OLTL Update Tuesday 4/10/07

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/10/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
Proofread by Fran

Natalie runs into Marty at the gym and she tells she's sorry about her and John.  Natalie replies she broke up with John.  Marty wasn't aware they had broken up.  She was apologizing for interrupting their intense conversation the other day when she burst in when Cole was missing.  Cole is at the police station asking John for a letter of recommendation for his principal, so he can play sports again.  John agrees to write the letter of recommendation but wants a favor first.  

Starr is having an anxiety attack about Cole in the school hallway and Langston is trying to calm her down.  Britney overhears them saying Starr and Cole broke up and is overjoyed by the news.

Rex meets with Michael to tell him about Todd's journey and Michael asks Rex if the trip is about Tommy.

Blair gets her seat switched on the plane so that she is seated next to Todd, who can't believe Blair is on the flight.

Nash and Jessica are at Clint's discussing their relationship.  Nash wants Jessica to come with him to let Antonio know they want to be together.  Nash wants Jessica to admit she chose the wrong guy and that she is living a lie and denying her own feelings.

Natalie had assumed when Marty was apologizing to her, it was about the breakup with John, and that John had told her about it.  Marty again tells her she wasn't aware of the breakup until Natalie spilled the beans.

Miles runs into Marty at the gym and asks her why she didn't tell him about Todd trying to hurt Cole.  Miles informs her about the message he gave Todd from Spencer and wonders if he did the right thing considering the kind of person Todd is.

Blair asks Todd the whereabouts of Evangeline and he lets her know she decided not to come with him.  Blair wants to find the baby if he's alive, since he's Starr and Jack's half-brother.  Todd tells her he doesn't want her help.  Blair responds that she is doing it for herself and not for him.

Michael, Marcie, and Rex are at the coffee shop.  Marcie has to leave to go to school and leaves Tommy with Michael.  Michael asks Rex what is going on.  Rex informs him that Miles gave Todd a message from Spencer with some bogus clue that sent Todd to Chicago.  Michael wonders if Todd will find out anything there.

John lets Cole know he will write the letter of recommendation, if he promises not to challenge guys larger than he is.  John asks Cole what the principal wants in the letter on Cole's behalf.  Cole responds that the principal wants to know what is important to him and that he is not taking drugs.  Cole tells John the only thing that is important to him is Starr.

Britney, Starr, and Langston fight in the hallway over Cole.  Marcie breaks up the heated argument and the girls claim they were debating a historical event from 1860.  Britney leaves and runs into one of her girlfriends and tells her she is going to get Cole now that he and Starr have broken up.

Rex tells Michael that the lawyer for the original adoptive parents of Tommy is in Chicago, but Todd won't find out anything, as the records are sealed.  Michael is nervous because this fact didn't stop Rex from getting the information he wanted at the time.

Blair reminds Todd that she had said previously that she would help Todd raise his son with Margaret.  Blair asks Todd to hold her hand, as she hates the takeoff from the runway and he does. 

Miles and Marty are still talking at the gym and Miles admits he is conflicted about helping Todd, but if the child is alive, he has a right to know.  Miles tells Marty she inspired him to do the right thing even if it is for Todd.  Marty leaves and Natalie comes over and asks Miles how things are going with Marty and he tells her they aren't.

John gives Cole the letter of recommendation and Cole asks him about Natalie.  John tells him to mind his own business and asks if he thinks this is, "The Doctor Phil Show."  Cole asks John how you get over someone.  John recommends keeping busy by studying and playing sports, etc.

Marcie announces auditions are open for “Oklahoma,” but the students are less than thrilled and no one signs up.  Marcie is disappointed and tells the class this is their chance to be thespians and Britney says out loud that Starr is already a lesbian.  Marcie tells her to be quiet. 

Jessica and Nash are still discussing their situation.  Nash wants her to come with him and Jessica says she made her decision.  Nash tells her he now has to make his decision.  He's tried it her way by quitting a job he liked, driving the long way into town just to avoid her, but his feelings won't go away, and time won't heal them.  He wants to put some distance between them and leave Llanview.

Marcie asks again for sign ups for the musical, but no one signs up.  Starr tells Langston what an awful day this has been.

John hands Cole the letter of recommendation and advises him he went through something similar to get his job back.  Cole asks John how to get Starr back.  Marty then walks in and sees Cole with John and jumps to the wrong conclusion asking what Cole has done now.  John tells Cole to show Marty the letter.  She apologizes to Cole, but Cole tells her she doesn't even know him and he's going back to his crappy life and leaves, as Marty pleads with him not to leave.

Blair and Todd play a game on the plane that their kids play on long trips.  They have to guess a number between 1 &10 but nether one of them guesses correctly.

Michael lets Rex know he would feel better if he knew what clue Todd was given.  Rex tells him not to worry, he has his back, and then he leaves.

Jessica wants to know how Nash could leave Bree.  He replies he wants to keep her safe and that she and Antonio would be good parents to Bree.  Jessica begs him to stay.  Nash tells her he'll only stay for her.

John tells Marty to give Cole time to cool off and that he is just a teenager.  Marty advises John that Cole is always mad at her and that first she lost his father and now worries she is losing him.

Cole goes to school and informs Marcie the principal is now letting him play baseball and asks if she would also write him a letter of recommendation.  Marcie agrees to write the letter on the condition that he auditions for “Oklahoma.” 

Michael is with Tommy and says out loud, “I hope this story ends happily ever after.”

Rex calls Miles, claiming to be working for Todd, and asks what information he has on the baby.  Miles doesn't buy his story and won't give him any information.

Blair falls asleep on Todd, and he tells her to get off of him and that she's drooling.  

Jessica tells Nash to leave if that's the only way anyone can get some peace.  Nash leaves and says it's done.  Jessica is visibly upset.

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