OLTL Update Wednesday 4/18/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/18/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd and Blair try to break into the adoption agency while Rex watches from around the corner. Michael McBain is pacing his apartment waiting for Rex to call.

John McBain forgot his notebook at Marty’s and goes back to get it. Cole invites him to stay because they are toasting Cole’s father, Patrick.

Dorian, Viki and Clint are driving around looking for Jessica. Viki snipes at Dorian. Viki says to Clint she knows where Jessica must have gone.

Nash and Bree at his place. He tells her that they are going to live together forever.

Antonio faces Jessica at their place and Antonio asks if she is ready to bare her soul, because he sure is. Antonio is furious and asks if there was an accident, was Jess hurt? Jessica says no. Did she lose her memory? Forget where she lived? Jessica tries to explain. Antonio starts yelling about what Jessica did to Jamie. Jessica asks to talk to her and Antonio blasts her for what she did at the adoption hearing and what it did to Jamie.

Back at Nash’s place, he is holding Bree and telling her he almost left but now today is special.

In the car with Clint, Viki and Dorian. Clint asks why Viki think Jessica is with Nash. They discuss Nash and Jessica. Clint says Nash admitted to loving Jessica. They head over to Nash’s.

At Marty’s, John stays when he sees Irish Soda bread and they talk about traditions and Cole’s father. John recites the Irish Blessing and Cole says it was his father’s favorite. John says it was his dad’s too.

At Mike and Marcie’s, Mike is trying to call Rex when Marcie walks back in the room. She asks who he is calling.

At the adoption agency Todd is still trying to pick the lock as Rex watches.

Back at Marcie and Mike's, Mike and Marcie share a tender moment until Tommy cries and Marcie goes to check on him. Mike uses this moment of privacy to call Rex.

Rex is spying on Blair and Todd when his phone starts buzzing. Blair and Todd hear something. Blair looks around trying to check out the noise but sees nothing. Todd gets into the office and Rex steps down the hall to call Mike. He tells them that Blair and Todd know nothing yet. Marcie comes in the room and asks what’s wrong.

Cole, Marty and John toast to Patrick. Cole and his mom reminisce about Patrick and John shares stories about his father.

At Antonio and Jessica’s apartment Antonio is yelling at Jessica for what she did and Jessica says she got scared. Antonio tells Jessica that Jamie now thinks Jessica doesn’t want her. Jessica tells him that Jamie deserves better and that it was about doing the right thing. Antonio asks what that is and says that right now it’s about keeping Jessica away from Jamie.

At the adoption agency Todd and Blair begin to search the office.

Back at Marcie and Mike’s they are playing with the baby and Marcie asks him about the phone call and if one of his patients is getting worse. Mike lies about talking to Rex and Marcie calls him on it.

John thanks Cole and Marty for inviting him and walks to the door. Cole follows and says he wishes John didn’t mention the fight at the gym to Marty. John says it just slipped out and mom’s have radar. After John leaves Cole asks if Marty was on a date with John.

At Nash’s apartment there is a knock on the door and Nash hurries to open it. There stands Viki, Clint and Dorian. Viki asks if he was expecting someone else.

Jessica says she loves Jamie and wants to see her. Antonio says he doesn’t want her to see the child. He asks if she refused to adopt Jamie because she doesn’t want to be married. Antonio says she turned her back on their family. Jessica hedges. She says when she was driving all she could think of was Jamie’s face and how devastated she was. Antonio asks if she loves Bree more then Jamie and Jessica is shocked. Jessica says something changed.

Viki and Clint grill Nash about what happened and where Jessica is. Nash says she’s not here and plays dumb about knowing what’s going on.

Marty and Cole talk about Marty dating and she denies there is anything going on with John. Cole says it would be all right if there was something.

Marcie is mad at Mike and asks him for the truth. John comes to the door. Evidently Marcie sent him a text message. Mike is furious she called John and he storms out.

Todd and Blair continue to search the office and talk about Spencer and Miles. They hear a noise and they duck.

Marcie apologizes to John and John wants to know what its all about. He asks if everything is okay between Mike and her. Marcie says she knows he is keeping secrets.

Rex is in the hallway. Todd looks out but doesn’t see him. When he goes back in the office. Rex calls the police to report a robbery. Todd finds a file with Landview Pennsylvania adoptions.

Viki and Clint continue to hammer Nash about what he knows and where Jessica could be. Clint believes he is hiding something. Nash says Jessica will turn up. Viki warns Nash that Jessica is integrated but still fragile.

Antonio and Jessica continue to argue. Jessica wants to make it up to Jamie. Jessica says she saved her because she would have hurt her worse. Jessica says it’s going to hurt Antonio, too but he has to hear it right now.

John and Marcie are talking when Mike comes back in and apologizes. Marcie apologizes too. Mike reassures her that only her happiness matters.

Todd and Blair are busted by the cops. Rex watches from around the corner.

Dorian, Viki and Clint are back in the car and Dorian asks what’s going on with Nash and Jessica. Viki tells her it’s none of her business.

Antonio tells Jessica he is going to Jamie so she doesn’t think her daddy left her too. Before leaving Antonio turns to Jessica and tells her they found her car by the quarry and the necklace. Antonio leaves and Jessica is crying. Nash texts her and asks if she told him yet.

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