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One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/5/07


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Blair and Cris are talking, she asks him how she looks. He says that she looks fine. She says that she doesnít want to scare anyone.

Jessica goes to see Clint, she asks him a question.

Star is sitting at the diner eating an ice cream. Marty walks up behind her and says that she bets that she can eat that whole thing without gaining an ounce. Star tells her not to do that. Marty says that she was just trying to be nice. Star says that Marty should have done that when she was dating her son.

Cole is in the boxing ring with some guy. The guy knocks him down. He asks Cole if that was enough. Cole says that he just wasnít ready. John walks into the boxing place.

Thereís a knock on Milesí door and its Todd. Todd tells him to make it fast because he has an important dinner date. Miles says that he didnít say that he had to come right away. Todd tells Miles to never say anything else about his son. Miles says that he has information but if Todd doesnít want it thatís fine.

Clint is asking Jessica how her mother is. Jessica tells him that she just sits there starring out the window and sheís quiet. He asks if Jessica thinks its his fault. She basically tells him that it is. He tells her that he doesnít want to talk about his love life with his daughter. He then says that Jessica and Antonio just need to make sure that they donít go down the same path with that they did.

Antonio is looking at the adoption papers with Talia walks in. She tells him that they are going to be ready when Vincent shows up. Antonio isnít really paying attention. She asks him whatís up, he says that his wife is adopting his daughter. She asks where his daughterís real mother is. He tells her that her mother died. She says that its good that his daughter will have two parents now.

Todd tells Miles that Spencer gave him a new face, but he sure didnít do anything for his hearing. Miles says that heís sorry and he knows that Todd doesnít like him, but he can help Todd find his son.

Marty says that she hates that Starr and Cole are hurting but thatís the best for them to do. She says that Cole isnít even talking to her except in the language of slamming doors. Starr tells Marty off, she says that Marty and Todd need to realize that Starr and Cole arenít like them and that the world doesnít revolve around them. She says that if she was Cole that she would have had her jaw wired shut. She walks away. Natalie tells Starr to stop and to sit down. Starr obeys her. Marty says that maybe Natalie can reason with Starr. Natalie tells Marty that Starr is none of her business now and that she needs to find someone else to bother.

The guy boxing Cole tells him that its enough. Cole tells the guy to go to h*ll. They continue to box after Cole fusses with the guy. The guy punches Cole pretty bad. John jumps up there and tells the guy to leave the kid alone.

Antonio says that heís happy that Jamie is going to have a mother like Jessica. Talia says okay, good. Antonio says that Talia doesnít sound too convinced. Talia says that sheís just looking out for her boss. Antonio says that he is happy, but that adoption is kind of a double edged sword. He says that he wishes that Jamieís first years were a little more normal. He says that now they are going to be a blended family, about as blended as they come. Talia is worried that she crossed the line,. Antonio says that she didnít and if she did that he would have told her like she told him. She says ouch. Thereís a knock on the office door. Its Vincent, He says that he hopes that its worth it. Talia says that it is.

Nash shows up at Capricorn. Cris says that Nash needs to go because Jessica isnít there. Nash says that heís not there for Jessica. Heís there because Cris owes him a paycheck. Cris says that heíll get his paycheck but then he doesnít want to see Nash there again.

Blair is walking and is stopped by a fan. The fan tells her that he thought she had a beautiful voice. He offers her a drink. Blair says that she doesnít drink while working. The guy says that she should come with him then to give him a private concert. Blair says that she doesnít sing for money. The guy says thatís rude. He calls her a song bird. He says that she owes him an apology.

John tells the guy who was boxing Cole to leave the kid alone, and next time that he wants a sparing partner to stay away from Cole. The guy says that it was Coleís idea. John asks the guy if he always does what a kid says. The guy walks off. Cole tells John to go and rescue someone else. John says something to Cole about him ending up in a body bag.

Marty tells Natalie that she wasnít picking on Starr. Natalie says that Starr is trying to do the right thing, and asks why Marty canít just leave her alone. Marty says that Natalie came in on the end of the conversation and she has no idea, then she stops and says that Natalie is right. She wants Natalie to tell Starr that sheís sorry.

