OLTL Update Friday 4/6/07

One Life to Live Update Friday 4/6/07


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Clint and Dorian are at the restaurant. Dorian is talking about how she requested a more cozy table. She takes Clint’s hand at the table. She says that she can still feel it, Clint’s lips on hers. They gush a little bit more. Dorian says oh no. Clint says what? Then he turns and sees Viki. Clint says that she has every right to be there like them. Dorian says that she sure does. She wants to go over there and say hello. Clint says no, but follows behind her. Viki looks up with Dorian is standing there. Dorian asks if she’s standing alone.

Vincent says that Natalie is better off without John. Natalie wants to know how Vincent can say that.

Antonio walks back into the jail. Talia says that she thought that Antonio left. Antonio says that he did but he ran into Nora on the way out. Nora says that she has something to say to both of them. Talia looks kind of worried.

Todd sits down and looks at the letter that Miles gave him.

Blair is putting a cloth to Cris’s head. She yells for Nash to bring the ice. Cris says that he’s okay. Blair puts the ice on Cris’s head and tells him that he needs it. Evangeline comes in and asks if Cris got into a fight or if this is foreplay. Blair says that its not foreplay but the night is still young. Cris says that it was an accident but he’s okay. He asks her what she’s doing there. She says that she’s there because Layla told her that it was his night off. Cris asks if she would have come if she knew she was there. Evangeline says something. Cris says that she looks troubled. She says that its nothing to do with him, Cris says it must have something to do with Todd.

Nash asks if he can get Jessica another drink since she spilled the first one all over the adoption papers. Jessica says that its an accident. Nash says that he didn’t say I wasn’t.

Viki says that she’s not alone. She welcomes some guy. Dorian asks if they are on some committee together. Viki says that they just me today and he asked her to have lunch with him. Clint doesn’t seem too happy. He tells them to have a good dinner. Viki tells them to have a good dinner also.

Vincent tells Natalie that a lot of guys would love to be with Natalie. Vincent then says that they should sit down and have a conversation about something else besides John. Natalie says religion and politics, Vincent says okay. He then tells Shawn his bodyguard that he has the night off now, but first to get two coffees. Natalie tells him to get them himself. Vincent says okay. Shawn smiles and leaves. Natalie gets the table and Vincent gets the coffee.

Todd tries to call Blair and gets her answering machine.

Cris wants to know what Todd did to Evangeline. Evangeline says that Todd didn’t do anything to her, she says that she is just sick of everyone talking bad about Todd. Blair chimes in and says “Why would anyone say anything bad about poor Todd?” She’s being facetious.

Jessica says that the spilled drink was an accident and that it had nothing to do with Antonio. Nash says that it had something to do with him.

Dorian is talking about Viki’s dinner date. She says that he’s a leach

The guy who’s with Viki asks if he felt some tension between Clint (He calls him Kent) and her, she tells him that he did. The guy says that she wants to make sure that Clint knows what he’s missing, he says that he can help with that. He says that he hopes that she doesn’t mind him holding her hand and enjoying himself while he does it.

Antonio says that if this is about now unprofessional they are that he’s already had the lecture. Nora says that she wants to apologize to them. She says that she was out of line. She tells Talia that this is just personal now because she lost her house. The phone rings, Talia answers it. She takes some notes then tells Antonio that there’s been another fire.

Jessica tells Nash that there isn’t an “us” and that she’s tired of the same pointless conversation. Nash says that he wants her and his daughter and him together as a family and that it will happen. Jessica says that it won’t happen. Nash says why? Because of Antonio. He says that Antonio is a grown man, and a proud grown man that wouldn’t want his wife to stay with him because she felt sorry for him. He says that Antonio is going to wonder why its taking Jessica so long to sign the papers. Jessica says that he already asked her.

Dorian says that the guy is probably going to try to get Viki to bed tonight. Clint says that Viki can take care of herself. He says that he’s there because he chose Dorian they both chose. He says that if they are going to have a grown up relationship there are going to be some ground rules.

Viki says that the guy is mistaken, that she’s not there to make Clint jealous. He says that she’s there to be with him. She says that she’s there because he asked her. He asks if she wants a drink. She says no, and he says that she’s afraid. She says that she’s not and she says fine she can have one drink. He says that she may have more. He orders a bottle of the best wine.

Bo asks why Rex is talking to himself. He says that he’s talking about his nemesis. Bo asks if he’s talking about Tate. Rex says yes. He then tells Bo to look at the picture of him. Bo says that it is doctored. Rex says yes that means that Adriana spent hours looking at it. Bo sees a picture of Rex and asks Rex if there’s something he needs to tell him. Rex looks embarrassed.

Vincent asks Natalie who broke up with who. Natalie says that she broke up with John. Vincent says that’s something.

Antonio questions Talia about the fire. Talia says that is the only information that she knows. Talia says that its probably arson, Nora says that its too soon to tell. Talia says that she’s going down there to check it out. Antonio phones for police to go check it out. He gives them the address. He asks Nora if she recognizes the address. Nora says no, but she knows the area. Antonio says that he knows it too, he then says that the arsonist struck again.

Todd goes down to Capricorn and runs into Evangeline. He apologizes for missing their dinner date. He tells her that he tried calling her and he couldn’t reach her. He says that he’s going out of town. Evangeline questions him. He says that he has a lead about where his son is.

Nash and Jessica are talking about her adopting Antonio’s daughter and how it would get her mixed up more in Antonio’s family. Jessica says that she loves Antonio. Cris tells Nash to leave and leave now.

