OLTL Update Tuesday 4/24/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/24/07


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Marcie is on the phone with the school board regarding funds for the play.  She gets off the phone and advises her students she struck out, as the school board won't give her funds for the play.  Marcie wants to know why the students are ready to give up just because the school board allocated funds elsewhere.  She advises them that the school board thinks kids don't need the arts anymore and they need to rise to the occasion.  She suggests they get jobs or raise funds to make up their own play.  Starr suggests they use Langston's poems, as she is a terrific writer.  Marcie asks Langston to hand them over to her.  Marcie looks them over.  She feels they have a lot of potential and asks Langston for her permission to use them and she consents.

The secretary from the adoption agency advises Todd and Blair she remembers the case and is willing to share information with Todd if he can prove the child is his.  Todd tells her that the child was stolen from him and the only item he has is a blanket.  He was told the child drowned, so he can't prove the child is his.  He just wants to find his son and test his DNA against the child's to prove it’s his son.  Blair appeals to the secretary and tells her that she was in inferior foster care and it’s killing Todd not knowing where his son is.  Blair pleads for her help.  She agrees to help him after Blair's plea, but is not happy with Todd's attitude.  Todd thinks she wants money and offers her some.  She advises him she doesn't want his money, as she is not a baby broker.  Blair asks Todd to show her some respect.  Todd is concerned the adoptive parents might be good people and he wouldn't want to take his son away.  Blair assures him he is a good parent to their kids and has a right to his son.  Todd feels their kids are good because of Blair not him.  She tells him he'll love this baby too.  He pulls the photo out of the envelope and looks at it.

Rex sees Adriana on “The View” and leaves her a message to call him.  Adriana is in the green room and an assistant comes in and asks her to sign a release for being on the show.  She protests that she didn't want to be on the show, but signs it anyway.  She is upset about what Tate did and is concerned Rex may have seen the show and gotten the wrong idea.  Tate comes into the green room and Adriana tells him how upset she is with him for the antics he pulled on the show.  She yells at him that he paraded her around like a trophy girlfriend and she already has a boyfriend.  Tate feels it was good publicity for their underwear line.  Tate apologizes for getting carried away, but says he was just trying to be real like she told him to be in the limo.  Rex calls and asks Adrian why she dumped him on TV.  Adrianna lets him know she is not leaving him for Tate.  

Jamie is rushed to the hospital and is checked over by Michael once there.  She is not responding and is wheeled into the ER.  Antonio has to be held back, as he's freaking out as his daughter is being wheeled away to be treated by Paige.

Viki is at the Palace Hotel bar and Vincent approaches her.  He wants to know how Natalie is, as he hasn't seen her for a while and is concerned about her.  Viki asks Vincent if he and Natalie had a falling out.  He tells her he's been busy with other projects and hasn't seen her around.  Viki remarks they are a strange pair and he takes it as a racial remark, but Viki assures him it isn't.  She just meant they are very different, but Vincent disagrees.  He tells her they are both street smart from their upbringing and Natalie is a fine person.  He feels John was not healthy for her, as she has big dreams and the sky's the limit. 

Antonio, Cristian, and Jessica are in the hospital waiting room.  Carlotta rushes in and R.J. is right behind her.  R.J. wants to know what happened and why an adult wasn’t watching over her.  Carlotta begs them all to quit fighting and be united for Jamie.  R.J. lets Antonio know that if Jamie doesn't walk out of the hospital the way she was before she came in, it’s on his head.  Jessica speaks up and says Antonio is not to blame, she is.  Nash comes in and defends Jessica stating she is not to blame.  Cristian tells Nash he has no business being at the hospital.  Michael and Paige come over and advise the family Jamie has pulled through, but is still not out of danger.  The nurses will watch her overnight.  Carlotta leaves to get everyone some food and Nash wants to stick around, but Cristian tells him he's done enough and asks him to leave.  Jessica tells Antonio she will leave too, but he asks her to stay with him.

The secretary advises Todd she didn't bring the records, as her boss was in the office where the records are kept.  She does, however, give them an envelope with a photo of the baby inside.  She takes photos of all the kids that come through the agency.  She swears to Todd she will get the records and return with them.  Blair and Todd have a drink before opening the envelope with the photo inside.  Todd asks Blair about her childhood in foster care and informs her she turned out okay compared to him with real parents.  He wonders if the adoptive parents of his son are turning his son into someone like himself.  Blair wants to know why all of a sudden he is acting like his son is alive.  They both realize the feeling in their gut is true and that Todd's son must be alive. 

Rex asks Adrianna to let him talk to Tate.  She gives the phone to Tate and leaves.  Rex is telling Tate off on the phone and threatens to doctor photos on the computer to put under The Sun's door to make it look like Tate wears women's underwear if he doesn't stay away from Adriana and hangs up.  The assistant from “The View” comes in as Tate is watching his interview and gives him a copy of a tape of Rex's phone call threatening him.

Nash tells Cristian he will leave, but wants to say goodbye to Jessica and Antonio.  Antonio is apologizing to Jessica for the way he's been acting.  She says he has nothing to apologize for.  Antonio stresses to Jessica how he should have been there for Jamie to protect her.  He tells Jessica he loves her and doesn't want to fight.  Jessica responds that all that matters now is Jamie.  Nash witnesses this scene.  Antonio is singing in Spanish to Jamie at her bedside with Nash looking on through the window at the three of them.

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