OLTL Update Monday 4/30/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/30/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Evangeline is nervous as she and Cristian wait for the results of the home pregnancy test.  Cristian brings in a timer from her kitchen for the 3-minute wait.  Cristian draws a picture of a man, woman and baby resembling them to pass the time.  The timer goes off and Evangeline remarks if the test is positive, their lives will never be the same.  She wants to be married before having kids.  Cristian tells her they'll work it out if she's pregnant.  Evangeline looks at the test results, with Cristian looking on, and she informs him the test is negative and all this was a big deal for nothing.  Her mind was going 100 mph on what she was going to do about her job, home, and Cristian.  She didn't want to raise the child alone.  Evangeline asks him if he wants to get back together with her.  Just then the phone rings and it's Blair asking her if she's heard from Todd.  Blair tells her Todd left the hotel and she hasn't heard from him and is worried.  Cristian remarks when she gets off the phone, "Is Todd in trouble again?  Perfect timing."  Cristian is upset she is still involved with Todd's problems and asks would she be if she had been pregnant.  Evangeline is irritated by this line of questioning.  She wants to know why he is upset.  He was almost a dad and she still wants him in her life.  He informs her he can't be and departs, leaving Evangeline upset and crying.

Nash and Jessica are on the floor in Todd's office, half dressed with papers all over the floor.  Nash informs Jessica that leaving Antonio is the best thing she can do.  He won't let her fall.  He compares this situation to skydiving when you are falling and are scared to pull the chute, but you do it or risk dying.  Jessica remarks she’d rather jump out of a plane than face Antonio.  She's worried he'll hurt Nash in some way.  They agree to meet at Roadies at midnight after Jessica tells Antonio.  Nash declares his love.

Blair wakes up from her nap and Todd is not there.  She just had a dream she was hugging Todd and blood was all over his back.  Blair calls Todd's cell phone.  He is on the floor and is trying to get to it, but his assailant picks it up and tells him the call is for him.  Blair leaves a message for Todd indicating she is worried and wants to know where he is.  Todd hears a baby crying and crawls injured across the floor strewn with broken glass toward a covered basket.  Todd uncovers the basket to find an old doll and a recorder with a tape of a crying baby.  Blair calls Todd's cell phone again, and he answers and cries out for help.  Blair asks him where he is, as she can't quite hear him. 

Talia takes a gift to Jamie at the hospital.  Antonio tells her he is ready to take Jamie home.  Talia asks Antonio if everything is okay with Jessica, as everyone at the police station knows what happened with the adoption.  She tells him he can unload on her if he'd like, as she knows there's an elephant in the room.  Antonio appreciates her concern, but tells her Jessica is not the problem.  Talia is worried about him as a boss/friend.  He tells her when Jamie is home he'll fix things with Jessica and he has to find a way to get rid of Nash.  Talia is concerned when Antonio speaks of getting rid of Nash.  She doesn't want him led away in handcuffs for a domestic dispute.  He tells her all his problems are because of Nash and he wants him to get a message.  He advises her he can send a message to Nash without hurting him.  Talia replies that love should fix his problem with Nash.  She leaves Jamie's room and runs into Jessica.  She notices a necklace on the floor and hands it to Jessica letting her know she dropped it.  She enters Jamie's room and Antonio sees the necklace he gave her and offers to put it on her.  She tells him she can't wear it anymore.  She has to give everything back and he knows why.  She tells him she was not alone at the Quarry.

Cole again asks Starr to dance.  Langston tells Britney to leave them alone, as she keeps watching them.  Starr agrees to one dance with Britney looking on.  Britney informs Langston Henry is her school slave and Cole is her sex slave.  Langston informs her she'll never get Cole.  Starr and Cole start to kiss and her cell phone rings.  Blair is calling to see if she's heard from Todd and wants her to have a good time.  Cole asks for his kiss.  Starr tells him she shouldn't have come to the party, as she broke her promise to her parents and he has to let her go.  Britney flirts with a guy named Garrett.  Henry calls her on her cell phone to advise her someone e-mailed him a picture of her at the party kissing Garrett, so he has deleted her paper and she'll have to come to his house to work on her paper with him, since she lied to him.  Cole is upset that Starr is rejecting him again. 

Britney tells Henry he is a loser and a skid mark.  Britney figures out it must have been Langston who spilled the beans on her and informs her she is so dead.

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