OLTL Update Thursday 4/12/07

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/12/07


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Antonio and Jessica are in the courtroom surrounded by their families for Jamie's adoption  proceedings.  The judge asks Jessica to declare her desire to adopt Jamie. Jessica does not respond right away and the judge asks her to respond.  Jessica says no she can't do it.

In the meantime Nash is heading out of town in a rainstorm in his car and has a photo of Bree on his dashboard.

John and Marty meet up in the rain and dash inside Roadies bar for drinks.  They have Irish beers together.

Nash is talking out loud inside his car to Bree's photo that he knows he promised her he wouldn't leave, but he'll return one day. 

The judge asks Jessica why she doesn't want to go through with the adoption.  She says she can't right now and apologizes to Jamie and informs a bewildered Antonio she can't adopt Jamie. 

Paige enters Bo's office and tells him she had a long distance call today.  Bo asks if this means she took the overseas job.

Marty and John discuss Marty's deceased husband Patrick over their beers and Marty says Cole has Patrick's smile.  John tells Marty Cole is a good kid and it's hard to grow up without a father and he can relate to what Cole is going through.  Marty asks John if he'll be a father figure to Cole, as she just can't seem to talk to him lately.

Nash is still driving and says out loud to Bree's photo she is the best thing ever to come his way and to be strong for her mom.

Antonio asks the judge for a time out with Jessica.  They step out into the hallway to talk. R.J. asks Viki and Natalie - "what's wrong with Jessica."  Viki and Natalie don't really know how to answer his question and they start arguing.  Clint breaks up the argument.  Carlotta asks Cristian if he knows what's wrong with Jessica and he says he does.  Antonio asks Jessica if they are a family or not. 

Bo asks Paige if she took the job to honor Hugh's memory.  She said that's part of it, but she still feels guilty about Spencer.  Bo tells her the things Spencer did are not her fault.

Matthew and Nora enter the police station to go see Bo.  Nora mentions to Matthew they haven't jumped through puddles of water in a long time.  Matthew says in a rude tone that he jumped through puddles of water after the fire.  Nora asks him if he wants to talk about his feelings about the fire and he tells her she needs to talk about it not him.  Matthew overhears Paige tell Bo she's leaving for 3 months or longer and he gets very upset.

Marty asks John how he is doing without Natalie.  He tells her Natalie and him used to hang out at Roadies.  Marty challenges him to a game of darts.  She tells him her photo is in a bar in County Cork Ireland for being a dart champion.

Jessica tells Antonio she'll only hurt him and Jamie and she has to leave.  Just then Jamie comes out in the hallway and calls her mommy and Jessica apologizes to her again and leaves the courthouse crying.

Matthew asks Paige if she is breaking up with Bo.  She tells him no they aren't breaking up and they can e-mail each other.  Nora tells Bo she brought Matthew to see him to talk about school.  His grades are going down and he's acting out.  Matthew tells Bo the teachers are treating him like a baby because of the fire and his friends are making fun of him because of the way the teachers treat him.

Marty and John play darts.  Marty says she's a legend.

Viki and Natalie discuss what could be wrong with Jessica.  Viki says Jessica will tell them what's wrong in good time.  The judge is angered by all the commotion and informs Antonio she is going to review the case again and doesn't accept Antonio's explanation that Jessica is tired.  Antonio then asks Cristian what has he been trying to tell him about Jessica and does he know something about her and Nash that he doesn't.

Jessica is driving her car in the rain and thinking about what Nash said to her before her wedding to Antonio and how she wrote down his name in Marty's office.  She then stops the car on the side of the road and gets out and stands in the rain.

Marty throws her dart and misses the board entirely.  John tells her she is a legend in her own mind.  She then throws another dart that hits the bartender in the butt. 

Clint and Viki discuss where Jessica could have gone.  Dorian is trying to be supportive and goes with them to look for Jessica.  Jamie asks her father if Jessica still wants to adopt her. Jessica climbs on large stone steps in the rain crying and yelling - "what do I do."

Nora asks Bo and Paige why Matthew is so upset.  Paige tells her Matthew overheard her telling Bo she's leaving.  She tells Nora she adores Matthew just as much as he adores her and asks Nora for permission to go talk to him.  Paige tells him about a creepy teacher she had in med school and that she loves him and Bo and that she'll be back after she helps some sick kids overseas.

Marty tells John with a giggle that she is not a legend in darts for her accuracy and this time zone is messing up her game.  She tells John she learned something about him tonight and that is detective McBain has a sense of humor.  He tells her not to let it get around.

Carlotta lets Antonio know she is taking Jamie home and tells her son's not to lose their temper no matter what is going on.  Cristian tells Antonio Carlotta thinks this is all about Nash.

Nash finds Jessica's deserted car at the side of the road.  Jessica is still kneeling on the stone steps having a fit in the rain.

Bo tells Matthew he'll drive him home so they can talk.

Max the bartender doesn't charge Marty or John for their beers, but informs Marty if he needs a tetanus shot she'll have to pay.  Marty and John leave Roadies.  Natalie then comes in the bar asking Max if he's seen Jessica.  He says no, but he just saw John and he left with a lady.

Antonio is mad and frustrated and yells at Cristian - what happened with my wife here today.

Nash finds Jessica sitting near a rock crying.  She looks up and sees him standing near her and smiles through her tears.

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