Marty then runs into Evangeline who asks Marty how Cole is. Marty says that Cole is okay except for having blue and purple finger prints around his throat where Todd strangled him. Evangeline says that Todd feels sorry for what happened to Cole. Marty says that Todd canít, she then says that someone needs to put a stop to Todd. Evangeline says that Todd wasnít the only one that went off on what happened between Starr and Cole. She says that from now on she will keep an eye on Todd. Marty asks if that means that Evangeline is going to be responsible for all of Toddís actions.

Todd tells Miles that his son is dead. Miles asks if Todd is sure. Todd says that heís not interested in what Miles has to say. Miles asks if Todd is interested in what Spencer has to say. He says that he has clues to where Toddís son is hidden.

Clint tells Jessica that if there is something wrong that Jessica can come to him anytime. Jessica says that she knows. Then Jessica says that she does have some good news. Clint wants to know. Jessica tells him about how Antonio wants her to adopt Jamie. Clint says that Jamie is lucky because Jessica is a good mother. They start talking about Joey and Kevin. Clint says that if youíre the one who worries about the kid, putting it on the bus and all that then you are the parent. Clint asks whatís wrong. Jessica wants to know if its good then why is she feeling so bad?

Antonio tells Vincent that he is officially off of the suspension list. Vincentís body guard says that its good right? Vincent says that he guesses that its good, but then he finds out that its some racist people. Vincent kind of goes off on Antonio. Antonio says that he knows that he is on the same side as Vincent. Vincent says that heís sorry but heís never heard of One Pure People. The bodyguard guy says that he has, and asks them what they want to know.

John offers Cole an ice pack. Cole says that he is okay. Then they start talking about Todd hating Cole. Then Cole starts talking about how he cares for Starr and she breaks up with him. John says that Cole really cared for her. Cole says that he will do everything he can to get her back. John says that sometimes the best isnít good enough.

Natalie starts complaining about how Marty was listening to her. She says that she was wanting to unleash her frustration and Marty spoiled it because she listened to her. Starr wants to know what Natalie is talking about. Natalie tells her about her and John breaking up. Starr is sorry. Starr asks what happened to love concurs all. Natalie says thatís a bunch of crap and whoever said that never lived in the real world.

Marty wants to know how Todd going off on her son was her fault. Evangeline says that it wasnít her fault, but Todd is just over protective of his daughter. Marty then tells Evangeline about how Todd raped her. She says that sheís over how Blair thinks sheís weak because she canít get over it, and how everyone comes to poor Toddís defense. Evangeline says that sheís sorry, then she says something. They start arguing about Starr and about how Cole asked for it. Marty says that sheís heard that before.

Todd tells Miles that he has his sonís death certificate now. Miles says that heís sorry for that. Then Todd says that Spencer isnít in touch with reality. Miles says that Spencer wouldnít lie to him. Todd and Miles talk some more about Spencer. Miles says that Spencer wouldnít hurt a baby because its innocent. Todd says that innocent doesnít mean anything to Spencer. Miles says that Spencer swears in the letter that the baby is okay and safe.

Jessica wants to know how anyone could have doubts about adopting a sweet wonderful girl like Jamie. Clint tells her to be easy on herself. He says that its such a big decision and that anyone would want to look at it from all sides. Jessica says that sheís just worried that sheíll screw things up. Clint says that everyone screws up and that they call it parenthood. Jessica tells Clint about how she freaked out when Jamie called her momma. Clint says that biology isnít everything and that Jessica will think of Jamie as her daughter in no time. Jessica then starts talking about her DID and then about Nash. Clint says that Nash has nothing in on this. Jessica says that she knows. Then when Jessica is leaving Clint stops her to say something about her mother. Jessica says that she knows that he didnít want to hurt her, then she tells him that heís still her hero and leaves.

Cris brings Nash his money and asks if its all there. Nash says that it is. Cris wants Nash to stay away from Jessica. Nash says that he canít stay away from Jessica because sheís the mother of his daughter. Cris says that he will be keeping an eye on Nash. They hear Blair telling the guy to keep his hands off of her. Cris goes to her rescue and gets knocked out. The guy tells her that she isnít a nice person. Blair is at Crisí side yelling his name.

Todd and Miles still talk about Spencer and about Toddís son. Todd leaves.

