OLTL Update Friday 4/20/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/20/07


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Starr ends her song and apologizes to Marcie and says she can't do it and leaves the stage.

Adriana and Tate are in the limo on their way to his appearance on The View.  Tate is looking for the champagne and Adriana tells him she hid it, as it wouldn't be good to show up drunk for the show,  He feels Adriana doesn't trust him and she replies "not as far as I can throw this limo."  Layla leaves a message on Adriana's cell phone that the meetings went well.

Layla goes to the gym and is telling someone about Tate's trip to New York and Evangeline is there for a yoga class and overhears part of the conversation and wants to know who is going on The View.  Layla tells her about Tate and Adriana's trip and asks her why she wants to waste her time with Todd.

Bo calls Nora to the police station and informs her he has some bad news.  The lead they had on the arsonists didn't pan out.  Nora is upset about having lost her wedding albums and her daughters baby book and almost losing her life as well as Matthew's.  Bo replies that they may be out of leads, but not options.  Antonio and Talia discuss why she called him down to the station and asks him how Jessica is and shouldn't she be here with him regarding the investigation.  Antonio tells Talia Jessica should not be there and she asks Antonio what is wrong.

Jessica and Nash stop kissing and spot Jamie standing at the door staring at them.  Jessica asks Jamie how she got there, since she seems to be by herself. 

Marcie calls Cole up to the stage next.  Starr tells Marcie if Cole is in the play she can't be in it.

Adriana looks for her phone to call Rex and she can't locate it.

Layla and Evangeline talk about Todd.  Layla spots Cristian across the room and informs Evangeline of this.  Cristian comes over and asks Evangeline if he can put his yoga mat down next to hers. 

Vincent, his bodyguard and grandfather go to the police station at Bo's request.  They want to know why they are being called down to the station for now.  Bo wants Vincent and the others to be bait for the arsonists to get them out in the open by holding a press conference and he wants all the victims present.  Bo feels they can make a stand if they stand proud together and maybe draw the arsonists out in public.

Carlotta comes up behind Jamie and is upset to see Nash in the apartment with Jessica. Jessica covers and says Nash is there to discuss Bree's schedule.  Carlotta isn't buying it. Nash wants Carlotta to leave.  She refuses and says Antonio wanted her to stay with Jamie after all she has been through.

Britney tells Marcie to let Starr quit.  Cole tells Starr she has a great singing voice and he was blackmailed into auditioning by Marcie to get a letter of recommendation to play sports again.  Starr replies that Langston signed her up.  Starr then realizes Langston set them up and yells at her in front of the other students.  Britney says out loud we don't need Starr's personal problems getting in the way.  Marcie tells them all to knock it off and lets Cole know he's free to go and she'll still give him the letter of recommendation.  Britney decides she is quitting if Cole isn't auditioning and Henry quits too.  Marcie asks the group if they do everything Britney tells them to like a herd of sheep.  Britney tells her Starr can play all the parts.  Cole feels bad and doesn't want to ruin things again.  Starr tells Cole they go to the same school and are going to end up in some of the same activities and their parents will have to deal with it.  After Starr shares this with him, Cole changes his mind and agrees to audition and Britney and Henry agree to audition again too.

Adriana and Tate pretend they are on The View,  Adriana asks him if he's going to talk about his love life and suggests he not talk about himself in the 3rd person.  He tells her he has never been in love, as he was always too busy with baseball and all the good ones are taken, as he stares into her eyes.

Nash leaves and Jessica lets him know the situation will be resolved soon.  Carlotta talks to Jamie before leaving.  Jamie tells her she saw Jessica and Nash and Jessica overhears. Carlotta asks Jamie what did she see and Jessica interrupts her before she can answer and informs Carlotta Nash is gone and asks her to leave to have time alone with Jamie.  She needs time to apologize to Jamie and Carlotta warns her not to hurt her granddaughter again and leaves. Jessica tells Jamie she loves her and that will never change and she didn't do anything wrong and asks for her forgiveness.  Jamie wants to know if she means forgiveness for kissing Nash. Antonio comes home, Jamie tells him Jessica is sorry about the court and the kissing.  Antonio appears confused by the kissing remark.

Matthew comes to the press conference, as it is teacher conference day and he got the day off.  He wants to be part of the press conference and Nora is very proud of him.

Tate assures Adriana he can handle the ladies of The View.  Adriana isn't so sure.  She advises him if he talks about himself in the 3rd person the ladies will eat him up.  Adriana tells him to be himself, as he is funny, spontaneous and looks good in his underwear. 

Cristian asks Evangeline about Todd's trip to Chicago without her and she lets him know she will not talk about Todd with him.  Todd didn't want his friend to go (meaning herself), but wanted to go with Blair the woman he loves.  Layla informs them the yoga class got cancelled.  Layla asks about Todd taking Blair with him.  Cristian asks Evangeline to come to the press conference.  She agrees to meet up with him later.  Evangeline tells Layla she doesn't feel good and is afraid she might be pregnant.

The press conference starts.  Bo lets the audience know a white supremacist group called - one pure people is responsible for the fires and the people gathered today are the victims and are not afraid of you and this behaviour won't be tolerated in Llanview.  Cris arrives at the press conference late and sees Nash there and wants to know why he is still in town. Bo informs Matthew the arsonists might be mad now and maybe someone with a conscience will confess.

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