OLTL Update Wednesday 4/25/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/25/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex barges into Bo's office and asks to be arrested. He says if he gets his hands on Tate he’s going to kill him.

Adriana is in the limo when Tate gets in. The driver locks the doors and says he only listens to Tate.

John is getting dressed in the locker room when Natalie comes in. She goes to her locker and sees a picture of her and John in her locker.

Clint sees Viki in the bar and asks about Jessica when Dorian walks in. Viki says she’s having dinner with Nora and Marty. Viki and Dorian exchange snipes.

RJ asks Nash if he saw what happened to Jamie and that he would ask him to testify against Antonio. Nash asks him not do to this, don’t ask Antonio to lose Jamie too.

Jessica and Antonio sit by Jamie’s bedside as Nash watches.

Viki, Nora and Marty are at a table talking. Viki says she doesn’t know if she wanted Clint or she was just lonely. They all agree they are all smart, sexy women.

Miles is drinking at the bar. A woman named Jordan is watching him. She takes a phone call about getting someone’s room number and Miles looks interested.

Clint and Dorian talk about Jessica and Viki. Dorian makes a remark about Viki needed a psychiatrist. Miles over hears and then pays his tab and gets up.

Nora, Viki and Marty talk about men. Miles walks up and tells Marty she looks beautiful.

John and Natalie talk in the locker room.

RJ asks what Nash meant by saying don’t let Antonio lose Jamie too. Nash talks his way out of it but RJ brings up his problems with Jessica. Nash says it’s complicated since they have a kid together. RJ backs off.

Jessica wants to call her parents but Antonio asks her to stay with him. He says he knows about Nash.

Rex complains to Bo what Tate did on The View and asks Bo’s advice. Bo reminds Rex how he told Rex to talk to Adriana. Rex says they did and that even though Adriana says there is nothing going on, she’s wrong.

Adriana tells Tate to let her out of the limo and he tells the driver to let her out. Adriana tells Tate she had a bad experience with a stalker and doesn’t handle being held captive very well. Tate apologizes. Adriana tells the driver to go and then tells Tate how mad she is about what happened on The View. Tate says he was just reading her signals. She told him she isn’t sending him signals, its just business. Tate turns things around saying Adriana was enjoying all his attention.

Jessica asks if Antonio talked to Nash and he says Cristian told him. Paige comes in and interrupts them. She has Jamie’s tests. Jessica and Antonio step out in the hall with her. They ask if Jamie has brain damage.

John asks if Natalie has a way to make it easier for them. Natalie says that she’s the reason they broke up and that seeing him is hard. She says its time to stop living in the past then turns and takes the photo out of her locker.

Clint and Dorian talk about Viki. Dorian says she’d rather talk about the two of them. She asks what they are doing and that they have never spent the night together. Clint brings up a few incidents.

Miles says a few things and leaves. Nora teases Marty about Miles’s attention. Marty says she just has a crush on her but there can never be anyone else for her but Patrick. Viki tells her she has to stop comparing all men to Patrick. Marty talks about loving someone with all her heart while Miles eavesdrops.

Paige tells Antonio that everything looks normal and she thinks Jamie will make a full recovery. Paige says Jamie won’t remember much in the hour before the accident. Paige leaves and Jessica and Antonio hug. Nash comes up and says he’s happy for them. Antonio warns Nash not to pretend to be his friend and he knows what Nash is doing behind his back and he wants it to stop.

Nash says he thinks of Antonio as a friend. Antonio says a friend doesn’t act out on his feelings for a friend’s wife. He says that Nash is the reason Jessica ran from the courtroom and the reason they were fighting and the reason Jamie got hurt. Nash protests and Jessica asks him to leave. Antonio turns to Jessica and says they will get a lawyer and do what they have to do to keep Nash away from her.

Tate and Adriana argue about using each other. Tate tells her she treated him like a slab of meat to sell her underwear. Adriana tells him he is like two people the good guy and the creep.

Rex bangs his head against the wall. Bo and Rex talk about his problem. Bo says if he trusts Adriana to just let it all blow over. When Rex asks what Bo would do if some guy was bothering Paige, Bo says fight fire with fire.

John and Natalie talk about the photo. It was taken the day she made it into the forensic program. Natalie says she’s sorry she did the things she did and John says he knows she did it for him. John says if she wants to talk he’ll listen. Natalie says that she always thought under if all that they were friends and maybe they will someday be able to be friends again. She leaves. John takes out his wallet and looks at her picture.

Marty is telling Viki and Nora how much she still dreams about Patrick while Miles listens in. Nora makes jokes. Viki tells them how Ben changed everything for her. They toast to their past.

Clint and Dorian talk about making love vs. having sex. Clint says maybe he wants to do it the right way this time by getting to know her better. Dorian says she finds him irresistibility sexy and Clint calls for the check.

Paige gives Antonio an update saying Jamie can go home tomorrow. Jessica goes to call her dad. Antonio gives her a hug and goes back to Jamie. RJ is sitting by her side.

Nash catches Jessica in the hall and kisses her.

Viki finds Clint with Dorian in the restaurant and tells him about Jamie. Viki leaves to go to the hospital and Clint follows without Dorian.

Miles is at the bar and he asks the concierge for female companionship. He says he’ll see what he can arrange.

Tate and Adriana discuss who Tate really is. Tate is sure he can do good things for her and her company. Tate’s phone rings. It’s the editor of Fashioneaster. They want to do a cover story on her.

Bo tells Rex to get in Tate’s face and tell him to knock it off. Rex questions that he should do more. Natalie walks in and asks about Adriana and The View. Rex leaves, Natalie closes the door and tells Bo she quits.

John sees Marty in the restaurant.

Jessica tells Nash they can’t kiss here in the hospital. Nash tells her she has to tell Antonio about them. Jessica says after Jamie is better. Jessica goes back to Antonio in Jamie’s room. They hug as Nash watches from the window.

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