OLTL Update Thursday 4/26/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/26/07


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Cristian is in the shower and Evangeline steps in with him.  Evangeline and Cristian start kissing.  This was Cristian's fantasy, as he snaps out of it on a park bench in Angel Square.  Layla sees Cristian and goes up to him and asks what he is thinking about.  He replies, "The baby."  Layla asks him if Evangeline told him and he seems confused.  He tells her he was referring to Jamie (the family still thinks of her as a baby) as she got hit by a car.  Cristian then asks Layla, “What did you mean, ‘Did Evangeline tell me?’  Is she pregnant? “ She covers and says, “You'll have to ask Evangeline” and leaves.

Natalie informs Bo that she is quitting her job.  Bo is worried about her and wants to know if she is quitting because of John.  Natalie tells him it is hard to see John every day, but she's not quitting because of him.  She wants to do something else with her life.  Bo wants to know if she knows what she wants to do.  He gives her the exit papers and tells her he'll miss her being around. 

Marty and John are at the Palace Hotel bar as John asked her to meet him for information she has on one of their cases.  Marty is not finished with her report, but hands it over to John anyway.  He rudely says the report is generic and she calls him on being rude and reminds him she is not finished with the psych profile.  John is worried about Michael, as he feels he is hiding something from him.  Marty asks him if he's seen Natalie lately.  She can tell something else is bothering him besides Michael.  John remarks she's getting to know him well.  She tells him to shut up already and, by teasing him, she can get a reaction out of him.  She thanks him for helping Cole again.  John replies that Cole is a good kid.  Marty says she did some things when she was Cole's age she's not proud of.  John confides in Marty that he didn't have much of a childhood and Cole's life is better than his was.  Marty advises him to learn and move on, but he isn't good with the moving on part.  He tells her Cole will be fine thanks to her.

A lady of the night named Jordan goes to Miles’ room.  She tells him she is there for his needs, but he tells her he only hired her to teach him how to pleasure a woman.  She replies she thought he invited her for his pleasure.  He tells her he is a virgin and she is shocked.  He wants to be taught, as he's in love with someone.  Jordan shows him the art of seduction by slow dancing with him and then they start to kiss.  She tells him to take her hair down, undress her, and caress her.  He does what he's told and she tells him he's getting the hang of it.  Miles tells her she is a good teacher.  They make love and Miles wants to do it again.  Jordan feels practice makes perfect.

Blair asks Todd if he looked at the picture of the baby.  He did, but it just looks like a typical baby to him.  Todd starts yelling at Blair again how he didn't want her here in the first place and she tells him they came to find each other.  Blair informs Todd she is staying until he gets the answers he wants.  Blair looks at the photo and remarks the baby reminds her of Jack.  Todd feels he won't recognize his son if he sees him and he has failed the child.  Blair asks Todd to look at the photo again but he doesn't want to, as it reminds him of Margaret, the psycho.  Blair sees hope and promise in the photo.  Todd now is thinking his kid would be better off if he didn't find him.  He's worried how the child would feel when he finds out how he was conceived.  Todd is worried about raising a child by himself and Blair assures him she will help, as would Viki.  She tells him that he’s a good father, despite his other faults.  Blair says to Todd that when he holds his baby, the baby will know him and love him and Todd will know and love the baby. 

At the police station, Vincent runs into Evangeline who is there to get some files.  She starts to leave without her briefcase and Vincent asks her if there is something on her mind as she is acting strange.  She tells him nothing is wrong.  She tells him that was impressed by him at the press conference and they need to do something about the hate group on the loose.  Vincent is leaving and runs into Natalie packing her box.  She informs him she quit.  He is glad and advises her she's better than this job and she has her whole future ahead of her.  She is young, ambitious, talented, and beautiful.  She replies he has given her an idea.

Clint returns to Asa's house and informs him, Renee, and Nora that Jamie is going to be all right.  Nora informs them she is going to move out so Clint can have more time with Asa.  Asa tells Clint he better not chase Nora out.  Renee gets a call that there is a call girl in her hotel in one of the rooms.  Natalie comes in and asks to speak to Asa alone.  She wants to work for him at his company.  He tells her it's about time she became a proper Buchanan. 

Renee busts Jordan coming out of Miles room.  Jordan informs her Miles is a sweet man, and she feels almost guilty taking his money.  Renee lets her go, but lets her know she knows who and what she is. 

Cristian tries calling Evangeline on her cell phone, but gets her voice mail instead.  He then runs into Evangeline walking through the square and she has a bag in her hand.  He tells her he saw Layla earlier and asks if it is true that she is pregnant.  He asks her again and grabs the bag in her hand and pulls out a home pregnancy test.  Evangeline is not happy with him.

Vincent goes to see Bo to offer his assistance in catching the arsonists.  He feels that, with his contacts, he can work with the police department to resolve the case.  Bo isn't so sure and Vincent remarks, "I hope you guys catch these guys before I do."

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