OLTL Update Thursday 4/19/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/19/07


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Adriana is on the phone with one of the manufacturer's and is having a frustrating conversation.  She hangs up, her phone rings again and it is Rex letting her know he is at the police station in Chicago and Todd and Blair spent the night in jail.  He phoned the cops to report a break in at the adoption agency.  Todd and Blair are released from their cell and Blair tries to bribe the officer into letting them go.

Some of Cole's old friends from the football team notice Cole's name on the “Oklahoma” audition sign-up sheet in the hallway and start insulting and making fun of him.  Starr hears this and comes to Cole's defense in front of him.  Cole tells her he thought she didn't want anything to do with him.  She responds she just doesn't want Todd to harm him.

Jamie is at Carlotta's with Antonio and asks to see Jessica even if she is sick.  Nash phones Jessica at her place and she does not pick up the phone.  He leaves a message wanting to know what happened with her and Antonio the night before.   

Adriana hopes Blair and Todd don't find out Rex called the cops on them.  He assures her they won't and hangs up.  Tate comes over to tell her some good news.  She tells him this is not a good time and he wants to know what Rex has done now. 

Rex switches his coat with a guy who came in to report a petty theft crime to avoid being recognized, so he can continue to spy on Blair and Todd.  The officer mentions to Blair and Todd they aren't so innocent and both have long rap sheets.

Antonio lets Jamie know he lied to her about Jessica.  Jessica is not sick; she's just confused and loves her like they all do.  Jamie asks Antonio, "Does Jessica still love you?"  Antonio and Carlotta look at each other in disbelief. 

Nash hires a babysitter and goes to see Jessica at her apartment.  When he gets there he realizes Jessica didn't tell Antonio the truth.  He tells her she feels guilty, but shouldn't, as Antonio is trying to obligate her to Jamie.  She responds that she is obligated because she is married and she betrayed Antonio.  She tells Nash she tried to tell Antonio, but he got angry and stormed out.

Adriana lets Tate know she is not upset with Rex.  She is upset with the manufacturers raising their prices due to their company being new and unknown.  Tate tells her his good news is that he is going on the talk show “The View” today as a guest.  He tells her it is a good thing, as he is going to talk about her company and wants her to go with him.

Britney asks Cole to run lines with her and he doesn't want any part of her.  Marcie asks Starr and Langston to sing with the karaoke machine.  Starr wants to know what Langston did, since Marcie thinks they are auditioning.  Marcie hears the guys from the football team insulting Cole and demands they sign up for the play audition or get detention.  Langston admits to Starr she signed her up so she could be near Cole.  Starr asks Marcie to take her name off the list.

Rex spies on Todd and Blair and pretends he is there to report a crime when an officer approaches him.  He fills out a crime report and tries to listen in on Todd and Blair's conversation with the other officer.

Antonio tells Jamie not to worry since they are going to work everything out.  Carlotta wonders if it is a good idea to bring Jamie to see Jessica right now.  Antonio feels it will be okay and Jamie goes in the back of the diner to get her coat.

Nash asks Jessica what she would change if she could - marrying Antonio or falling in love with him. 

Britney again asks Cole to run lines with her, as she has the script.  Cole says he is only auditioning to get his letter of recommendation.  Henry asks Cole why he is so rude to Britney.  Britney gets rid of Henry by asking him to leave school and get her a cappuccino.

Marcie assures Starr she’s not a geek for being in a play.  Starr still wants to cross her name off the list, but has second thought when Britney mouths off.   

The officer wants to know if Rex is done yet, but he is taking his time to continue to spy on Blair and Todd.  A man and a woman with the adoption agency enter the police station to press charges.  Todd tells them he is going to tell them a story and they'll give him what he wants then.

Adriana does not want to go to New York, but Tate says the limo is on the way and it's a “no brainer.”  They can have lunch after the show.  She changes her mind and agrees to go, but wants Layla to come with them.  Tate doesn't want Layla to go, but lets Adriana call her. 

Langston tries to talk Starr into auditioning again, so that Britney doesn't win again.

Todd explains the illegal adoption that took place and that he wants to look at the papers to find out where his son is.  They advise him with no evidence of a crime the records can't be opened.

Antonio gets a call to come to the station.  He says he will, but is irritated, as he took the day off.  Carlotta agrees to take Jamie home.  Antonio expresses to Jamie again how much he loves her.

Jessica and Nash are still discussing their situation.  She feels Antonio will be humiliated and Nash feels she is getting cold feet.  She knows it is not fair to Antonio, but tells Nash she can't give him up and hugs him.

The lawyer from the adoption agency informs Todd without a court order his hands are tied, but will not press charges if they pay for any damages and leave Chicago.  The officer tells them they have two choices, leave, or be booked.

Layla can't go to New York due to meetings.  Adriana wants to call Rex, but Tate says there is no time.  Adriana agrees to call Rex later from the limo and runs off to take a quick shower.  Rex calls her cell when she leaves the room and leaves a message about Todd and Blair, and Tate listens to the message.

Marcie runs into Britney and her friend drinking coffee and advises it is against school rules and wants them thrown out.  Henry protests as it cost him $9.00.  He has a crush on Britney.  Britney and her friend think it's funny to use Henry.

Marcie asks Starr to be the first one to sing at the audition.  She sings a song called “Together” and is great.  Some of the words are, “Together we can take on the world.  Together you and me.”  Cole comes in the room when she is singing and stands there staring at her listening to the words and their meaning.  Britney watches Cole's reaction to Starr and is not pleased.

Jess tells Nash she has to tell Antonio about them alone.  They start kissing as Jamie opens the door to the apartment and sees them kissing.

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