OLTL Update Monday 4/23/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/23/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Tate is pacing back and forth in the green room at “The View.”  Adriana is with him and advises him not to be so nervous because he'll do great.  Tate kisses her for good luck.  Rex leaves a message on Adriana's cell phone asking why she hasn't called him back yet.  Joy, the host from “The View” announces that you've seen our next guest in his underwear, so bring out the flesh.  Joy says the audience is disappointed he came out in clothes and he responds that he is saving himself for the next underwear shoot.  She asks him if he is seeing anyone and he says yes.  Adriana is looking at the TV monitor in the green room.  Tate says the person he is seeing is Mabel.  She is his second grade teacher who was his great supporter, as he had no mother.  She went to all his baseball games and her 75th birthday is today.  Elizabeth, another host, asks Tate if he is seeing anyone special.  He replies he is smitten with the designer of the Exposed underwear line, Adriana Cramer.

Todd and Blair are in the hotel room and Todd informs Blair he is not giving up on finding his son.  Blair reminds him they can't stay, as they've been thrown out of Chicago and the records are closed to protect the adoptive parents’ rights.  Todd calls Evangeline and tells her what's going on with the records.  He wants to talk to her when he returns and she tells him she has something important to talk to him about as well.

Evangeline and Layla are discussing the possibility that Evangeline may be pregnant and Layla wants to know if the father is Todd or Cristian.  Layla assumes Todd could be the father when she hears Evangeline say she has something important to tell Todd when he returns.  Evangeline lets her know that is ridiculous and Cristian would be the father.  She wants to talk to Todd about the adoption records.   

Cristian asks Nash why he didn't leave town.  Nash replies that he might leave, but he won't be alone.  Cristian lets Nash know that his life will be hell if he does stay.  He goes on to say that he knows about him and Jessica in the storage room during the fire, but hasn't had a chance to tell Antonio about them.  He knows he and Jessica have been fooling around behind his brothers back. 

Antonio, Jessica, and Jamie are in their apartment and Antonio asks Jamie what she meant when she said that she saw Jessica kissing someone and asks who she was kissing.  Jamie replies that Jessica was kissing Bree because she loves Bree more than her.  Bo calls Antonio and interrupts the conversation, so he steps outside to take the call.  He tells Jamie they will continue the conversation when he returns.  Jamie asks Jessica if she loves Nash more than her dad.  She explains to Jamie you can love more than one person and her dad is amazing and lucky to have a daughter like Jamie.  Antonio comes back in and hears this and wants to know if she feels that way, why didn't she adopt Jamie.  She replies that she couldn't adopt her and leave her later, as she already lost one mother. 

Marcie calls Cole up on stage to sing.  Before going up on stage, Starr tells him even if they both get the lead they are not going to fall in love again.  Cole wants to know what she'll do if they play lovers in the play.  Starr doesn't think she'll get the part, but she knows he will as she's heard him singing when listening to his MP-3 player.  Marcie tells Starr she can leave and her audition was terrific.  Cole goes up on stage and asks Marcie if he can sing what he wants, as he doesn't know any show tunes.

Blair and Todd are arguing again about the reason behind Blair's trip to Chicago.  She tells him she got on the plane to help him, but Todd feels she has a motive.  Rex calls Adriana again and runs into Todd in the hallway.  Todd wants to know what the hell Rex is doing in Chicago.  Rex goes into Todd's hotel room with him and Blair is shocked to see him.  He also wants to know what he's doing in Chicago.  He covers by saying he came to help Todd clear up this adoption mess.  He believes his son is dead, but may be wrong, but doesn't think so.  Todd and Blair are skeptical.  Todd doesn't know what Rex can do to help since they couldn’t get the adoption records.  He asks Rex what makes him think that he can.  Todd lets him know he's not paying him until he gets results.  There is a knock at the hotel room door.  Todd answers it to find the secretary from the adoption agency there and she advises him she may have some information that could help him regarding his son. 

Evangeline again says if she is pregnant, for sure the baby is Cristian's.  Layla feels if the baby is his, Evangeline has to tell him.  Evangeline doesn't want to tell Cristian, as she doesn't want him to feel obligated to her.  She broke his heart and he broke hers.

Antonio wants to know what Jessica means by saying she'll abandon Jamie for her own sake.  He yells at her that he has been patient and wants her to look him in the eyes and tell him what the hell is going on.  Jessica responds that something is going on inside her and she wants him to stop yelling at her, as it is making it harder for her to tell him what she needs to.  She asks him to calm down so she can say what she has to.  Jamie is overhearing all of this from the other room.

Britney sings for her audition and is very good.  Langston remarks to Starr, “This is war."

Marcie has a tough decision ahead of her and advises the students the results will be posted to the wall outside of the gym.  Henry asks Britney to another student’s 16th birthday party, but she can't go, as she has to study.  She asks Henry to come over and study with her and help with her history paper.  Britney tells her friend she plans on getting sick and asking Henry to write her paper and she'll go to the party and spend the night with Cole.  Marcie asks everyone to gather around, as she has some bad news.  The play has been called off, as the money for the show has been diverted.

Blair tells Todd they can't go back to the way things were.  Rex again calls Adriana and there is no answer.  Rex leaves a message asking if she dropped the phone in the toilet.  A TV is on in the background with “The View” being televised.  Elizabeth (host of “The View”) asks Tate to tell her and Joy about this special girl.  Tate says - Adriana is smart, gorgeous, and funny and the most incredible woman "the Tate" has ever known.  Tate is jumping around the stage.  (like Tom Cruise on Oprah).  He says she has a beautiful smile and eyes.  Elizabeth asks if he has a picture and he replies he can do better than that, as Adriana is backstage.  He goes to get her and she protests, but he pulls her onstage.  Tate announces this is my Adrianna and confetti falls from the stage ceiling.  Rex watches the TV in shock.

Cristian and Nash are arguing outside Antonio's apartment and Antonio and Jessica are yelling inside the apartment.  Antonio wants the truth out of Jessica.  Jamie hears all this fighting, runs outside, and before Cristian can grab her, runs into the street and gets hit by a car.  Nash runs into the apartment advising Antonio and Jessica what has happened.

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