delusional.  She is worried as she hasn't seen Rex since the broadcast and he's not returning her calls.  Dorian advises her not to protest too much, as it makes her look guilty.  She has done nothing wrong to forgive.  Adrianna informs her Tate did all those things on the show himself.  She does admit, however, that Tate kissed her two times.  Dorian wonders if there will be a third time.  She tells her the first kiss was to get rid of a pesky fan and the second was for confidence.  She explains she can't fire him, since business has skyrocketed due to his TV appearance.  She wants to know what Dorian would do in her situation.  Dorian advises her to be honest and tell Tate to stop his antics and let Rex know nothing is going on.  Dorian asks Adrianna if she is being honest with herself and not giving Tate mixed signals.  Adrianna wants to know who stole her mother and replaced her with Oprah.  She remarks Clint did this to her. 

Rex is at Roadies trying to dig up dirt on the Internet about Tate.  Michael comes in, sees Rex, and saunters over asking him why he hasn't heard from him.  Rex was supposed to keep him abreast of the situation with Todd and Blair in Chicago.  Rex advises him not to worry as he took care of the situation.  Rex informs Michael that Todd and Blair were kicked out of Chicago and all roads lead to a death certificate.

Rex is still trying to find some dirt on Tate and can't find anything bad to use against him.  Roxy tells him maybe he's looking in the wrong places.  She wants to know why Rex didn't tell her he and Adrianna were splitsville.  He tells her they aren't.  She got the wrong impression from watching “The View.”  Roxy informs Rex she's dated baseball players and they like to talk about their sex lives in the locker room.  Maybe Tate tried to pick up on one of his teammate’s girlfriends.  Rex finds 300 players on various teams Tate played on listed.  He finds Tate's stats and personal information indicating he's married. 

Blair is calling Todd's name into the phone.  Todd had picked up phone and faintly cried for help.  Blair calls the adoption agency and asks for the secretary (Mrs. Bromley).  They inform her there is no Mrs. Bromley there.  Blair notices a notepad by the hotel phone.  She scratches the notepad with a pencil to reveal what Todd wrote down.  She gets the address off the notepad and leaves.  Blair goes to the apartments where Todd went and is bending down looking at blood when a gun is pointed at her and she is told to get up slowly.  She gets up and finds that a police officer followed her to the location.  The detective who told her to leave town comes up behind them and wants to know why she's still in Chicago.  She explains she couldn't leave without Todd and there is blood on the ground and the blood will be on his hands if he doesn't do something.  She tells him about Mrs. Bromley and he agrees to run a test on the blood to see if it’s Todd's DNA.  He'll get a hair strand from Todd's hairbrush.  He demands she go back to the hotel.  She sneaks back on the scene when the officer and detective leave.  The detective tells the officer it’s probably blood from a junkie.  Blair is talking out loud to herself and wants to know why Todd hung up on her and says he's probably back at the hotel.  She then finds a piece of his clothing that has blood on it and says out loud, “Where are you, Todd?”

Nash is dressed up in a white suit waiting for Jessica at Roadies.  Vincent comes over to him asking if things had changed between Nash and his lady since he looks happy.  He reminds Nash that the last time they spoke the lady wasn't available.  Nash informs him things have changed since then.  Nash asks Vincent if he's made a play for the lady he likes now that she is available.  He replies not right now, as she's in a lot of pain.  Vincent asks Nash what he intends to do if his lady doesn't show up at midnight as planned.  They talk about the arsonist and Nash says he's impressed by how Vincent handled himself at the press conference. Vincent is leaving and tells Nash he hopes his lady shows up and Nash replies that she will.

Jessica is telling Antonio that Nash found her at the Quarry after he located her car.  She starts to feel dizzy and nauseous while she is talking to Antonio.  Jessica is explaining why Nash was at the Quarry and Antonio interrupts stating that Nash has feelings for her and is trying to act on them.  Jessica starts again to tell him what really happened and faints in his arms.  He calls for help.  Michael rushes Jessica to a room asking Antonio about her health recently.  He advises Antonio he's running some tests.  Jessica wakes up and asks Antonio what happened to her.  Michael is going to do a MRI test on Jessica.  Antonio is at her bedside and whispers, “Don't leave me.  I need you.”  Jessica then remarks it's after midnight and she needs to go.

Natalie goes to see Viki and when she enters the kitchen, sees her holding a red rose.  She assumes the flowers were sent by Clint to Viki.  Viki tells her the roses are for her and she should read the card.  Natalie reads the card that says - "it's never too late to be what you want to be."  The flowers are from Vincent.  Viki wants to know if the new Natalie is interested in Vincent.  Blair phones Viki looking for Todd.  She informs her she hasn't seen or heard from him and asks if they've found out anything about his son.  Blair tells her they are still working on it.  Viki tells Natalie that Blair can't find Todd.  Natalie remarks that when one pushes, the other pushes away, just like her and John.  Viki is concerned that Asa will try to manipulate Natalie when she goes to work for him.  Natalie is not going to let that happen.

Natalie asks Viki about Clint and she assures her things are over between them.  Antonio phones Viki to tell her about Jessica.  Natalie and Viki rush over to the hospital.

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