OLTL Update Wednesday 4/11/07

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/11/07


Written By Jeannie
Pictures by Jennifer

At the police station Marty calls Cole and leaves a voice mail apologizing. She talks about Cole with John.

Marcie asks Cole to be in the musical. Cole turns her down. Britney teases Starr about Cole.

Jessica meets Antonio at the diner. They get ready to go to court for Jamie’s adoption.

Rex goes into the bar and sees Nash. Nash tells Rex he’s going to go as far as he can go to get away from here.

RJ and Dorian talk about Jamie’s adoption and the Buchanans. RJ says Jessica is just like her bar-hopping mama. Dorian defends her. RJ guesses Dorian has either a new man in her life or something on Viki. He guesses its Clint.

Viki and Natalie discuss Viki having a few drinks and her feelings about Clint and Dorian. Viki turns it around and asks if Natalie would quit her job because of John. Natalie says she would if it would get rid of the pain.

John and Marty discuss Cole.

Rex asks Nash if he’s really leaving for good, Nash says he’s out of options. Rex tells him running only causes more problems.

Jessica gives Jamie a present. A bracelet with her name on one side and her real mother’s name on the other. Antonio and Jamie give Jessica a collage of photos of her and Jamie. Cristian and Jessica are left alone for a few minutes and Cristian asks if Antonio and the girls make her happy or is Nash the only one who can do that.

Viki and Natalie talk about John. Viki suggests that maybe Natalie was so devoted to John that she lost track of herself. The subject changes to Clint and Dorian. Natalie calls Clint an idiot just as he walks in.

Marty and John talk about John seeing Cole at the gym boxing. Marty gets upset. John says he will tell Marty what he thinks.

Marcie keeps trying to get Cole in the play. He asks for a letter of recommendation. Marcie says no.

Starr talks to Britney about Cole. Starr says she can have Cole. Starr says she wants to see Cole shoot her skanky ass down.

Rex and Nash talk about leaving town.

Jessica tells Cristian she’s fighting for her marriage. Cristian asks her about Nash. He accuses her of having or wishing to have an affair with Nash.

Marty reads the letter of recommendation John wrote for Cole. Marty thanks him. Marty asks for Johns help with Cole.

RJ and Dorian talk about Clint.

Natalie apologies for calling him an idiot. Viki tells him the coffee is in the pot and then says she’s leaving for the court house in a minute. Viki asks what Clint wants. He wants to go to the court house together. Viki says she’s taking her own car. Clint asks if it has to be like this and Viki gets sarcastic. Viki reminds Clint he was the one who came to her first. She says the day of them being friends is over.

Cristian accuses Jessica of being with Nash. Jessica says no and there is not an affair and she told Nash he was hurting her family. She tells him Nash is leaving Landview.

Rex asks where Nash is headed. He says he has no idea, maybe the wine country of California. Rex asks him if he thought everything through. Rex asks about Bree. Nash says she has two parents and she’ll be better off. Rex likens it to how he was raised. Nash says its not forever, he’ll be back.

Cristian says he didn’t expect Nash to leave but he’s not sorry. He apologizes for putting pressure on Jessica. Antonio, Carlotta and Jamie come back and they get ready to leave for court.

Clint asks Viki for time to talk. Viki calls him a jerk and tells him that he wanted her to be apart of his life and then says she just wishes he told her he made the same pitch to Dorian. Clint says he didn’t and never meant to hurt her. Viki says she doesn’t care and wants him to leave. Clint says lets be cordial at the court house. Viki tells him her life has been about good manners and next time he wants to come over he should call first.

John and Marty discuss parenting.

Cole asks if Marcie is blackmailing him to be in the play. Marcie says show up and sing for the play and she’ll guarantee he’ll be on the baseball field.

Starr calls Britney on her plan to get Cole. A boy named Henry comes up to talk to Britney and Starr tells him Britney is using him. Britney makes a crack about Starr’s dad being a rapist and Starr slaps her.

Britney tells Starr she will be so sorry. Langston takes Starr away. Marcie tells Britney that Cole is in the play. Henry asks her to study tonight but she tells him she has to work on her song for the audition. Langston and Starr are standing around the corner. Starr asks to leave before she sees Cole just as Cole comes around the corner.

Rex and Nash talk about the vineyard. Rex says if Nash leaves town Antonio gets his girl, baby and grapes. Nash says yep!

In the court RJ says hello to Jamie. He says Carrie will be happy that Jamie will have a woman in the house. He tells Antonio that Carrie would understand and not want her little girl to grow up without a mother.

Clint walks in and Dorian greets him. She tells him she has always been close to the Vegas. Dorian and Clint take seats just as Viki walks in. Dorian offers congratulations and Viki says yeah, right.

Jessica is looking at the collage and Antonio says they need one of the whole family including Nash. The judge walks in.

Britney signs up for the play. She says she’s going to have Henry do her history project. Cole and Starr talk. Starr leaves.

Marcie tries to talk to Langston about the play and tells her that Cole and Britney already signed up. Marcie walks away and Langston signs up Starr’s name.

Marty thanks John for listening. She thanks him for what he did for Cole and offers to buy him a beer.

Nash says goodbye to Rex. Rex says he cares about Bree growing up and wondering where her daddy is.

The judge talks about the adoption. Antonio and Jessica rise and the judge asks Jessica if she wants to adopt Jamie Vega. Jessica says no. She looks about to cry and says she can’t do this.

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