Viki finishes her drink, then she tells him that was lovely. He tries to give her more drink. She tells him that’s enough. He says that he can’t drink all of it by himself. She tells him that she can join him but she’ll be drinking water. He still tries to give her more. He’s trying to get her drunk.

Clint isn’t eating. Dorian asks him what’s wrong with is food. Clint says that the food is fine he just hates being ignored. Dorian asks him who’s ignoring him. Clint says that she ignored him when he told her about the rules and stuff. Dorian asks if he would prefer her to be more confrontational. Clint says yes. He says that he would prefer her to stay away from the topic of his family and Viki. She asks if they will do the same. He says probably not but that’s their business. He says that she would be doing it for him. She says that she’ll do it then.

The guy who Viki is with says that she can have fun with she loses her exhibitions. She says something. They laugh.

Clint turns around and doesn’t look too happy.
Antonio tells Nora that the people who lived in the house are safe. She says thank god. Antonio says that the guy almost killed his wife. Nora tells him to get the guy and bring him to her and she will take care of him.

Jessica tells Cris to shut up and that Nash is her daughter’s father. She tells him that its none of his business. Cris leaves. Nash says something, Jessica tells him to shut up too.

Evangeline asks what proof he has. Todd tells her about the letter that he got from Miles. Blair says that Spencer is just messing with Todd. Todd says that he doesn’t think so because Miles really was hesitant in giving him the letter. Evangeline asks what they are talking about. Todd shows her the letter. She asks if its in code. He says yes, he explains some of it to her. He says that the child is in Chicago because there’s a zip code. Evangeline says that he needs to show it to the police. Todd says no that he’s going to check it out.

Rex takes the picture away from Bo. He says that he can explain the pictures. Bo says that picture is self explanatory. Rex asks Bo if he remembers Rex telling him about the modeling that he had to do for the model who wasn’t there. Bo asks if Rex will be on billboards and stuff. He says that no one would want to see him in his underwear. Bo says that women would. Rex asks him if he really thinks so. Bo says yes. Bo says something else about how Rex knows what he wants and he goes after it. Rex says that he’s not an athlete and then asks Bo if he wants to go into a baseball team with him. Bo says that he’ll buy him a drink instead.

Talia is back at the jail. Antonio asks Talia if she got anything, she says nothing conclusive. She says that it was definitely arson.

Vincent and Natalie are still talking. Natalie says that Vincent is horrible. He says that she had to know that there are more men out there. Natalie says that its obvious that he’s never been in love. Vincent is interrupted by the phone call. Its Antonio wanting Vincent back down at the jail because there’s another fire. Vincent tells Natalie that he’s going to the jail. Natalie says that she’s going with him.

Clint wants to know what Viki is doing. He goes over though Dorian begs him not to, but she follows him. Clint asks Viki what she’s doing and how much she had to drink. Viki tells him that its none of his business. Dorian says that they are both worried about her. Viki says something to Dorian who rubs the fact that Clint turned down Viki and is with Dorian in her face. Clint tells Dorian that is enough. The guy says something about he would understand the fact that Viki accepted his invite to make Ken (Viki corrects him) jealous. Viki says that she didn’t do it to make Clint jealous that they are divorced and have been for awhile. She storms off.

Nash says that he doesn’t know why Jessica is upset with him. Jessica says that he is full of it. She says that she wants him to leave her alone but he won’t because he wants her to be tormented. He doesn’t want her to be happy.

Evangeline says that she doesn’t know why Todd won’t tell the police about the letter because maybe they can help. Todd keeps saying that he can take care of it on his own. Evangeline says that she wants to go to Chicago with him. He tells her no.

Dorian says that she thinks that they should go back to their own table. The guy says that she’s right that they should. Clint says that he has to go check on Viki and that Dorian can go back to his table. Viki comes back and gets her purse. The guy says something to her, he says that he hasn’t finished his dinner and wants her to stay. Dorian says that it looks like he drunk his dinner. The guy tries to put the moves on Viki, she tells him no and walks out. The guy asks Clint if he’s her mother after he asks if he can help her home. He then tells Clint that he knows why he divorced her.

Vincent and Shawn arrive the police station and says that he’s there. Apparently the people who’s house burnt down was related to Shawn. Vincent is mad because they didn’t catch the guy this time. The police say that the family wasn’t hurt. Vincent says something about smoke inhalation. Vincent says that he’ll make things okay for Shawn’s family because they treat him like family. Shawn says that Vincent is family. Shawn asks if he can go to the hospital now. Talia says that she has more questions and that when she’s done s he’ll take him to the hospital himself. Shawn nodded. Vincent walks out to the hallway and he‘s upset. Natalie questions him. He says that he is worried and since the police can’t take care of the guy he will. Natalie asks him what he means. He says that he’s going to get the sob and make him pay.

Antonio called Jessica and told her that things are busy at the police station now and so things will take longer than he thought. Jessica says that when he gets home that she has a surprise for him. Antonio is happy he says that he can’t wait. When she hangs up the phone Nash asks her what the surprise is. Jessica says something then she signs the papers. She says that should prove to Nash that she loves Antonio.

Evangeline is still talking Todd into taking her with him. He’s still telling her no. She says that she’s going and he can’t stop her. She says that she knows Chicago. Todd asks if she doesn’t go with him if she will tell the police (he’s teasing her). Evangeline says that she hadn’t thought about that but thanks him for the idea. Todd says okay that she can go. He then tells her that she’s beautiful. She smiles. He asks her if she’s still hungry. She says she is. He takes her hand and tells her that they’ll go get something to eat and he’ll take care of things for their trip. They start to walk out when Blair tells Todd to take care. Todd tells Blair to take care of the kids.

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