OLTL Update Monday 4/16/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/16/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer

[Today's show was interrupted by a special report on the horrific killings at Virginia Tech.]

Jessica and Nash are together at the Quarry after making love.  Jessica cannot deny that she wants to be with Nash.  Nash wants them to go to Antonio together and tell him the truth.  Jessica feels it would be better to let her tell Antonio the news alone.  She's not sure what Antonio might do to him.

Antonio arrives at the Quarry and finds the necklace he gave Jessica on the ground.  He thinks back to the time Jessica brought him here to get away from it all.  Antonio continues to search for Jessica.  Jessica and Nash have already left in Nash's car.

John and Natalie are at Rodie's and are working at trying to stay friends.  They want each other to be happy, but admit it is hard to see the other with anyone else.  Natalie admits she is jealous of Marty.  Asa enters the bar and asks Natalie why Clint called him.  He jumps to the wrong conclusion that John and Natalie are going to announce their wedding when he sees them together and says fireworks are going to go off.  Natalie sets him straight and tells him Clint probably wants to talk to him about the adoption situation with Jamie and Jessica. 

Marty and Cole are at home and she apologizes to him for over reacting and tells him she loves him.  They celebrate Patrick's birthday by eating Irish soda bread Mary made.  She admits to Cole how hard it is without him at anniversaries, Cristmas, etc..  Cole finds John's notebook and asks what it's doing in their apartment.  Marty explains John came by the other night to get out of the rain.

Starr and Langston are in Dorian's kitchen discussing Cole and Todd.  Starr is struggling to stay away from Cole and says Todd needs her right now and doesn't want to make him mad.  Langston has an idea for Starr and Cole to be together, but won't tell Starr what it is.  She informs Starr that Cole is trying out for the lead in the play and Britney is trying out too. They both agree that Britney makes them sick they way she is making a play for Cole.

Lindsay accuses Nora of wanting Bo back.  Asa says amen to that.  Asa tells Nora Lindsay is trying to get her hooks in Bo and Nora replies she already has a hook and Lindsay is not amused.

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