OLTL Update Monday 4/9/07

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/9/07


Written By Sheryl
Pictures by Jennifer
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Adriana and Rex are at Adriana's apartment eating hot cereal for breakfast and Rex writes, “I love you” in the cereal with his spoon and Adriana is touched.  There is a knock at the door and Rex answers the door with his shirt off.  Tate enters and ruins their moment and points to a bag in his hand and says he brought breakfast. 

Clint phones Dorian and leaves a message thanking her for the previous evening and asks for another date.  Nash barges in the room and asks to speak to Clint about Jessica.  In the meantime, Antonio and Jessica are at the coffee shop to let Carlotta know that Jessica is going to the courthouse today to adopt Jamie. 

Marcie lets Michael know that she has been asked to produce the school musical, “Oklahoma.”  She hopes he won't mind the time she will be away from him and Tommy.  Michael is happy for her and tells her that he doesn't mind.

Blair makes breakfast for Starr, but she doesn't want it.  Starr is still upset about her breakup with Cole.

Evangeline tells Layla she's going to Chicago with Todd.  Layla feels Todd is using her and she can't seem to see it.  Todd enters the room and says Layla is right he doesn't want Evangeline to go with him.   

Antonio and Jessica are still at the coffee shop to celebrate the adoption.  Antonio states that they have so much and are lucky and Jessica says she doesn't want to lose what they have and starts to cry.  Antonio is baffled by why she is so upset.

Clint scolds Nash for barging into his house.  Nash tells him Jessica shouldn't adopt Jamie since she is only doing it to cover up her feelings for him.

Tate lets Adriana and Rex know that he got a job as a sportscaster for “Llanview Live.”  Adriana hugs Tate to congratulate him and this does not sit well with Rex.  Rex screams at Tate, “What the hell do you think you're doing?”

Todd and Evangeline discuss her going to Chicago with him.  Evangeline has contacts there that she feels could help Todd.  Layla does not want her to go to Chicago and nether does Todd.  He doesn't want her in harm’s way.

Blair and Starr are still in the kitchen discussing Todd and Cole.  Blair lets Starr know she does not like to see her hurting.  Starr says she loves Cole and asks Blair if she hurts the way she does over Todd.  Blair asks her to go easy on Todd and explains his son by Margaret could still be alive based on a tip he received.  Evangeline lets Todd know he is not going anywhere without her.

Michael and Marcie are at the coffee shop and Marcie talks to Michael about how Tommy was meant to be with them and prays about it every day.  Carlotta wants to go to the courthouse for Jamie's adoption with Antonio and Jessica.  Carlotta wonders why Jessica is so nervous and Antonio makes excuses for her.

Nash tells Clint he feels Jessica is rushing into the adoption for all the wrong reasons and wants Clint to talk to her. 

Rex and Adriana argue in front of Tate.  Rex threatens Tate if he doesn't stay away from Adriana.  Tate tells Rex he is insecure, which makes Rex mad and he pushes him over the couch, jumps on him, and chokes him.  Adriana runs over to Rex and yells at him to stop it.  Layla, at that moment, enters the apartment ranting about Todd and her sister not aware of what is going on around her.  Rex asks Layla to go out in the hallway with him.  Rex questions her about Todd's son (she was going on about in her rant) and asks her to watch Adriana and Tate, as he has to go see Todd immediately.  Layla is curious as to why Rex needs to see Todd so urgently.  Adriana asks Tate if he is okay and if he started the fight.

Clint and Nash are still talking about Jessica as she walks in the room demanding to know why Nash is talking to her father. 

Starr and Blair discuss Todd looking for his baby and that Evangeline is going with him.  Evangeline feels Todd needs her support, but he doesn't want her going with him, as it might ruin her career if he does something crazy and his back is against the wall.  Rex knocks at the door and informs Todd he has to talk to him about his son. 

Clint asks Jessica if she is all right and he understands the adoption hearing for Jamie is today.  She asks Clint to come to the courthouse for the adoption proceedings.  Jessica wants to know why Nash came to see her dad.  He informs her Clint told him he was deluded and to step aside.  Carlotta feels Jessica should be more excited then she is to adopt Jamie and makes her feelings known to Antonio and wants to know if everything is all right at home.

Starr wants to know why her dad is taking Evangeline with him to look for his son.  She feels Blair should help Todd.  Jack is listening in the other room to their conversation.  Jack enters the kitchen as Starr is leaving for school and wants to know from Blair if Todd in going to marry Evangeline.  Blair reminds Jack it's not polite to eavesdrop on others conversations.

Rex goes to see Todd and wants to know why he thinks his son is alive.  Evangeline blames Layla for spilling the beans to Rex, but he says it is not her fault.  She came home to her apartment upset about Evangeline taking off with Todd.  Todd tells Rex that his clue is from Spencer and Rex wants to know how Spencer can tell him anything if he's dead.  Todd says the clue came in a letter via Miles.  Rex offers to go to Chicago instead of Todd, but he refuses.  Rex wants to know how much longer Todd plans to suffer.

Blair lets Jack know Todd will always be his father and he loves him no matter how many other children Todd may have.  Jack wants to know about the other baby and if he's going to start a family with Evangeline. 

Adriana, Layla, and Tate discuss Rex.  Tate wants to know if Adriana told Rex he'd make a play for her if she was free and she tells him she did.  Tate now understands why Rex was so mad at him.  Layla wants to know from Adriana why Rex took off as he did when he heard about Todd's son.  Adriana feigns ignorance on the subject.

Michael and Marcie are still at the coffee shop.  Marcie wishes they had Tommy from when he was born.  On the other side of the coffee shop, Antonio lets Carlotta know things have been different since Tess.

Nash tells Jessica he needed someone to talk to about her, as he doesn't have a father.  Nash feels the right thing for Jessica to do is to come with him and they'll talk to Antonio together.  Jessica refuses and says she is adopting Jamie and he can't stop her.

Layla wonders aloud to Adriana that it is hard for Todd to realize his son is dead, but if he is alive then why are people lying about it.  Adriana again pleads ignorance on the subject. 

Antonio says goodbye to Carlotta and that he'll see her later and all will be okay.

Rex goes to see Michael and says he needs to talk to him right now.

Todd is on the airplane to Chicago without Evangeline and Blair has caught the same flight, without Todd’s knowledge. 

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