OLTL Update Friday 4/27/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/27/07


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Cristian follows Evangeline home and demands she take the home pregnancy test.  Evangeline tells him to back off.  Cristian replies that she's not sure who the father is.  Evangeline wants to know if Cristian thinks Todd is the father because he's wrong, as she never slept with Todd.  She tells Cristian to get out and she's not wasting her breath.  Cristian apologizes and informs her he knows she wouldn't lie to him and wants to know what her plans are if she's pregnant.   Cristian admits to Evangeline he really did love her and he'll be a part of the baby's life if she wants him to be.  Evangeline mentions that Todd is with Blair in Chicago as it should be.  Evangeline goes to take the test and asks Cristian what he wants the results to be.   Cristian waits for the results with Evangeline.

Cole attends Heather's 16th Hawaiian themed birthday party.  Starr phones her mom and dad to inform them she is at a birthday party and wants them to know Cole is also there.  She let them know this, so she would not get in trouble if word got back to them.  Blair and Todd tell her they trust her and appreciate her honesty.  Starr asks them if they've found the baby yet.  They advise her they are still looking and will remain in Chicago awhile longer.  Todd remarks to Blair that Cole better not touch Starr or he'll be sorry. Todd gets a tip on his son and leaves without waking Blair or leaving her a note.  She calls out his name in her sleep.  Todd goes to a rundown apartment tenement and hears a baby crying.  He kicks down the door and someone comes up from behind him and hits him over the head.

Natalie runs into John at the hospital.  He is on his way to see Jamie with a stuffed animal.  Natalie sees Nash and wants to know why he's hanging around.  He tells her he is there to see Jamie.  She accuses him of stalking Jessica.  Jamie lets Antonio know she still wants Jessica to be her mommy.  Natalie informs John she quit her job.

Layla is heading to her apartment and finds the door unlocked.  She opens the door and calls out Adrianna's name, but finds Vincent sitting in the front room.  Layla wonders how Vincent got in the security building.  She says that Adrianna forgets to lock the door.  Vincent is worried about her and Evangeline due to the arsonist on the loose.  She is touched by his concern.  Vincent informs her Tate pulled a Tom Cruise on The View. Layla remarks sales are up due to the television broadcast.  She informs Vincent she doesn't need a man like Adrianna does.  He feels she deserves a man and all the men in Llanview are missing a good thing.  He gets up to leave advising her to lock her door and tells her if anything happened to her he doesn't know what he'd do.

Britney gets a call from Henry on her cell phone.  There is background noise and Henry wants to know if she's at a party.  She covers saying the stereo is on.  Henry wants to come to her house, but she lies and tells him she is contagious.  Langston overhears this and is furious at how Britney is treating Henry.  Langston tries to grab the phone from Britney to let Henry know what is going on, but is unsuccessful.  Britney asks Henry to e-mail her paper when he's done.  Langston threatens to tell Marcie, but Britney counters she'll tell Marcie Langston cheated on her mid-term and her friends will go along with what she says.  Langston threatens to kiss Britney in front of everyone if she doesn't leave Starr and Cole alone.  Cole tells Starr he loves her and its killing him staying away.  He asks her to dance with him.  She refuses and tells him its hard for her too, but it has to be this way. Henry calls Britney again to tell her he's finished her paper and he misses her and hopes she is feeling better.  He leaves a message, since Britney doesn't answer her phone.  Langston is upset.  She appears to have a crush on Henry.  Cole and Starr stare at each other across the room.

Antonio and Jessica are in Jamie's room.  Antonio tells Jessica that Jamie doesn't blame her for the accident and hugs her.  Jessica gets a call from the Sun asking her to come in to work, as Todd is out of town.  Antonio tells her he loves her as she leaves.  She runs into Natalie who informs her Nash was hanging around.  She thanks her and rushes off.  Natalie remarks to John her sister seems stressed out.  John wants to know if Natalie quit her job because of him.  She feels she deserves more than a desk job and got a job working for her grandfather to learn the family business.  John feels she's making a mistake and would be under Asa's thumb.  She's excited about the job and John is happy for her if she's happy.  After Jessica leaves, Antonio has a flashback to when Jamie was talking about seeing Jessica kissing.  He prays to god thanking him for bringing Jamie and Jessica back to him. Natalie and John walk in and John gives Jamie the present.  Jamie wants to know where Jessica is.

Nash goes to the Sun to see Jessica.  He finds her in Todd's office and she wants to know if he set it up for her to be called away.  He denies it.  She tells him it's better if he stays away from her for awhile, as Jamie is paying the price for her screw up.  She can't leave them right now. They then admit to each other they can't stand being apart.  Nash remarks it should be them and Bree together.  He tells her he wants her now.  Jessica locks the door and they fall on Todd's desk kissing and knock Todd's name plate to the floor.

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