Vincentís bodyguard says that the OPP isnít a new group that they were around with his grandfather was young. Antonio asks if the guyís bodyguard is still alive. He says that heís alive and kicking. Antonio excuses himself because Jessica is there. He asks her how she is. She says fine, she asks him how things are. He says that they just had a break in a case. She asks if that means that he is going to be there all night, he says he doesnít think so. He holds out the adoption papers and asks for her to fill them out. She says that she canít do that.

Antonio asks Jessica why she doesnít want to adopt Jamie. Jessica says that she does want to adopt Jamie, she just doesnít want to sign the papers there at the jail. She says that sheíll take them with her.

Antonio goes back in and tells Vincent that he will get to the bottom of the case but he doesnít want to let people know because he doesnít want the guy to know that heís on to him. Vincent tells Antonio that if he doesnít catch the white trash before Vincent gets to him, Vincent will kill him.

John asks Cole how heís doing. Cole says that heís okay. He says that John has it all together. John wants to know why Cole thinks he has it all together. Cole says that John doesnít have to do a drug test every week. John says that he pees for no man. He asks how Cole is doing with that. Cole says good, that heís off of the antidepressants. Cole then tells John that he can play sports again if he gets three letters of recommendation from three adults that arenít related to him. He says that he also has to see a shrink every week and talk about his feelings and school. John says thatís tough. Cole says he just wishes that he could still be with Starr. John asks Cole if he plays any other sport besides Football. Cole says that football was his second sport, that his first is baseball and he has a really high batting average. John says that the high school needs a good batter and asks if a letter from someone like him would help Cole at all.

Starr says that she really wishes that she didnít have to break up with Cole. Natalie says that Starr did the right thing. Starr says that all she could think of was her father killing Cole then she would be known as the girl who had her boyfriend killed instead of the girl that caused her school to lose the championship.

Antonio tells Talia that he and his wife are going to have a dinner to celebrate her signing the adoption papers.

Cris wakes up and Blair asks him if heís okay. Nash offers to get Cris some ice. Cris says that he doesnít need any ice. Blair says that Cris does need ice and that his face is cut because of the glass. She tells him not to touch it. She says that sheís sorry.

Marty says that Cole isnít the one to blame for Toddís actions, that Todd is to blame for his own actions. Evangeline says that sheís not blaming Cole for Todd losing it. She says thatís exactly what sheís trying to say, that no one is all to blame for what happened, they all are to blame. She says that the guy who attacked Cole is not the same Todd that attacked Marty all those years ago, that heís changed. Todd is just way over protective of his daughter. Marty thinks thatís funny because Evangeline sees a changed man when she looks at Todd, but when Marty looks at Todd she sees a man who always hurts those that care for him.

Todd and Miles are still talking about Todd being a good father. Miles says that isnít what he heard. He brings up what Todd did to Marty. Todd says that was along time ago, and he is far from perfect, but he is a good father that loves his kids. He then says that all the men that touch Marty either end up in jail, paralyzed, or dead. Miles says what about all the women in Toddís life. Todd says that they are all alive as far as he knows. Miles asks what about Margaret. Todd says something. Then he says that he loves his kids and he tries to do what is best for them, even Margaretís son. Miles says that he hopes he means that.

Natalie and Starr are still talking when Vincent comes up. Starr is about to leave. Natalie introduces Starr to Vincent. Then Starr leaves. Vincentís bodyguard says that Starr doesnít look anything like Natalie. Vincent asks how John is doing. Natalie tells him about them breaking up. He says that heís sorry to hear that.

Miles gives Todd some information that points to where his son might be. Todd asks if thatís all Miles has. He says how does he know that this is Spencerís handwriting, for all he knows Miles could just have written that and is playing with him. Miles says that is all that he has and Todd can either take it or leave it.

Evangeline is at Toddís house and is knocking on the door. Then she starts to have flashbacks to Marty telling her that when she looks at Todd she sees a man who always hurts those that care for him. Evangeline asks herself why she didnít listen.

Jessica comes into Capricorn and Nash says that he didnít see her there. Then he sees the adoption papers. He asks her if sheís going through with it. She says yes. He says that he sees Antonioís signature on the paper, but where is Jessicaís?

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