OLTL Update Friday 4/13/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/13/07


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Todd is in his hotel room in Chicago and there is a knock at the door.  He answers it and finds Blair standing there and wants to know what she wants.

Adriana and Tate are having sushi at her apartment and he tells her he knows how to make sushi, as he once lived in Japan.  Rex walks in the door and wants to know what the hell is going on. 

Marty invites John into her apartment as he drops her off.  Nora runs into Paige at the coffee house.  Natalie questions one of the bartenders at Rodie's as to the identity of the lady with whom John left.  Bo and Lindsay enter Rodie's and get a table.  Bo lets Lindsay know that Paige is leaving to join “Doctors without Borders” overseas.  Lindsay is pleased by the news, but doesn't let on to Bo. 

Antonio is very upset about Jessica leaving and wants to know what Cristian knows.  Nash finds Jessica sobbing in the rain at the quarry.  She is babbling between sobs that she couldn't breathe and had to leave.

Marty asks John to take off his wet coat.  He mumbles that the women in this town are bossy.  Marty offers to make coffee.  She tells him he just isn't used to other people caring about him.

Natalie goes over to Bo's table to ask him if he's seen Jessica and tells him what happened at the courthouse.  She also asks if he's seen John, but he hasn't.  Lindsay asks Bo what she can do to lighten his load.

Nora is talking with Paige at the coffeehouse telling her she is selfish for leaving. 

Antonio tells Cristian he doesn’t care what he knows or how long he’s known it, but he needs to know what is going on with Jessica.  He is worried sick about both Jessica and Jamie.  Jessica turned off her cell phone, so he can't get through to her.  Antonio gets angry with Cristian and demands he tell him what he thinks he knows.  Jessica is at the quarry with Nash telling him between sobs she can't lose him or be without him.

Adriana wants to know what Rex's problem is.  She and Tate are just having a bite to eat.  They ordered in, due to the rain, and Layla leaves to go to the movies.

Todd and Blair are bickering and Todd asks her why she came if she didn't want to be with him.  Blair responds she wanted to help him find his son and prevent him from getting hurt.  Todd tells Blair that Evangeline didn't come, as he wanted her to be safe. 

John tells Marty the coffee is good and she responds she grinded the beans herself.  She tells him he may have to stay overnight, as his leather jacket will take a long time to dry.  John says he'll take his jacket and go home and change.  Marty tells him she had fun and thanks him for his help with Cole.

Tate reads his tea bag fortune before he leaves, to irritate Rex.  It says embrace challenge--win prize.  Rex catches the drift of this message.  Tate then leaves for his sportscaster job.  Adriana tells Rex he has to learn to relax around Tate, since she works with him every day.  Rex tells her he is leaving town to go to Chicago to see what Todd is doing.

Lindsay tells Bo that Paige is a fool for leaving him and Matthew and she is probably trying to run away due to the loss of her son.  Lindsay tells Bo she would want him around her in a time of need.

Paige tells Nora she has no right to judge her.  Nora believes she is packing it in to avoid reality.  Nora tells her she needs to be honest with herself as to what she wants.

Antonio is still fuming and tells Cristian this is breaking Jamie's heart.  Cristian tells him Nash is leaving town and he wonders if Jessica went to find him.  Cristian doesn't think so, as Jessica told him she told Nash to leave.

Jessica tells Nash she loves him and wants to be with him and he was right all along.  He tells her he is here now and hugs her.  She asks him never to leave and says she loves him.  He tells her he loves her too and they kiss.

Lindsay tells Bo she is glad they're friends and she is here for him and she has no romantic intentions.  She says, "Been there done that," but she is not being truthful.  Paige comes up to their table and informs them she has decided not to leave Llanview after all.

Rex tells Adriana he promised Michael Tommy's secret would be safe and he has to make sure it is.  Adriana and Rex start kissing and she starts to seduce him, telling him he still has time to make it to the airport.

Miles stops by Marty's place.  He tells Marty he came by to thank her again for helping him with his decision about Todd.  She feels he is using this as an excuse to see her and tells him so.  Miles finds John's notebook on the floor.  Marty tells him John was there but they are just friends like him and her. 

Blair asks Todd what he'll do if this is a set up and they are on a wild goose chase.  Todd says he'll make Miles pay.

Bo asks Paige what changed her mind.  She tells him her feelings for him and Matthew and her talk with Nora.

Miles runs into Natalie at Rodie's and tells her he feels right about helping Todd and she agrees with him.

Todd calls the adoption agency to ask for an adoption application but finds they are closed for the weekend.

Cristian tells Antonio Nash is in love with Tess not Jess and is trying everything he can to get Jess to love him back.  Nash and Jessica remove their clothes and start to make love on the quarry steps.

Tate's segment comes on television and Adriana watches as he says - embrace challenge win prize.  This is the same fortune that was on the tea bag. 

Miles tells Natalie that Todd's son could be alive and then he tells her John was at Marty's.  Neither one of them is pleased with this development. 

Lindsay asks Nora if she convinced Paige to stay in town.  She says that it must be an added bonus for Nora if Paige stays to ruin Lindsay's plans.  Nora smiles and agrees. 

John goes to Rodie's looking for his lost notebook.  Natalie goes up to him and says Marty didn't waste any time pursuing him.

Todd informs Blair he is going to break into the adoption office.

Before Cristian can share his suspicions about Nash and Jessica, Antonio's phone rings and he is informed Jessica's car has been found by the side of the road and he rushes off.

Jessica and Nash are making love in the rain.

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